It's an Agitha mission

>it's an Agitha mission

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>didn't make Zelda barefoot
Why even bother playing

Agitha is better than Ruto.

>it's a mission where you must fight Manhandla
Fuck that fucking plant

Nigga what? Just git gud at timing. Imprisoned is worse than fucking Manhandla. Obtain any level of skill faggot

Just plug a second controller, or learn to use only 1 joycon as a crutch.

Also, Agatha Small+Small+Big/Dash cancel/Small+Small+Big/Dash cancel etc, etc... is an infinite. Find "Power attack 2" or 3 (the one that boosts XXY and put it on her weapon. Bam, you can solo her lvl4 weapon with the starting one.


Sup guys just popped in to ruin your day and suck out the fun out of your game.

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Loved the additions the game had with My Fairy, double bombos was awesome

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>it's another "can't play as Young Link" mission

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>it's a lana mission

>100+ hours in WiiU
>Had to start over on 3DS
>100+ hours
>Have to start over on Switch


Ruto fucking sucks shit and has slow trash attacks. Agitha sucks but she isn't nearly as bad. Separate your OoT nostalgia from the actual gameplay you morons.

>Be forced to use Zant
>Accidentally use the totem pole move
>Have to wait 20 minutes for the attack to miss

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>not being a Switchchad who skipped the Wii U and didn't get the 3DS version

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>nooooooo oot sucks
fuck off retard, no one was talking about game quality
Agitha is slow and shit, Ruto at least has wide attacks

This is exactly why I haven't got the switch version.
I'm going through the same with MonHun. I did about 100h on the 3U 3DS, then 300h on the Wii U then I restarted my save because autism demanded a run with only SnS registered. Then I got 4U but didn't play much, then GenU and put around 100h and now I can't bring myself to go through the early rank slog again.

>It's an Agitha mission
Don't care. too cute.

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>>nooooooo oot sucks
>fuck off retard, no one was talking about game quality
I didn't say anything about OoT's quality you brainlet. People who defend Ruto have to be obsessed with OoT to give her a pass in my opinion. She's slower than Agitha and has worse attacks. This isn't even an opinion, it's a fact. Just play as both of them again.

God I fucking hate this turd on legs.
>we were given free reign to design a beast and the best we came up with is a slow-moving blob of scales that is just a race against time
Like fuck off, this entire thing is a fucking travesty of design in every aspect

It's really easy, just save all your special for when it does the shocks from its feet. For the bit before, just spam your highest damaging and quickest combos. Ugly turd on legs dead in 30 seconds

Is Shiek the only non dlc character with only one weapon?

1. Why?
2. Fucking why?

what else would you give him, dumbass?

Oh I didn't say it was hard, I said that this lizard loogie is poorly designed in every aspect. Visually it's boring, fight-wise it's only a threat because they put a timer on the fight, there's no meaningful interaction between you and the boss, and neither game can convince me that this early-cgi toothpaste mascot for goths is any kind of a fucking terror that ends worlds

Do not respond to bait

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Grenade wire

Manhandla can be obstinate. You'll be doing good for time and then he just won't reveal his weakness or flail around and now you're too late to get an A.

>It's a Darunia mission
>It's an Agitha mission
>It's a Ruto mission
>It's a Wizzro mission
And I haven't played the 3DS or DE so there might be even other ones who play like utter shit
Obliterating everything with Fierce Deity Young Link is fun though

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I like TP more than OoT, user. Ruto is still more fun to me.

Wizzro's great though. His clear could be better, but it's still decent, and he destroys boss meters.

>It's a don't get hit against bosses
It hurts

She doesn't need one?
She uses kunai and deku nuts in her attacks already.
I'd say, if anything they could give her a chain as a weapon, but that's also exclusively a smash bros thing.

I like Darunia desu

>It's a Darunia mission

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eat a bag of dicks, faggot


Why was she lusting over link's dick so hard?

