Boku no Hero Academia

I told you how it would be bozo.

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Lewdest Hero

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Serious question anons, if you are the author of this manga, what will you change?

I would expand the school years and let the kid enjoy three years of high school, not let it end in the second year.

>Serious question anons, if you are the author of this manga, what will you change?
Never write it in the first place because literally every aspect sucks.

Stop making Deku a Gary stu

Make Bakugo the MC

Eh, not really

Could be interesting. A subversion where the character has to grow and instead already can do everything

There is not one aspect that doesn't suck. There is a reason these threads are pretty much just cuckold spam.

>Eh, not really

>just cuckold spam.
but that's based

It indicates this series pretty much only attracted cucks. That is not a sign of a well written engaging manga.

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This manga is by cucks for cucks, what did you expect?

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I am not surprised. I am just saying the other user seems to be confused about the quality of this manga.

1.Don't give Deku a quirk, all his most interesting moments are him leading other people. It's repeatedly shown in series that you don't need enhancement to have decent physicals. It would also make him vastly more interesting. Also don't have him be a complete idiot in EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN FIGHT, he is one of the least intelligent (fight IQ) shonen heroes ever and totally not how he was initially presented. There are a bunch of smaller problems (like the shinsou fight) that changing deku would solve.
2.Don't make a big deal of Todoroki not being able to use his fire even after the Deku fight and then have him use it the very next arc.
3. Have Iida actually do detective shit to find Stain, possibly have him break into and steal evidence from the actual investigation into Stain
4. Have the heroes ACTUALLY INVESTIGATE STAIN, a fucking teenager found him after a week
5. Have Shigiraki begin this arc getting stronger, breaking into banks and shit instead of scrabbling around in the dirt. He doesn't intimidate
6. Cut the five blandest classmates and give more screentime to the remainders
7. Give Uraraka some fucking focus and don't have Momo be such a complete failure
8. The overhaul arc has no end of problems but number 1 is that anything to do with wishing energy needs to be axed, that shit is retarded. Even if Nighteye is wrong it's insulting to even have a character utter those words.
9. No bullshit powerups, especially not for the league
10. Have All for One use a variety of powers against All Might

11. If Stain's supposed to have a point, make him have a point. His critique of shit heroes is undermined by every hero except endeavour and mineta being a saint so far. Have some heroes be assholes, some effective regardless, some actually affecting their performance. Have Mineta and some other classmates be on that spectrum. Number 1 on this list is fucking Ingenium Sr., him being corrupt in some way - even a little way - would go a long way to making Stain going after him relevant
12. The teachers almost all suck. Why has a week of self-defence courses at the YMCA made Uraraka the best martial artist in the class? Why aren't they all learning this? Aizawa's taught more to a random guy who isn't even in his class than any of the people who are. I could throw in "the class sucks a lot" because most of them, despite being the best class in the country, suck ass, but honestly it's more the teaching because of the people introduced they've either learnt way more from people who aren't their teachers - like Uraraka, Deku, Kirishima and Tokoyami - or are largely self taught, like Bakugo and Todoroki (who are still two of the top three people in the class). The teachers haven't done anything to improve the characters who started fairly weak.

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Those are some terrible suggestions. Having him compete without a quirk would make him the biggest mary sue ever
Holy shit the entire world has superpowers and he can compete without being rich and without intelligence being not something that is enhanced by quirks? Holy shit you made a worse sue

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>If Stain's supposed to have a point
He isn't my guy, Todoroki called him a fundamental.

Yesterday I was on the library and I hear a girl yelling ''Look at this, he's like Bakugo, he's so hot''. She was with her friends. I don't know about what anime or manga character they were talking but they were in the manga/anime section. The girls were hot. It's new to me so how popular anime have become. I don't even read BNHA btw.

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Bakugo wouldn't really be in a library.

they were underage. You're a pedo

Anime is mainstream now.


He's meant to be right within the framework of heroes should want to be heroes for no other reason then to help people. But that ignores the fundamental truth that the people who get saved do not give a fuck and shouldn't.

If a car was chucked across a city by a villain, and it was coming right at you, would a single person here give even the slightest fuck if the hero who catches the car inches from killing you was only being a hero cause they want fame and money? Or even their entire motivation was wanting to tap some other hero's ass and thought this was the best way to do it?

And it's funny that mt. lady is the best "stain was wrong" argument we have.

He's a chad-nerd that gets really good grades. He might be at a library between workouts.

no he doesn't need to learn. He just always gets good grades without learning.
Because Horikoshi thinks that is talent.

>He's meant to be right
no. not within any framework
They literally had a conversation and the only thing deku gave him was sticking to his convictions
He meant to actually believe what he stands for but he is not meant to be right

Kids who are "naturally" gifted and who get ass pats throughout their childhood because of it do not end up in libraries.

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I like this pic a lot because depending on your mental disability he could be lusting after Deku or Ochako or both.


The difference between a guy who's paid to rescue people and someone who does it impulsively is really obvious and commemorated in things like the Carnegie hero fund which explicitly is only awarded to civilians not in the line of duty because that is an exceptional thing.

All Might believes him to be right, even if his conclusions from accepting the same premise are different.

they were well developed, I would say between 16 and 18

Having an actual story outline, and idea of how the character arcs would go throughout the story, and how their actions would change the state world that they are in locally or otherwise, or vice versa.

Suppose that's a bit tricky for a story that's not really meant to end.

I suppose you are right about this one.

Let's be honest, does any mangaka actually use a story outline?


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Western media suicided, Anime/manga is still mostly unpozzed so everyone's turned to it for entertainment. And women are extremely shallow.

You have no way of knowing this. I know plenty of women in their 20's and 30's who both go to libraries and read manga.

The fuck?

