Bro what's your xfire?

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I miss it so much. My notification sound always bugged out when in game and was literal ear rape

dear fucking lord, you sure know how to make me feel old.

>tfw xfire had online fast and high quality online streaming technology way before justin tv

What happened anyway?
There were millions of daily users, how come the entire thing vanished overnight?

>tfw I never even bothered checking out that feature because I thought streaming was dumb

>iwn play ut2004 with my pals through this
it huuuuuuuuuurts

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2008 was a different time

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>COD2 Multiplayer
my fucking nigga

Crazy how all those games were actually awesome with great communities compared to the biggest online games right now

Man, now I feel old. I used it for CoD4.

Used it for COD2 to play with my clan

modern games are still that great in terms of community and stuff
you're just retarded because you're a self-sheltered idiot that hates everything and must be a contrarian fag on Yea Forumseddit

bros, is it just boomer tinted glasses, or were times really objectively better?
The more I try to separate myself from my emotions
The more it seems like things truly were better
except for the graphics

Your mom is a fag

not an argument

Your mom is not an argument

I mean we have some stuff that is really good, but... We got full games. And there were expansion packs! Remember those? They were like DLC, except bigger. Sometimes they were even bigger than the base game!
And we hung out with people in person more, I remember that. There was a comoputer cafe down the road from my home that had a bunch of computers and people would go and play DDR there.
How do we defeat the demons that killed our culture?

me and some friends would play point and click adventures that way.
one of us would play and the others would watch and be in voice chat and wed do stuff together.

They don't need one, your mom's a fag

>How do we defeat the demons that killed our culture?
Death to Israel?

An argument would be to say that there is less of a tight knit community in games in general. Look at WoW (or any other MMO) now and compare it to Vanilla or TBC.
Most games go out of their way to offer more streamlined matchmaking and the bigger games go out of their way to add weird psychological manipulation into said matchmaking.
The pricing structure was different, games were not designed to bleed you dry.
Games-As-Service didnt exist.

They sold out and the new owners tried to push a gaming service nobody wanted, so they removed the chat client and kept the service then went bankrupt months later.

samefagging because fuck you
There is a huge difference between matchmaking in its current form and logging into a server and playing in there. Remember servers?
Now it is borderline fucking illegal to set up a server for most games. Im not actually sure of the way CSGO works but damn near everything else has hosted servers (a la and corporate legalistic hellfire will rain down upon you if you try and touch their cash cow.

I had an edge Lord name like xxSniperGhostxx or some shit. These were good fucking times

wtf is xfire? literally never even hard of this. use steam or discord or something else dumbass

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>all your fucking videos/screenshots are permanently forever deleted
we weren't ready for this purge. Xfire will 100% be forgotten in both history and individual memory because very few users downloaded their stuff

true professional gamers use microsoft teams voice conferencing

I used the 1337 language pack so all the text in the client was a mangled combination of capital letters, numbers and punctuation. I thought it was the coolest shit ever.

Makes you realise nothing on the internet is forever.

>tfw most of the things on the internet back in 2008 are completely gone now

Will be the same with Discord, and it's gonna be much more destructive because every modding community, every online discussion board, every dev is relying on the fucking Discord nowadays.

discord is like youtube. its too big too fail.

They said that about myspace and bebo


God I miss that game before they went full retard and reworked the way skills worked. I just miss that general era of exploring weird weeb f2p MMOs in general.

Nobody said fucking BEBO was too big to fail. It wasn't even close to that size. People just used it because they had that one friend group that was all around it.

Discord itself yeah, but they might do something like tumblr and nuke most of the channels due to racism and NSFW content.

i miss promod bros

I managed to get my screenshots and video recordings back in the day before it got shut down

Discord really is relied on heavily by devs. That's the only downside though, Indie devs will take a bullet. Other than that, it doesn't matter if Discord dies right now other than you'll lose your contacts if you have no other way to reach them. Saving chatlogs, let alone server logs, is nothing romantic compared to a hub of videos and pictures which discord is not a direct host of.

youtube actually makes money though. all discord does is sell embarassing furry ERP chat logs to advertisers.