Imprisoned is shit but you can actively force him to show his weak spot. Manhandla just gyrates around consistently and shows it once every 2 hours. Really though all the bosses are shit. I could deal with them in story mode but they made me stop playing Adventure mode with how often they are spammed.


Skyward Sword was the biggest mistake in the series.

>Its a KO-Competition mission

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Darunia isn't that bad once you get his second hammer.

>Its any mission where Ghirahim is on your team
>The imprisoned appears

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Just give in. I played HW for ten hours then 200 hours and now I'm playing DE all over again.

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Unironically because Dorf corrupted her.

Had a crush on link from watching his many incarnations. Dorf then filled her with the purple stuff and the crush became wanting desperately to crush his dick.
And the other half of her became a dopey j-pop star for some reason.

>tfw lost my 300 hour game after cracking my 3DS to play MH4 because the cockscukers wouldn't port it over


Does she want Toon and Young too?

I'm proud to be a boat main.


Man I really hope I find this game for cheap on Switch cuz I wanna triple dip

60fps and the QOL features look so good

>Release an anthology game based on the entire Zelda franchise
>Except for BOTW which came out right after
>Game instantly feels dated as fuck

C4 or C5 does a giant wave that mobs incredibly well, and then you use the gained C1s for massive damage and it does a ton of WPG damage. Sure, she has some slow attacks but all Agitha has to her name is C2 (The giant beetle), and you have to cancel out of it every time it stomps and swings once to do any damage, mob, or break WPG. Her only decent mobbing skill besides that is C4 I think (The one with the butterfly) and it requires you to disembark it to use any good attack again.

Link is the ultimate Hylian giga-chad.

Zelda with Ilia's costume is barefoot, but being a foot fetishist is an evolutionary dead end

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Damn, I can hear those grunts vividly

>read guide on how fairies and food work
>rush straight for infinite magic
>fairy nuke every map

>It's a Tingle mission

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>It's a "kill x amount" on the 3DS


>Its a Ganondorf mission

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and Wolf Link too.


He's only useful for bosses and that's it. He's horrendous at dealing with random normal commanders because he can't 1v1 (The most you can do is hope they show their WPG and you C1 quickly enough) and the spinning orb thing misses so often it's awful. I genuinely can't understand calling him aanything other that irredeemable trash. As soon as I get a mission with him I immediately swap to someone else.

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Wizzro is top tier what the hell are you talking about?

How do you get infinite magic? Wouldn't that make Young Link broken?

Young Link IS broken

> Not understanding how to play Zant
Your loss dude, Zant is a shit kicker

I agree

Link doesn't know what a fuck is.

>Finally understand how Zant works
>Do the big stompies all day

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My man - Zant is one of my favorites to play. The rhythm of building meter and spending it is so satisfying, and I fucking love >spin2win

Young Link turns special bar into magic bar, motherfucker can get 13k in less than 10 minutes.

>and Wolf Link too.

Why is ganon so fun to play?

I will teach him
better start early with Young Link haha

>It's a Fi mission
>Specifically the Fi mission with the imprisoned

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cute feets!

>big guy
>literally might AND magic
Ganondorf is a G

>that motherfucking gold skultulla on story mode at lake Hylia playing as Danuria.

That mission taught me the meaning of pain.

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The new fairy mechanic makes all the missions much easier and faster.
I say just do it, it's never been more plausible to 100% the game.

Anyone else play all 3 versions?

Aside from the Cuccoos I already did 100% so I'm content to leave it put.

Meant the Giant Cuccoo challenge. Ganon was a slog enough near the end.

3DS and Switch.

Yeah, spent the most time on the 3DS before biting the bullet with DE.

What new mechanic?


Yes, I'm happy they really improved everything over the Wii U version. Though having to do the "Don't get hit even once" mission multiple times is the worst thing ever
I wish BotW brought more than just two costumes, I would've liked some sort of map to play with along with BotW enemies


I really wish they optimized the Switch port so it wouldn't be 1080p in portable. Maybe then they could make it 60fps in handheld mode too

You can raise fairies.
You can get abilities like infinite magic and special gauge charge, and it comes with an explosion that obliterates your opponents.