>All Might believes him to be right
Really, when did he said this?

The fact that he still keeps that shit going means he is just writing by the seat of his pants. He is another perfect example of someone who has no idea what the fuck a simple flow chphxp0art is.

Just from this series alone, this is Rock Lock, black American hero with a white wife who dyes her hair blonde and has his black baby.

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we don't even know if that nigga is black or not. One punch man is another example of this confusion.

Even then, its sound like Hori making fun of burgers to me.

Reposting my old suggestions
Part 1/3
General story changes
>Better world-building
>Story takes place over course of 3 years
>U.A. is a university, students aren't always stuck in a classroom or training
>Cut Class A & B down to 12-15 students each OR keep them the same but use the shitter students as death/expulsion fodder
>Make quirk discrimination an actual problem we see affect certain characters instead of just subtext or backstory fuel

Arc Ideas
>Class 1-B + Shinso focused arc
>Dawn of Quirks arc
>Rescue heroes focused arc
>Underground heroes focused arc

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Part 2/3
Student Changes
>Deku grows a spine, he's still a nice person but isn't a total suck up to Bakugo
>Deku's intelligence is used more often
>Deku wears his mask normally
>Deku starts unlocking vestige quirks from the get-go and is more of a JOAT than a brawler
>Instead of Fa Jin Deku gets something more utility based (not sure what exactly)
>Deku's Full Cowl % doesn't randomly jump 20% between arcs, progresses slowly and only has 50-70% mastered by graduation
>Bakugo's personality isn't just yelling, Hori says he's smart, incorporate that into his dickishness
>Bakugo is hard of hearing because of his quirk and feels insecure about it, giving his need to prove himself some depth
>Uraraka's goal to make money is her main focus, crush on Deku is only implied instead of being her defining trait
>Ida doesn't become a background character after Stain
>Momo isn't a jobber
>Make some of the students quirks more complex/stronger (e.g. turn Kirishima's Hardening into 'Adaptability': Basically Darwin's power from X-Men, or Kaminari's electricity is turned into something magnetism-reated)
>Both classes are more competent. Not everything has to be done by the Fujo trio
>Inasa Yoarashi's backstory isn't completely fucking retarded, or just get rid of him entirely.
>More Monoma

Pro Hero Changes
>Pro Heroes in general get more screentime
>Snipe is killed by Shigaraki during the PLF war as payback for shooting him at the USJ
>Midnight is either A) given more screentime so her death is more impactful or B) isn't killed at all
>Star & Stripe is introduced/mentioned earlier
>Gran Torino is now related to Ida, because why mention Ida comes from a big family of heroes but only show 1 of them? Also Gran Torino's relation to OFA may give Ida something to do in the future

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Focus on Mirio only

After saving Deku and Bakugo from the liquid villain, when Deku reminds him he's not a poser: While the other "heroes" stand around watching because that's what makes sense to do, he's the guy who will die to save someone else even when it doesn't make sense. Because he's the real deal.

Part 3/3
Villain Changes

>Shiggy and Deku actually fight each other at least once before the PLF war
>Shiggy has multiple quirks from the beginning (like Number 6)
>Sludge Villain is now a part of the LoV
>U.A. has 2 traitors, 1 is evil and kills another student/teacher during reveal. The other is Aoyama (or someone cooler with Aoyama's backstory)
>Mustard stays after camp arc, backstory is basically the same as Takeshi Bushijima (minor character from TUM spinoff)
>AFO uses more interesting quirk combinations instead of trying to unga bunga All Might to death
>Kurogiri, regains his memories from some quirk related bullshit and turns on the LoV and joins Deku during Villain Hunt
>More Compress

>Eri’s quirk is changed to something less OP than rewind, but still able to create the quirk bullets
>Someone besides Mirio gets de-quirked and stays that way
>Some Yakuza members escape and join up with the League
>Overhaul actually does something post-prison break

>Expands on the MLA having Heroes in their ranks, like making a hero from a previous arc an enemy
>MLA doesn't instantly job to LoV, the war is a 3 way conflict between the heroes the LoV, and the MLA.
>The LoV and MLA merge after the war

>Stain isn't arrested during his first encounter. Fights Bakugo at some point to kick-start his character development.
>Lady Nagant is mentioned in the story way earlier, and joins Deku after being defeated

So Deku is nothing like Deku and Bakugo is nothing like Bakugo

And to you that means All Might agrees Iida should die for wanting revenge and only All Might is the one true hero and everyone else is a fake?

Ah yes 高木鍵 the most American name in the world

Well basically yeah

Stain recognizes Deku as a true hero, and Iida as a poser.

>>Better world-building
I don't see what wrong with the world building tho?
>U.A. is a university
No, Deku need to be a shounen to attract kids.
>Make quirk discrimination an actual problem
I assure you, quirk discrimination make sense in the story, nips don't do blatant discrimination.
>Momo isn't a jobber
I prefer jobber Momo no thanks.

I actually agree with the rest you say though

But...Stain is wrong though, people can change.

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I would've unironically not given Deku powers and have it be about a powerless hero in a superpowered world. He loses most battles and he's never the greatest, but he's a hero nonetheless where people think the quirkless could never achieve such a thing.

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He has an Asian name, but I'm fairly certain in the anime they say he's a hero "brought in from the US." I remember thinking "Why would they bring in someone with such a shitty power?" His race wasn't even the issue, how would his power be useful in any fight ever? He can lock small objects into place to use them as platforms.

Mostly rational ideas, in a bnha thread???

The fuck, somebody calls Bacuck, this place suddenly have some sense again

>I'm fairly certain in the anime they say he's a hero "brought in from the US
They didn't my guy.

That sounds like dub only
A big point of the fucking Yakuza operation was how they are all regional to specific regions of japan and thus familiar with them.