A lot of my favourite newgrounds artists stopped updating anywhere but on Discord. I hate it because you also have to suffer interacting with the fanbase which acts like they're equal and important members to the community just because they spam emojis and make MS Paint OCs of the characters.

Try furry indie dev discords where the shitstains keep roleplaying in the general channels. I'm a furry but jesus christ these faggots disgust me.

i think i made an account but never used it
i've only ever needed steam idk

Weebs aren't any better nowadays. With how many of them use monster girl avatars, furries and weebs seem to be heading in the same direction.

>Enemy Territory
I had good times with that game. I want to go back.

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Devs are usually on Slack, Discord is for marketing.

Nobody plays CS:GO to have fun, there are dedicated servers, there are even fun ones like surf_ but they're empty and kind of hidden and people that want to fuck around probably are in CS:S.


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I remember Xfire being great and hating steam's piss UI.

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Steam was awful back then. Took forever just to start it.

because these games had server browser with a possibility to add a server to your favorite, so people were always coming back to the same servers and it helps building a community

It was so nice. I miss it and still have an install of it
And video recording. Recorded plenty of Quake 4 and Fallout 3 with it.

I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Times were objectively better.

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Interesting to see just how little Steam's UX has changed over the years.

Man I had so many hours in this shit. Rifles only servers, I remember a bunch of the clans back then too. Shout out to the fags that played on Lefty's server, he was probably a pedo though. This and Jedi Academy were my multiplayer go to.

I was so resistant to Steam, I held out for a long time. it's weird looking back at the shit game that won me over.

I really did hate steam. I thought having to open a client just to play certain games was dog shit but the golden age of source mods were too good to resist.

To be fair, Steam only started picking up steam (heh) during the indie renaissance. With all the indie games being bundled cheaply on sites like humblebundle and indiegala, which all handed out steam keys.

xfire sucked

im the user you replied to and i know, you are right
but there is a big difference between stating that "current games have no great communities" and "communities are mostly artificially inflated by the broad videogame audience of nowadays, and most of them are either passive or just hit-and-jump ones that have very little passion among their members"

Nah it was fucking great, sorry you didn't have friends.

Times were better but only cause the effort of entry had a bare minimum of intelligence requirement. Life, games, tv, and entertainment in general are designed for the lowest common denominator made for everyone but actually no one.

This takes me back to my comfy days of gaming and not having a single care in the world.

Thanks, I gotta go download MB2 again now.
At least it still exists.

Youre a fucking zoomer stfu. Humblebundle didnt exist when Steam was peaking.

After Xfire dwindled me and my friends hopped over to teamspeak and we still use it.

Now, how the fuck does the Steam overlay still not hold a candle to the Xfire overlay from over ten years ago? Sure the controller shit is great but god damn do I miss being able to set some persistent stuff like the clock or leaving a transparent web page over the game.
They were free form too so you could move and resize them around wherever the fuck you wanted.

Did you read it as ecksfire or crossfire?


REEEE! I did not consent to my game being used by this program!

this was before women and streaming ruined video game

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> is now a casino site
Its over.
Man I used to be in a clan of GRID drifters on xfire. We used to do drift sessions where we were extremely close to each other and if one fucked up all would wipe out and it was so much fun. Those days are gone..

man everyone on my xfire was either playing wow or mw. Some moved to mw2 in 2009 but most still played mw.

cough epic store cough

Yep, still no reason to use it and I doubt there ever will be.

you were right, based kid intuition

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>I was so resistant to Epic, I held out for a long time. it's weird looking back at the shit game that won me over.
All it takes is one game lmao. Your favorite game becomes epic store exclusive then you will move too.

>Your favorite game becomes epic store exclusive
I seriously doubt that


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>Bannerlord is now an epic exclusive
>bloodborne 2 and 1
>ff7 remake

Are you retarded or something?

I miss Dolby Axon. The 3d audio was neat.

>implying you wont use epic for bloodborne 2