out (early) and dumpin'

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We made it through another break and golden week drought, user. I'm proud of us.

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Why the fuck is everything so scribbly. How did Oda forget how to draw a clean image.

Damn we waited 2 weeks for a recap flashback with Luffy and Kaido still in the same pose.

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orochi won

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theres a kaido inside kaido

I didn't notice it in the raws but Kaido's physical body is visible on this form's forehead. It's a big lad for sure.

I guess that's his awakening

my husband (kawamatsu) in the bottom right corner

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And what of those that didn't make it?

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I don't care about your chapter dump, OP

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>guys trust me right before kaido goes down there will be an awesome flashback about his backstory as a Rocks pirate, maybe even the full God valley story
>Pre-defeat flashback is literally just the Oden story again

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Don't post images during a dump, retard

Is there supposed to be five guys in the middle panel with one kept hidden or is this jour four daimyos? I kinda lost count.

didnt ask


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Suddenly his fist got smaller.

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No, Kaido just got fuck-fuck-huge.

chapter END
no break next week

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Everyone has fire powers, go figure.

Fucking retard

Can't wait for this to be a 10 episode beam struggle in the anime


the manga, it’s become self-aware!

>crocodile's bomb is gonna destroy the city
>enel's thunderball is gonna destroy Skypiea
>Buster Call is gonna destroy Water 7/EL
>Noah is gonna destroy fishman island
>birdcage is gonna destroy dresrosa
>Onigashima is gonna destroy Wano

How many fucking times is Oda gonna recycle this plot device?

>"Literally who" killed Orochi

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I like how Oda drew burning Kaido and Orochi this chapterw you can really feel the heat. In general he's pretty good at drawing hot stuff.

No Bonney i sleep

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Fuck off

Is Oda physically incapable of letting a woman do something meaningful in this manga? Komurasaki can't even avenge her father and people without getting saved. Don't even get me started on Yamato cheerleading while Luffy beats her dad.

>wants to end op in 5 years
>drags out a single fight for 25 chapters

what does that teach you?

No u

>wants to end op in 5 years
>introduces the shichibukai

hes so handsome even on the brink of death

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It's gonna be Kaido's backstory mid beam struggle next week isn't it.

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You need to go back

i dont care if we get wano citizens/akazya 9 flashbacks every chapter for the rest of the series, i still won't care about them.

also must be like 5th chapter in a row ending on luffy 'about to finish it' lol.

and we better get an explanation for what the hell denjiro has been up to, it is going to be dumb if Oda just had him saving Hiyori from Orochi planned out and didn't expect it to take this long, I can't think of what he could have been doing so I think that may be the case.

There is literally no way Luffy wins that clash after this shitshow of a chapter.
Kaido is definitely winning now.

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>also must be like 5th chapter in a row ending on luffy 'about to finish it' lol.
since we know about the lanters going up in the sky i guessed the fight would end with kaido flying down and the lanters going up in a double spread
, similar to the end of this chapter
>and we better get an explanation for what the hell denjiro has been up to,
we wont

could the daimyo of ringo be related to zoro in any way? they look extremely similar

man i am fucking so sick of oda dragging this shit out. the last 4 or 5 chapters ended with this same exact spread

Is Doji’s Shutenmaru persona a reference to Paul Bunyan, or a similar, but Japanese myth?

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When did Oda lose it?

if kaido had this flame dragon form all along, why the fuck did he not use it until now?
it really feels like oda has been pulling things out of thin air for a while now

A worthy death to a scumbag like orochi

>why the fuck did he not use it until now?
for the same reason luffy didn't use g3 on blueno

Stop being gay first

>There are people here who thought G4 Luffy could have won if Bowler Hat didn't intervene.
Embarrassing. Only reason Kaido will lose is because he scaled himself to his enemies and took too much damage. Typical big bad hubris.


So the most interesting part of this Wano raid... who are the intruders?

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>Half of the chapter is a flashback that adds no new information
>Komurusaki doesn't even get revenge for her family and Denjiro has to come in to save her
>Third chapter in a row where Luffy launches muh big punch
Writing has really tanked since the niga niga fruit "reveal". Might translate better once we have the complete arc, but these past few weeks have been sub-par in my eyes.

You? Indeed.

