As someone who recently purchased disco elysium...

As someone who recently purchased disco elysium, which of the three archetypes would you recommend for a first play through.

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Uninstall and refund path

Go with a mix of intelligent and schizo with boosted half light and inland empire and visual calculus.

Whatever, you literally cannot lose in this game and every decision leads to the same outcome, yo don't even have to investigate shit and you will still win thanks to scripted events.

4224 worked well for me.

this is true but mostly you're just picking to change some dialogue for entertainment value

OP I recommend the psychic cop

go with physical

the most overrated game of all time, $40 price tag is robbery, refund while you still can

I liked 6 in Psy, 2 in the rest, tagged skill as Drama so you can level all the mind skills a bit higher.

They're the most entertaining bunch of skills to chime in with details and flavor text, and being a drunk bumblefuck in most other areas makes being a savant in conversations a ton of fun.

I went full int, and split the rest between body and agility

If you love the game, you should respect the devs politics and refund the game. Pirate it instead.

Protip: The game is structured in a way that you can't fail. You'll beat it even if you fail every mandatory single stat check, except the ones that lead to a game over obviously, but those can always be avoided.

full pey, rest don't matter
volition is the only voice you can trust

The best playthrough is alcoholic socialist incel who self identifies as a male feminist atheist and is obsessed with pet cats, legalizing marijuana, and collecting funko pop garbage.

LITERALLY pass every speech check.

why would you want to play this trash

it's fun

You do realize that applies to most video games right? If you play Mario without getting a game over, you will eventually win.

You do realize that many cRPGs are not like that and require you to beat certain stat checks to progress in the game, right?

not an argument

Yea, but that sounds more like playing kings quest and not getting all the funny game overs when you mess up and instead just getting a "Ooops" text box followed by you getting to try it again.

Doesn't really matter, the only thing that changes the game in a major way is either going full purple for maximum intuition or full blue for full BamHam.

Big Brain Superstack cop peak chad playthrough, prove me wrong

You have to pass the big Shivers check eventually. But I can't think of any other absolutely mandatory ones.

INT if you want to solve the case.
PSY if you want to be weird.
PHYS if you want to laugh.

you make it sound like you've made an argument.

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>fun is toxic masculinity
What are you? A feminist?

I’d recommend getting a refund and not supporting leftist faggot developers. Reevaluate your life, mate.

Side missions, yes.
Main missions, no.

This kinda post just makes me want to tho

Sometimes "passing" skill checks make things worse than failing them.
See Petanque.

Is there actual time pressure in this game?

Doesn't matter.
But INT has most checks.

>its fun to imagine the game is entertaining*
I fixed your post
I think you have a very low bar of what is fun, the game has no different outcomes depending on what you pick and choose. you cannot change of influence anything, what you do doesnt matter and the game lies about that
it's not fun from this aspect, might as well do anything else, maybe read a short newspaper article and have with that

Shit game. The build doesn't matter. All you do is walk around and talk to everyone, if there is a skill check, you just fail the skill check and then if you can be assed you put in points in that skill later and swap clothes to pass the check.
It doesn't matter what skills you have, it makes no difference. Choices make no difference.
You put skill points into skills to pass skill checks. You pass skill checks to gain exp. You gain exp to level up. You level up to put points into skills.
It's not like real and good RPGs where you can't do something because your build doesn't allow it.

You can miss your chance to talk to people and get clues as the day passes and it will change your ending.

get a refund and pirate it, to support the developers
intellectual property is a capitalist concept

Physical and Psychic are by far the most entertaining ones, Int is for lore and Motorics is kinda useful but definitely the most boring

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>put on glasses that give -4 PER
>stop being able to interact with anything, including doors
So have I been missing tons of interactions because I only have 1 PER?

>please gimme the brush
>fail check
>she gives it to you out of pity

>please gimme your jacket
>fail check
>he gives it to you out of pity

>win persuasion check
>my skill talks to me
>dude she is a sweet old lady, there is no need to manipulate information out of here when she's telling the truth

I love this game

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Whatever you do always level Volition.

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>Yea Forums how should I play this game?

How about the way that attracts you the most fucktard?

Kind of, but it's hard to miss something by accident, there is plenty of time

How high do I need to level inland empire to go insane