How will this change gaming? Large groups of foreign beta males are conquering Japan

How will this change gaming? Large groups of foreign beta males are conquering Japan.

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Hopefully they'll destroy everything anime-related, and then the country itself. Fuck Japan.

t series won

wtf no whites?

finally get some use out of this peripheral

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It will just become another irrelevant country media wise. When was the last time you gave a fuck about any media coming out of india? Being made by an Indian?
Time moves on.

where are they now?

The article is 14 years old

leftists should be killed.
does anyone seriously see a face of a spook and think they should welcome them?
piss off, they're all ghastly subhumans nobody likes. Their countries are shit precisely because they inhabit them.

What you say? I'm take all the cunny

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Japan is an irrelevant media company now.

That's not true at all. I was there a few days ago for 2 weeks and I saw too few foreigners like me. It was a weird feeling being on the train or a restaurant and being the only white in there. I felt observed all the time

If you're from Europe or anywhere in the 1st world, Japan is only good for visiting or staying there if you already have a billion dollars not to work.

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am*rican retard

That's how a refugee feels in Europe. It's good you get to experience it so when you're back home you'll treat foreigners with more respect

who the fuck moves to Asia for job opportunity?
Fuck that I don't want to be some yes-man working 16hrs a day just so I can barely afford some storage closet in the outskirts of Tokyo.

That's some mega-cringe race baiting.

I guess. I watch more Japanese/Korean film then I do British or European film (I'm american). We all have our preferences though so I'll say "fair enough" to your statement. I definitely see Japan as relevant within the google-loop I participate in.

>black man
>nerd white guy
>balding salary man
Just like my japanese comics !

If you manage to get into a gaijin company then it's also great. The only thing that worries me is if I'd manage to fit into japanese groups of friends or not

I wish some asteroide or something ends this fucking planet

Why don't the refugees return home then? If they're uncomfortable, go the fuck home

Look it up on YouTube, hundreds of Americans post their vlogs about working in Japan and life

That's a very selfish way of thinking

It usually looks terrible.

If you speak Japanese then they don't care that's literally all that matters, just knowing the language a little bit will get you pretty far in the country regarding jobs and getting a decent place without some chink neighbors who scream in Mandarin all day

Americans work more in a year then Japanese

It's realistic, but yes. It's unpleasant because it doesn't appeal to empathy.

yeah it works for faggots with a pre-established subscriber base who do anime content like gigguk or whatever, but outside of that you're pretty fucked.
Remember that white singer guy who is basically a slave to the chinks?

Explain how it's selfish

Americans also get to buy acres of land and drive V8s. Rest of the world lives in cucksheds and drives some neutered 3 cyl hatchback.

As long as you speak the language moderately well you should be fine. People love foreigners taking an interest in their language and culture.

I'd rather be selfish than sit idly and obediently as i watch whites go extinct

last time I heard Bart Baker is making some good gook money

When you're making triple what you would get back home, you get over it.

I own my house and land and I'm not American. I have a Harley Shovelhead and a V8 truck too


this shit is so hilarious


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based korean

This foreign country must give up its homogeneity and cater to a minority group they didn’t ask for or they’re selfish

Got it

>v8 truck
why, americlap tech is slow, thirsty, and expensive outside the states

Time to raise Japanese morale again? Are we adding "black piggu gaijin" in the memes?

>September 2008

So fuck all happened?

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I live in Canada. It's not expensive at all and we have our own Harley factories

Well yes ignoring the plight of others is selfish.
Doesn't mean you're forced to help them, just like you're not forced to do charity.

daily reminder

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Japan will become America 2.0 by 2050. Mark my words.

you're basically just a snow american anyways

Nothing, cause it was a sensationalist cover not based on reality.

based retard

>replacing a countries general population
Pick one and only one

the US govt can brainwash as much as they can but nobody from the 3rd world is never coming to the baltics since we dont give out any gibs

It will be wiped out by China long before that

They're there because they need a place to stay. When living there as a refugee, is the country responsibility to make them feel comfortable and not hated or made invisible by the native population. When you say things like "If they're uncomfortable, they should return to their country", you see them as soulless objects with no feelings instead of a human. It's pretty selfish.

would japan allow me to move there? i'm white. i don't want to work 60 hours a week though and i want a guaranteed qt submissive japanese wife. none of the men there seem to be interested in marrying them.

