We need a MMO with a design philosophy similar to early Lineage 2 chronicles. No one to grab your hand. No quests...

We need a MMO with a design philosophy similar to early Lineage 2 chronicles. No one to grab your hand. No quests. YOU are the story. World has lore, but that's it. People should communicate to be able to progress. Craft should depend on scummy dwarves. People should be the market sitting on the square, not automatic store doing it for people. World should be a giant open world map, not instances for 4 people. If Lineage did it in 2003, why can't you?

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Amerifats didn't play lineage 2 so no one will understand what you're talking about.

>YOU are the story.
Can you elaborate on how Lineage 2 accomplished this?

>dogshit korean grindan garbage
We need a new Shadowbane, none of this babby carebear shit.

Story was built on relationships of players who meet each-other and try to help and make sense of what's going on, becoming friends and then becoming enemies. Clan wars and castle siege later on between armies of real time thousands of players. It was ahead of its time and no one replicated it yet because WOW was big in US.

So a sandbox with no content where I have to make my own content but pay for the privilege of making my own content

Game is full of content, world bosses, endless items, subclasses, olympus arena, noble status, sieges, castles, small side quests. You are just not the chosen one like in every MMO. You live.

Did you get burnt out playing Minecraft or something? What's your dream MMO like? Is it a persistent immersive experience, sort of like living a second fantasy life? How are you going to convey that experience if the game is rigidly defined?

What are the kingdoms? What are the politics? Why are we fighting? What do the npcs do?

Lineage 2 map. Completely open world. You could walk from one point to another on any level. It also has verticality (catacombs) and other things. Randomly running into location of a Raid Boss was an insane experience.

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>People should communicate to be able to progress.
not possible anymore, why do you think WoW has turned into a single player game?

Kingdoms are players. Politics depended on what you as a player established, including tax and other things. You fight or don't fight depending on what you believe in or want to achieve. NPCs were mostly guild masters who help you progress in your character's class (for example, if you pick fighter human, you can progress into warrior or thief, warrior can become gladiator or warlord). Every race had unique classes. For example, Gladiator was a heavy armored warrior wielding two sword who has sonic booms. Or Orcs had shaman/warcryer classes. Also orcish women were both hot and buff.

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Sounds like Conan Exiles or ARK.

Gets boring after a little while, only fun remaining being griefing others, ofc not possible on community servers with power tripping admin simps.

Dwarves probably are the most unique in Lineage compared to any other MMO because they could craft, farm items with their specials skills from enemies and move economy forward (jokingly they were called jews of Lineage). They could also build giant golems to help with a siege of a castle.

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Trust me I played both Conan and ARK and they are nothing like Lineage 2 because it's not about endless survival and hunt for resources, it's about ADVENTURE.

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Listen to the soundtrack. PURE SOUL.

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>Kingdoms are players
Dropped. It's shit.
In not living under King XxAssBlastPWN69xX

You may want to be more specific with your question then. There are Castles bearing names such as "Oren, Giran, Dion" and so on that are controlled by certain clan/alliance.



>No no no you don't serve king assblast
>It's King Richard
>But XxAssBlastxX made all the politics and literally everything else though

Yes, that is true. All hail King AssBlast!

this game was great
>repair your weapon or have it break gg
>heres some cool soulshots and spiritshots to make a sick effect on attacking, and its also a commodity

Soulshot system was very strange but also very original. How did they even come up with that? Logically it still doesn't make sense to me as like "yes.. let's make normal attacks look like blasts of energy as if you were using ammo" but it felt so natural. It took me a while to get used to all the ideas this game presented and I really miss it

played this on a private server for years with 3x rates, cause fuck retail.
used to multibox a few buffers and healers and then do my own low level raids.
used an orc destroyer and waited till the boss hit me below the threshold to use GUTS, then it was fucking GO time.
used all the c-grade enchant scrolls to blow up so many weapons lol

Fuck assblast. He's gay

also dwarf spoil farming for mats was... interesting. ahh man the memories.. farming for ancient adena in the underground areas, i forget their names. I'd use a warlord with spears since their basic attacks hit aoe and abuse vamp buff for immortality while my health danced up and down

There was quests, but they were for your class progression.

>It took me a while to get used to all the ideas this game presented and I really miss it
same here. The sheer amount of buffs... raiding the dragon that was an hours long affair..
just before I stopped playing their introduced some new race that had one wing, but I never tried them for long

Kamael, I kinda like them personally but I know that for a lot of people it was the point where "game went to shit". For me personally that point was Goddess of Destruction, they essentially dumbed down game and turned it into every other MMO on the market.

i like it when mmos grab my dick and rub it a little bit.

You're kidding, right? It's right here, the game Jake Song designed before lineage. It still has everything you're looking for, including players.

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>We need a MMO with a design philosophy similar to early Lineage 2 chronicles.
The only design philosophy I want from Lineage 2 are the Dark Elves.

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Lineage 2 was fucking great. I still remember my first time playing, some overleveled motherfucker wouldn't let noobs get out of town because he was in the entrance with a giant ass sword waiting for them to go out. Also, I still remember the first time I killed a player. I was unironically sweating buckets trying to hide after it

Well, I certainly played L2 back in the day and feel that same nostalgia. When I think about the best experiences I had they were farming, honestly. The slower paced world and limited travel made you have to find a group that you eventually fit in with. Then creating a clan then alliance, you could have your network of players to call upon. And placing a grand scale onto your world for people to admire as they traveled was one of the more exiting things. Terra was the closest feeling to L2 I had after that (because it was going to be L3). And the combat all feels impactful, and yes the buffs felt good.