Nearly finished with the important stuff on base Adventure Map. Should I move straight on to WW Map for lv2 weapons or try to skip to Master Quest/TP to unlock more food? I really want some fire food so I can start building towards this double Bombos fairy magic I've heard so much about.

>wizzro can't 1v1 commanders well
>Can keep them juggled until you break their WPG

>And the other half of her became a dopey j-pop star for some reason.
It was how she COPEd with the crippling sadness that Link would never fuck her.

I prefer the lower enemy count in the 3DS version. It's just obnoxious to have hordes of shitmons everywhere.

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Ruto, Darunia, Zant, Agitha, Midna, Ghirahim, and Fi all only have their one. The OC villain trio too since iirc you could still play them without the dlc on the wii u version, you just couldn't unlock their stuff without the master quest map

With what, C1? I know about C1 destroying their WPG, but do you not attack as you're waiting for them to do their WPG attacks? Because he's got almost nothing that helps with the wait for the WPG to appear. I guess you can use what, C3? C2?

wait what? It runs in 1080p30 in handheld? Wtf?

FE:W has a performance mode even where you can choose 1080p30 or 720p60. How strange.

Yeah I believe even though the Switch screen is 720p, the game still runs as if it's 1080p in handheld mode hence the performance issues.

Just popping in to report that Fi is best girl.

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She's not white.

Same as everyone else, do 2 normal hits then dodge cancel.
Wizzro will spam out all these orbs that explode off eachother giving you free juggles.

Why HW and FEW are so different? the former feels like the developers had fun making it, the latter feels like they only did it because they were forced by contract.

there's a lot more you can do and play with when it comes to the Zelda IP.

Fire Emblem is just the same shit

HW has a lot of care put into it and gameplayt wise it's really fucking addictive because they were able to put so much care in making the charcters so different from each other gameplay wise while being respectful of the source material.
FEW has literally a cast of color swaps with the same moveset, it's all dudes with swords

Reportedly, the FEW director was "an idiot that did know FE".

Do you think Agatha's pussy is full of bugs?

In her alone time, probably.

Implying he didnt turn her puss into a nest

Funny because FE has in general much better movesets than Hyrule. I'd rather have clone than another Ruto or spear Lana. Enemy commanders are also better to fight because you can actually force out weak point meters and the weapon triangle works so much better than items do.

It catch match Hyrule on sheer content and variety but there's some big QOL improvements.

I wish
T. Chiba Tetsutarou

Darunia is Daddy Based tier, and reaaally powerful if you play him right.
Wizzro needs a bit of knowledge into how he works, but he's still quite good.

Nobody talked about Conductor Zelda. You wanna know bad ? Just try her.

You know that he works in tandem with his attacks right ? First shot throw balls, second one makes them explode, third one throw balls, fourth one makes them explode etc etc

You can't just go 360° with every attack man, he actually requires you to use your brain.

Does HWDE have HD Rumble?

Oh boy, you didn't know.

She canonically bathes in snail slime.

Motherfucker is the reason why I can't play that game anymore without popping up a boner.

The interview for it is right here. Apparently it caused infighting during development.

Fi is a freaking monster, how can you struggle with her?

Oh god, I dumped so many hours into the WiiU version, this thread is making me want to play again, but also pick up the Switch version and start over.

This is dangerous.

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QOL means shit if the fanservice is trash, this is unironically true for crossover mushous as fanservice is their main appeal. Also, before you say it, FEW didn't introduce the "change playable character on the fly" feature, HW 3ds had it first and another mushou had it even much before that.

Well good news for you then since the Switch Version adds all the new 3DS content and the DLC Wii U stuff, it's an utterly massive game.

Anons...dont make me rebuy my Switch Version after losing it on a plane ride... I dont want this game to rule me again...

Last i knew Switch version reduced the grind and requirement for A-ranks so it should be faster to get shit done.

