Ani to Imouto no Shitai Shitai Shitai Koto

New chapter today

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I've been waiting for this.

Dump it

Disappointed by the lack of masturbation scene.

Incestfags needs the rope. Absolutely vile fetish.

Did we get a translation at all?

Is incest age over?

Where are you incest translator bros?

Is there any hope at all?

Dump please

I'd do it but I'm sleepy

It sucks ass.

t. learned moon to enjoy incest manga

upload the imgur link and hope someone else will dump it

Work on Chapter 3 is 95% done. There are still 4 pages that need some redrawing work. I currently waiting on redrawer to finish them. After that, chapter is ready to go. So please for patience, it's close.

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Let me give it a try. Wait a moment.
To whoever will dump: download the ZIP immediately since it will be deleted in an hout.

So no one wants to dump? I already posted the ZIP.

Could you please post the link for the chapter 8 of Takachiho Honoka-senpai ga Sukide Sukide Iroiro Gamandekinai? I'll dump it myself. Thank you.

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Oh you'll make a thread for Honoka? Sure. I'll also give you the chapters for Hinako and Shirogane in case you want to dump them too.
Here's Honoka. Litterbox wasn't being cooperative so I only uploaded Honoka instead of my original plan of including Hinako and Shirogane too. I guess I'll just dump Hinako myself when I have the time.

here you go

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Thanks a ton user!
I'm on it.
Currently struggling a bit with Yea Forums Captcha. I also got problem sometimes with WiFi at home, I'd get a message saying I was banned for doing absolutely nothing. Do you happen to know how to deal with this?

No need to bother. As you see, I already doing it. Unless you want take over from me. There is 28 pages.

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she lured him into a trap!

And people say that being an incel isn't cool.

Huge imouto...

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It's very thoughtful of Hano to give her a very endowed chest, considering all the kids she must be planning on having. Can't have them go hungry as infants.

Even though I don't harbor sexual feelings towards my little sister, I find myself liking Hano-sensei's works. There's just something sweet about an older brother who wants to cherish their little sisters.

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>Even though I don't harbor sexual feelings towards my little sister
its because she ugly.

I just finished dumping Honoka chapter 8.
Whenever the new issue of Dengeki Daioh is up on Telegram, feel free to copy paste the link for the new chapter of Honoka on Yea Forums or on the Ani to Imouto no Shitai Shitai Shitai Koto thread (people seemed to always make a thread for Ani to Imouto real fast). If I'm around and not randomly banned, I'll give you a shout and help you dump Honoka. Thanks a lot, user.

TAKE THAT BACK, MOTHERFUCKER. My sister is beautiful.

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If I had sex with my sister every time Hano draws a panel with just a tent in it, we'd have a baseball team by now.

Sell me on this series, this better be about regular siblings who grew together instead of strangers who turned out to be siblings like the last incest manga we had.
Also is the MC a wagie loser in this one?

Remember when we asked Hano-sensei for symmdocking art between Uta and Ami?
I wonder if it don't make her assume that there is demand for oppais.

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Yes they are normal BR siblings
Just read chapter 1

And now the trap is sprung.

You mean you have sex with your sister, just not as often?

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The moment she gets pregnant the story is over.

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How'd you come to that conclusion?

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Onii-chan's smell is powerfull

Or just beginning. Manga has pretty solid response on Nico Nico Seiga and Hano-sensei is happy for it:

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>The moment she gets pregnant the story is over.
What are you smoking? She almost got pregnant in the 1st chapter, it obviously that will not end when she gets for real.

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>New assistant
Is it the sister's friend?

>Breaking news!
>Mangaka of famous incest manga found guilty of several hundred counts of incest with his little sister.
>According to reports all of the manga's plotline are based on the mangaka's real life experiences.
>This revelation has tripled volume sales and made international headlines.

By the way, Hano-sensei already knows about us:

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Is this "find your missing lover under the stairs" a trope?

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>yandere stare
woah there

>found guilty of several hundred counts of incest with his little sister
Ehm, do you know, that incest between adults (which both characters are) is legal in Japan. At most as chapter 2 already pointed out, he can be accused of rape, if there was suspicion that relationship is not consensual.

Is it Yea Forums they are aware of, or FB based on the pics in the reply?

The mangaka is a woman

Holy fucking based

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This specific story is about the brother drawing incest manga. I'm not talking about Hano.