What's your socio-economic level? Median income for your area?

Japan is never going to become a superpower breh

Actually the jews are still hard at work and the gaijin pigs are relegated into designated "districts" isolated from the rest of Japan. Japan knows "containment" like no one other, but even that has limits.

It's working

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>Japan is only good for visiting or staying there if you already have a billion dollars not to work.
This guy knows how it is. Fuck Japanese work culture and ethics. Little non-confrontational shits will go out of their way to psychologically bully you out of their companies if they don't like you.

That dude is corny

Canada is nothing like America, lol

Go back to being dead, Phillip K.

I saw him open for someone here in the states and zoomies lost it

imagine getting bullied by tiny japs

Pretty ironic when you complain about non-whites fucking white women yet you're interested in race mixing with a woman from a homogeneous country

Being a salaryman anywhere is ass. There are plenty of normal jobs in japan too but yeah as a white gaijin and my wife being chinese i dont see many job opportunities for us.

There is always an audience if you search for it, doesn't mean that shit ain't corny.

They're welfare leeches
>is the country resoponsibility

who said i complain about non whites? i'm not a /pol/tard

Probably because they don’t want to be killed.

you mean subhuman shitskins

A guy on Yea Forums saying corny is likely corny themselves and wouldn't know what's hip

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t. nigger

Whites and asians are better then niggers. Deal with it shlomo.

I can see why


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That's not how I view it:
Refugees are the fallout from that race's failure. Why should I be accommodating to rats fleeing their sinking ship that THEY sunk themselves? They can't be responsible for their own country, so other countries must suffer their burden because they were unwilling to save their own homeland from becoming an apocalyptic shithole with no money? They should be left to die frankly. If they can't hack it, go back to the cataclysmic shithole you belong to.

Imagine imagining bullshit scenarios and geting mad about them to the point you post lame ass mspaint wojaks.

>When you say things like "If they're uncomfortable, they should return to their country", you see them as soulless objects with no feelings instead of a human
That is one hell of a leap in logic.

> is the country responsibility to make them feel comfortable and not hated or made invisible by the native population
The native people had fuck all to do with that specific persons choices in life, or the shithole they evacuated from. The refugee is being taken in by a country that really doesn't need them. It's selfish for a refugee to expect the red carpet, not the other way around. You don't walk into someone elses house and start demanding they feed you and pay you. That's the disrespectful part ya spanner.

No idea. I pull in 70 grand a year though.

Oh so you're poor

Yes it's very different in many ways such as

no guns or freedom of speech?

Why does American government push interracial/immigration propaganda everywhere?

What the FUCK is wrong with Americans? Is it that they're owned by Jews?

Don't expect a serious reply when you say this word. Won't even bother to respond.

That's near Upper Middle Class actually, I just checked the Leaf stats.

I don't think I'm poor. I have my own house and vehicles with plenty of money to buy shit.

leafs can have guns and everyone outside of shithole cities is based

Estonia is one of the few European countries with a rising birthrate and they’ve been actively trying to boost tourism by advertising their shitty landmarks and the one black dude they could find on holiday in Talinn because nobody wants to go to Estonia. Their entire nation also seems on track to become a cyber-dystopia by 2050.

They've doomed their country so they want to bring everyone down with them too.

how many do they have per capita?

if you didn't come from a shithole you wouldn't have become a leech

as opposed to just a dystopia like everywhere else

Though on behalf of some of us American. I'm sorry world. Really, really sorry. I won't ask for forgiveness though because I know none will be afforded.

But again, our bad.

Don't kid yourself justin.

>i-i have a house and plenty of money
Lol you're poor bruh.

