One Piece

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Carrot looking for a human husband (me)

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The chapters have ended in the same spot for a month.

>Wants to kill Orochi herself
>Infiltrates Onigashima
>patch up the scabbards
>Spends the rest of the distracting Orochi and putting seastone nails on him only to fail
>Denjiro ends up saving her in the end

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Spends the rest of the raid distracting Orochi and putting seastone nails on him only to fail*

Is Hiyori the most useless character in Wano?

starting to think oda wont stick the landing on this arc

She's a woman, of course she is useless.

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Dark Piece is coming!

Nami is NOT useless user :(

I can't stand Oden.
I cannot help it, but he comes across like a fanfiction OC. He was literally introduced along the lines of
>That gigachad kidnaps wifes and daughters and fucks them so good they want to stay with him
What am I supposed to feel about such a character, it feels like a fucking parody yet has been played completely straight.

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Damn this really was nothing happens the chapter

this is seriously beating a dead horse at this point but it's still such a fucking horrible taste that's still in my mouth. Gear 5 reveal was done fucking horribly and has ruined this story for me completely. It was le goofy reddit shit for like what 5 chapters? and now we are back to being "edgy" again? No that's not how it works. Gear 5 has been THE goofiest shit in this whole fucking story, with one of the biggest bad guys. You just don't do that and pretend it didn't happen now. People are starting to belive that Luffys ability has NEVER been rubber even for a second, and it has to do with shadows bending or some shit now. Yeah no fuck that too. You just don't have a rubber man for 20+ years and go oops he's never been rubber silly! he only bends because fucking sunlight bends and shit bro! and he's the sungod no- oops i mean he's been the sungod this whole time!

All fucking oda had to do was drop hints during ANY of his previous arcs, fucking ANYTHING, and make us all fucking question "hmm maybe luffy hasn't been rubber at all?" during water 7 or some shit. You don't have to bring it up ever till this Nika shit again Oda, just had to give us ANYTYHING for the majority of us to go "hmm?" and forget about it. But you fucking didn't do that did you, you fucking hack? Not going to reread what i wrote to fix problems, I don't care anymore. I'm just going to post.

t. mentally ill

I liked the flashback. This page in particular hit hard.

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Before this chapter I thought Kaido had executed Oden, hunted down his family, defeated the daimyos and made the citizens work in his prisons/factories
But thanks to this chapter I now know that he did all those things

>"we have no time to waste dealing with you"
>Denjiro proceeds to waste time doing nothing before saving Hiyori from Orochi

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>Wano is OVER

but we've already seen all of this? Multiple times?

Dude you're married to my gf?
fucking gay

I'm just... irritated.

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Every week until you like it

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So when Luffy knocks Kaido out, how's Big Mom gonna escape? Because I doubt Perospero has the strength to carry his fatass mom out of the country.

Him fucking brothel whores into ahegao when he was like fucking 8 was when I was getting fed up, all the kingdom saving arcs have the benevolent royal family shit, it's tiresome but whatever, with Oden though it's so fucking excessive and the story and characters go to bat for him all the way to the point of Kaido being mind broken by him and being a shittier villain for it

Gents, he's gone delusional. Administer 100ccs of Odenzine.

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Ignore the y*mato fag.
You're right to be.
It was fucking stupid.

She's got Hera


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this is your last kurozumi
say something nice about her

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Offscreen Oden was such a badass giga chad who fucked everyone's wives while onscreen he's fairly passive
Roger begged him to become relevant

Luffy will defeat Kaido with this punch but he will lose his arm
Shanks will show up and sacrifice his remaining arm for Luffy too
Law will stitch it on



Thank you! We have seen this "Poor people of Wano" flashback god knows how many times.

>robin sprouts two new arms for shanks as thanks and law stiches them on
>sanji malds to death realizing shanks gets a free handy from robin whenever he wants now

Yes. But the pace of this time lapse, from the perspective of the average citizen, put Orochi's crimes back into frame. Oda does this all the time when he's ending an arc, and the imagery of Wano slowly becoming the Mad Max wasteland is something I liked seeing.

This could have been much worse, imagine how long it could have been

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jesus christ

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>successfully tricks the strawhats into the seducing woods where they almost die
>tricks Sanji so hard he beats his own captain
>uses Reiju for target practice and weapons testing
>orchestrates the entire cake baking plan and saves everyone she wanted to save
>tongues the Sanji
The difference is clear

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Nice to see Cracker again.

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Did Kaido's attack make him bigger? Or did Oda just forget how big he drew Luffy's hand in the last chapter and how big Kaido was drawn in relation to the giant skull on the island?

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It wouldn’t even be half over yet, damn

I've already cucked both of you, she's addicted to my seed.

Not even Roger and WB got that much wank. He's bordering on Mary Sue with the way Luffy and Zoro instantly love him and actually pay attention to his story. Actually now that I think about it, he ticks almost all the boxes.
>exotic name and appearance (for the OP setting)
>instantly loved by everyone
>warps the story to accommodate his presence
>top tier fighter with no effort
>even the villains sing his praises
>all of his actions are perfectly motivated and the other characters are in the wrong for doubting him
>no real flaws
>never actually defeated, even his death just serves to wank him further

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reminder if oden did not get distracted he would have won

I can’t believe I actually thought this series was ending in five years LMFAO
At this rate we’ll be in Wano until mid 2023

Thank god for WCI

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Kaido went full Enel and made a fire body

Threadly reminder that Kaido’s new fire dragon form won’t do shit

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>Him fucking brothel whores into ahegao when he was like fucking 8 was when I was getting fed up
You mean the very start of his introduction?

he made a giant copy of himself and his hiding inside of it
but the size comparisons are still really weird

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Meant to include this. Nice view of the smoldering ruins of Oden Castle.

>Zoro instantly love him and actually pay attention to his story
When did this happen

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I'd like to see a bit more Oden. References to him aren't enough, I need to see the best OP character IN ACTION

GoKu CoUlD bEaT sUpEr MaN


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>but the size comparisons are still really weird
this picture makes it look like base Kaido is as big as Onigashima
but the roof was fucking huge before

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Also Luffy should have more Hyogoro flashbacks

That's okay I'm already cheating on her Robin on account of her bearing my child.

I want the strawhats to rename to the ODEN'S SCABBARDS. I want to see Wano get reshaped into the shape of Oden's hair. I want to see every single main antagonist in the series to have met Oden at one point and had a gigantic impact on them. I want Im to be Oden reincarnated. I want the One Piece to be Oden's favorite loincloth.

Kaido made a lava Susano'o. Or for those lucky enough to not have engaged with Naruto: He made a giant armor of lava covering himself like Cracker and his biscuits.