Really liked it at the time

>really liked it at the time
>find both gameplay styles to be mediocre at best now and don't really have fun doing any of the missions or hunting for Red Stars
What changed?

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The more you play the Sonic games you the more notice how linear the levels are and how little input is actually required from the player.

>free this month

never played it. is it good?


Its good, not great but still good.

It was following 06, unleashed, secret rings, and maybe some other game I forgot about. By comparison it seemed a lot better than it is

I thought it was okay when I got it at launch, but upon replaying it realized how shallow the overall gameplay is.

You've heard of the fan term "boost to win" right? It is and has always been an exaggeration, but it points to a very real problem with the Boost Formula, that large stretches of the levels are designed to essentially play themselves or require only minimal input. There are a number of videos out there of people literally playing levels one-handed, not even needing to touch the control stick, where the majority of the level plays out almost identically to a normal run and even getting high rankings:

>first stage which is played with zero tutorials beforehand is easy
Woooooow fuck Sega

>second stage in a game for children is easy if you master exactly when to jump or boost
Wooooooooooooooow we need to protest Sega

>third stage in a game for children is easy if you master exactly when to jump or boost
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow I want all of Sega's employees to be hanged

Based and boostpilled.

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>people now hate Generations
Come on now. As a massive Adventurefag, Generations is the last Sonic Team Sonic game where they at least cared about the series' history

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No one in here is hating on least not yet.

Don't you know that everything you liked is actually bad now that it's been almost 10 years? This is standard procedure, especially for Sonic games.


>play Generations back when it came out
>like it
>play it a month ago
>like it even more

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Boost was only truly great in unleashed
Classic was only truly great on the genesis

Literally no one in here said it’s bad. Why are you getting so defensive?

Criticism = it's bad, at least according to Sonicfags.

What said but unironically

I tried it again, there's too many city levels and the story just dies after Chemical Plant, missed opportunity for jokes.

The hype for this game on Yea Forums though was one of my favorite memories here so it's got that going for it.

You have to think about the time Generations came out. The wounds from 06 had not completely healed. Unleashed was divisive at best cause of werehog, but at least showed potential which Colors built on some what. Many skipped Colors though it being stuck on the wii, so Generations was the first big exposure to a game focused on boost with current gen hardware. More than that though, finally classic gameplay that seemed to work unlike 4. To have a game that worked, had 2 competent play styles and some cool throwbacks was enough.

Thing is we are a bit past that now, boost gameplay has received warranted criticism as have the stages. The boost levels are uneven in quality, some allow a good amount of variety while others not so much. Seaside hill is really the only one where you can start really experiment instead of finding a few tricks. Classic gameplay? Well we got Mania, insert some food analogy here. Along with that, the hope for Generations was that Sonic Team were at least starting to get ideas down. Instead we got Lost World, Forces, Sonic 4 Episode 2 from dimps and Boom from red button. It turned out the future wasn't going to be great.

Generations is still a good game, but it was so amazing at the time cause it felt like we were finally getting back to competent Sonic games.

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Forces is free this month, man.

And just like with the Adventure games, seeing Generations as falling short despite being a step in the right direction is nothing new.