The venerable Lord AssBlast is well known to only blast the asses of female dwarves.

>If Lineage did it in 2003, why can't you?
People who want to play this don't have the time to do it and people who have the time are playing fortnite.

all i remember is grinding asstons of mobs in cruma tower and getting carpal tunnel from mashing the soul shots (shards?) button all day
fun game though and beautiful graphics for its time (also those dark elf females)

You wouldn't play it.

I would LIVE it.

Those games still exist. They're still fantastic. Go play them. Why rely on the modern industry to do what it obviously cannot?

I wouldn't, it already ruined my life once

Because it's been ruined by updates on official servers (hence why OP post mentiones early chronicles) and private servers are scummy or have fake online numbers.

You occasionally get games like this even now people just don't play them. Games like this are never going to be popular don't know what people expect really.

Games plural. Lineage 2 was not the only real MMO to have ever existed.

Thing is they don't NEED to be popular. Having millions of people isn't even a benefit in these kinds of games, where the whole point is building relationships with people you see over and over again. A room full of a few hundred people is still pretty damn populated when you realise all of them are there to talk to and interact with.

I don't care about others. I want a game like Lineage 2. I would play that.


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I played L2 all of my teenage years nad I'll never forget that experience.
No other game ever replicated that

is lineage 2 not good now or something

Yes. Goddess of Destruction turned game into an an accessible MMO, every class is butchered to become a single one at high level, progression happens on a single island of humans for every race and so on.

>we need an MMO that does all these things!
>no, not THAT one! Only L2!

Name one MMO that does all those things.


Stupid, goddamn retarded eurotrash mutt, obsessed with us, is too stupid to be allowed to continue existing. Yes, we did play lineage 2, the problem was that it existed concurrently with several other mmos that people were busy playing and had already sunk too much time in, so the potential market was occupied. There were enough players from here for it to be busy, and it's style wasn't what was hot at the time.

Honestly it would've been great if lineage 3 or Tera would've come out in full form. There's so much of l2 in that game that was underutilized including open world dungeons. The politics were always hilarious.

thank you for making me cry OP, i really loved this game with all my heart

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>Why are we fighting?
You're an NPC and the reason why mmos suck nowadays.

It was overshadowed by WOW because that's what the amerimutts preferred. Lineage 2 was too hardcore for them.

good games dont die, this game was shit accept it

shut the fuck up, you probably werent even concieved when l2 came out

there will be no good mmo as long as wikis, discord, github mods and various sites with convenience tools exist

Those things make no difference to the bits of mmos that matter.

>early Lineage 2 chronicles
Which were shit.
Arguably less shit than the modern L2 but still shit.
Only one MMO has pulled off "you are the story" meme and that's EVE.

It didn't die because it was bad. It was murdered.

>Completely open world

*More content than any other MMO

desu i would've played it even now(even GoD is better than majority of mmorpgs on the market) if it wasn't such a dogshit from technical standpoint. I installed it 2 years ago or something for a day, got like 30 fps in an empty location(that new 85+ tower on TI) and like 1s+ ping, so immediately uninstalled.

OP is clearly talking about new mmos, not old ones. Lineage and Lineage 2 both still exist too, retard.

Only locations around aden were empty besides couple of lonely bears.

I actually agree with you. I don't know how it manages to run like shit on my PC nowadays when I turn on HDR+Bloom and all that shizz. Like how unoptimized can one game be.

so does TERA have some of the same sandbox elements?
Is it worth playing user?
or is it just for the sluts

Soo.. albion online?

It doesn't, its world isn't even open like L2, plus it's instance-based and a lot of other issues that MMOS nowadays suffer from.

I never managed to makesuch quality friends in WoW and other MMOs compared to L2. I still have several contacts that tell me to play some new server every now and then.

t. didn't play it
I can't think of anything in EVE that you can't do in Lineage 2. Aside from the setting they were very similar games design and philosophy wise.

MMOs are trash and the genre peaked long ago. Any new mmo that launches now is just going to fail like all the rest since in reality only like 2(xiv and wow), maybe 3(if you're willing to count eso as well) matter.
Until we get fucking SAO-tier MMOs this likely won't ever change.

So yeah fuck MMOs.

BDO is bigger than ESO.

L2 has large uninspired locations with generic monsters thoughtlessly sprinkled around.
"The map" as well as every single reference to L2's "world" will never be an argument for it. It's so remarkably bad, garbage like PW, RFO, DDO, Requiem, and even MUO all have strictly better "map" and "world".
>t. didn't play either
I wouldn't be surprised if I played L2 more than you did. I also personally know people who are guaranteed to have "better" experience in it than you will ever have.
This is evident by the fact only a literal retard could've said something like
>I can't think of anything in EVE that you can't do in Lineage 2
and think he isn't spitting nonsense.


Ashes of Creation tried something like this

>with generic monsters
What is not generic monsters?

To give you a popular example - in WoW there are no "out of place" monsters, they don't stand/walk around pointlessly. Monsters always try to fit the setting they are placed in and simulate pseudo roles so when you go through a given location you feel more like adventuring and exploring.
FFXIV doesn't do that as good but it does it decently enough for it not to be jarring.
L2, meanwhile, has less thought put into monsters' design, behaviour, and placement than the vast majority of shitty one-off Diablo clones (think Broken Lands or something).

The shitty games I've listed all have more efforts put into designing the actual world so it's not a collection of wasted space. They also at very least attempt to have some sort of a method behind the enemy placement which already elevates them above L2 in that department.

I disagree. Especially cool are "slave" type of monsters in Catacombs and all those knights. Shit's Morrowind levels.