Are you really retarded?
2% niggers instead of 13%. There are more niggers in America then there are people in Canada lol.
No bean-niggers, just Quebecois.
Obesity rate is far lower.
No murder.
Few niggers.
Price of groceries is retarded.
Tons of open country.
Socialized medicine.
I've never seen a nigger.
No rootin' tootin' shooty shootins in Walmarts every week.
Can smoke weed everywhere legally.
No niggers as far as I know.
I fucked plenty of Asians in university.


And what shithole do you hail from, Fritz?

Back to bant you filthy fucking retards. It was made to contain you animals now stay. God damn. This isn't even video game related. I hope all of you slip and fall to your deaths on your way to bed tonight. I fucking hate you god damn fucking raceb8ing faggots. Go shit up lgbt or vp or something. Damn.

Imigration is only a problem in europe because they deliberately turn a blind eye to crime which causes more crime to happen, this will never happen in japan

The wording of the article suggests that the US is aware that being in the EU will expose Estonia to immigration from shithole countries. This could incentivize Estonians to vote to leave the EU. They would inevitably fall into Russia's sphere of influence if this happened. I think it's ultimately about denying Russia an ally.

Why are you stuttering?

>september 11, 2008
what a horrible date
reminds me of that tragedy

It stands to reason the ethics they believe in in their own country should be practiced in others. All countries are now global players with open communication, throwing around soft, palatable opinions about one another in regards to immigration policy is easy.

That magazine isn't the government, though. The government's motives are much the same, with an added bonus of getting everyone ready to help with climate refugees.

how are they "the new face"? they're not japanese, they are not ethnic japanese, the japanese built the country not these immigrants, they haven't done a fucking thing and they will never be the "face" of Japan

I wouldn't worry about Globalism if Corona chan continues to fuck everyone kek

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>with an added bonus of getting everyone ready to help with climate refugees.
Why don't they just use that powerful military of theres to force poluting nations to shape up

that aged badly

>I don't think I'm poor
Because you're larping and it's obvious. Post yourself time stamped standing in front of your house and vehicles holding hundred dollar bills

Does it even matter?
He stated the truth, YOU people pushed this shit and YOU people turned the world into a fucking mix and match of demographics through your imperialism.
America and Russia should've nuked each other in the Cold War, at least then most people would've died quicker/wouldn't have been born.

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Imagine being a nigger in Japan.
Remember when she said Japan should allow more refugees or some shit and she got ridiculed.

Regulations have to be enforced. Like someone literally has to walk over to a business to ensure environmental regulations are being followed. When regulations aren't actively enforced and businesses don't feel they're likely to get caught if they don't follow regulations, they stop following them. The US military isn't large enough to do random inspections all over the world, nor does it have the training, nor would the cost be worth it. Also, the locals would be about as happy as Iraq was when we tried to use our powerful military to force them to be a democracy. Better to work with other countries and let them handle their own regulations.

No :)
Even if I wanted to, I'm at work.
Why do I have to prove anything to someone who rents? You probably drive a coupe

Hey I too really like videogames.

>"I am poor, so everyone else with a job that doesn't involve flipping burgers is larping."

You clicked on the wrong thread then, dumbass. You caused your own problem.

Been there after that.
It won't, simply because it's not a thing.
It's USJW propaganda.

The thread is off-topic bullshit and doesn't belong in Yea Forums you fuckin' failed abortion.

I feel bad for japs Indians are a disgusting race. Wish Genghis khan didn't wipe them out back then

Kill yourself tranny

Why do I care if you offer a serious reply? You're just a shitty bloodsucker who couldn't run his own country and now demands respect abroad despite not earning it. People ignore foreigners because they're just failures.

>still here
You love it, stop lying.


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I'm a white American. I can't be poor.

Shinzo Abe's brother is married to Indian girl and they have 10/10 daughters

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How many square feet is your house and acreage?

The same way that Europe is changing because of these goat fuckers.

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They have a 7 and two 6s

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This is actually based because it caused my country to leave lmao