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This game is fucking amazing. I've dropped 100 hours in it already and I feel like I haven't even grasped it completely. How the fuck do fairies even work? What's the best way to use them?

look at how ok she is with Link hanging out with Zelda

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A huge change is being able to buy item cards hafter having found them once, unless there is a limited number in the map like the Wind Waker ones.

saves are stored on the console dude not the cartridges

user...your save is still on your switch, just get a new card.

>Midna will never lean on your head

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The only satisfying part of Lana, only eclipsed by Ganondorf slapping Cia's shit in. The one time where I was hoping he'd come in and put that yandere shitter in her place.

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Switch version has so many quality of life upgrades it's worth it.
>Can swap to different characters on the same map if available.
>Adventure maps let you take two characters into the map.
>Adventure maps now have their own difficulty levels so you won't tear your hair out as much on Agitha's wild Imprisoned rodeo.
>All the content from the Wii U DLC, 3DS, and 3DS DLC is there.
>Cia maps in story mode.
>Linkle story.
>They made farming much easier.
>Even though the level cap is still 255 the EXP needed isn't as horribly unfair as the Wii U version despite the rupee glitch being patched, it's actually fairly reasonable and the best grinding maps give like four or six levels per run.
It also feels like random enemies were nerfed in terms of their HP, Moblins still have a bunch but Lizalfos and Dinalfos are not nearly as tanky as I recall, and even running through the main story on Hard feels like it takes less time than on Wii U.

>its a quiz
>The answer is obvious but the incorrect choices die much easier
>Character is one who has AOE at the end of most combos

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FEW plays better imo
There's something about using Lyn/Navarre's C6 to just nuke an entire keep.
Or using a dual musou attack to kill like 80 things.
HW overall is a better game though with Zelda having more to pull from it's hige legacy of experimenting.
I'd like to see another take on another Nintendo IP, or maybe FE:W 2, featuring all of the content of 1 with a lot more varied cast.


>Bought the original game on release for Wii U
>love it first musou ever
>Bought the DLC and have finished original map with all golds
>only 45% done with Master map
>Havent even gotten a chance to play the DLC maps because its to packed with content
>Get 3ds and see they rehashed the adventure map again and more DLC
>Dropped it
>Switch version comes out and still no data transfer so i didnt buy it probably suffers from the same issues of 3ds version because older maps dont allow you to use newer characters and to much grind
>Sell Switch cuz its a piece of shit port machine of Wii U games and paid online p2p connection
>Would have kept it if they just had data transfer for HWs and better ways to earn rupees
>FE warriors sucked balls

Didnt help I started to explore more Musous like DW8 and Samurai Warriors I started getting burnt out but HWs is still easily the best Musou I've played and would have kept my console for. If we ever get a proper sequel for HWs i might consider getting the next Switch SKU or wait till another "remaster"

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A Mario musou pulling from Mario,DK,Wario/Ware and Yoshi universes would be a load of dumb fun
That or a Xenoblade prequel one with playable Mumkhar Dickson and Dunban

People struggle with her because they don't know how to handle her dancing moveset and how safe that can make her. Also having to keep her powered up state and juggling with her. Her final strong move does so much damage, I just wish more of her stages made her fight dark enemies, since her light damage is pretty big. Once you start getting fairies raised that can change the element of her weapon, then she really shines.

Tetra is number one girl. Ravio and Yuga were a lot more fun than I thought they'd be.

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Fairies, you want to feed them to 100 and then reset them to be able to change one of their stats, this lets you unlock skills if you raise certain stats up enough. Skills are super powerful, letting you get double drops for an amount of time, double food, double experience, infinite magic power, change weapon elements. Element change is way more powerful then people give credit for, since if you are attacking a same element target, you do half damage, opposite, you do 2x damage. This is why characters like Ruto struggle a lot, because they have to deal with attacking resistant enemies in stages a lot, since most things resist water. If you can change to the proper element with a fairy, you suddenly start wrecking shit.

Thanks for the info, I will seriously consider picking it up this weekend now that I know it won't be so painful to grind back to where I was.