I need to know why do you guys defend Oda even after he makes shit decisions ?

user how many years have you used the same underwear?
let us known this is important

Nope but keep trying

Probably all the usual stuff
>Too tiring
>Best to keep an ace up his sleeve
>That guy isn't on my level, no need to use my strongest moves

>implying Orochi's dead
How will denjicuck react when he realizes he couldn't do it even after wasting years of his life protecting and serving Orochi
Will his face change from the pure seethe again? Will he pretend to be someone else for 20 more years to hide his shame?
Honestly, he should just comit seppuku at this point.

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i just accept i dont enjoy 100% anything ,
my favorite manga , my favorite game , my favorite tv shit , my favorite movie . everything have good parts shit parts and boring parts
only underage retards would think his favorite thing is perfect

so we know what's in it for orochi as far as all of his misery is concerned. he's after revenge. it's still unclear what's in this for kaido. simple weapon production seems too basic an answer. there's a more compelling reason for kaido to be here. "i'm staying here BECAUSE it's wano" he says to yamato. we still don't know his true aim with bringing this land into slavery.

it's more probable that it will be Kaido defeat since it will be chapter 1050 and Oda has kept trying to have meaningfull stuff happen at milestone chapter like roofpiece at chapter 1000 ect

>Kaido new move is getting bigger

Typical stuff villains do before inevitable jobbing

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>retard thinks that character designs change and especially the raid suit deisng

yep, I bet you were the retard who thought King was impel down guard

Make you seethe like always?

This is his Enel moment. This fight ends by 1051 at the latest. Screencap this.


This is going to last a solid three minutes in the anime

Maybe he has a deeper plan, but "Turning this land into a pirate paradise where he and his army are virtually intoucheables" seems like a decent reason. He was also after the Kozuki clan to see if they could translate the poneglyphs.

It's not that funny

great chapter thanks

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Wait did he really get bigger?
Isn't he just covering himself in fire?

>Why didn't the arc main antagonist shows all of his moveset at the beginning of the fight!
That's not how shonen work. Some people are in for a rude awakening when characters present in Marineford start showing things they haven't show back then.

This chapter was awful and a complete waste. After how hype gear 5 was, this and the Raizo chapter just took out all the air from the manga. No idea why Oda is dragging this out. Kaido should have lost two chapters ago.

Not unless explicitly stated by Oda ;^)

You can see his normal body on his forehead here

You guys are really fucking stupid why on all shits do you accept every bad decision ODA makes are you a fucking drone or something ?

Ending on a specific number you know why

fucking kek

Oh, I see it now.


Ugh enough with reaction piece already

>No idea why Oda is dragging this out.
you have no idea because you are missing a brain
Wano is supposed to last long.Read what the wano citizens are hoping again you sack of shit

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Say what you want about Koido, he has a cool tool box of attacks

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He has been worth the hype, I'll give him that

Kill yourself. It was a shit chapter but even then you should have some etiquette you absolute faggot

So why didn't the Daimyo fight Kaidou when Oden did?

It got answered this chapter speedreader kun

So is that Kaidou's awakened form?

So we can all agree that Big Meme wouldn't be able to even scratch Kaido right?

Strongest creature in the world, can't say he didn't deliver.

iirc it was supposed to be an undercover raid with the vassals. Issue was it was leaked by Kanjuro


Read again Kizaru

She can according to the plot

You have to be 18 to post here sperg

He knows what he's doing

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Faggot incel.

B-brook, is that you?

How does it feel to be the biggest faggot ITT?

Kaido high diff, she loses the moment Kaido go full drunken fist

Anyone who thinks she's as strong as Kaido is delusional. The fact is that BM is a woman. She was always going to be the shittiest Yonko in Oda's story.


No, by portrayal Big Mom should be a difficult fight for Kaido. Oda did a shit job at showing it though.

>Luffy vs Kaido
Fucking base-
>more samurai flashbacks when we already know the daimyo fucked up and everyone lost
Fucking cringe

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His df is easily one of my favorites. I love how he actually uses all three forms in combat.

>Free us
and he will

SHITnks has a lower bounty than her
Cope. Bounties are powerlevels

It' s nuts how Zoans are the ultimate jobber fruits, but the mythical ones carry so hard and shit on all others.

Based, look how mad they are lol

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please God, just end this garbage arc already. Please, no more godman flashbacks about these retards being failures and unable to grow food.

I read act 1 and 2, why are you redrawing it again?

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