What are you watching this season?

What are you watching this season?

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Whatever you just posted
where is it?
>captcha: PP2XV



la negra

Same as usual. Nothing.

At this point I no longer watch anime.

I simply read the reaction threads and pretend I've watched it.

summertime rendering (decent)
deaimon (decent)
kongming (decent)
aharen-san (mid)
kaguya s3 (mid)
shikimori (mediocre)
spy x family (mediocre)
tomodachi game (bad)
kunoichi tsubaki no mune no uchi (ToT)

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i had my hopes in tate
then i ended up "trying" every ep1 of every anime (not sequels, except komi) but ended up following all those 29 titles up to date
tate is so far the worst

+watching Bleach
Dropped Tomodachi Game on episode 2

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Aharen san
Paripi Koumei


My life slip away

Birdie Wing
Healer Girl
Heroine Tarumono
Kakkou no Iinazuke
Kunoichi Tsubaki
Machikado Mazoku
Paripi Kongming
Spy X Family

dropped after one episode
>birdie wing
>love all play
>summertime render
>shokei shoujo
dropped after two
>tomodachi game
still watching
>spy x family

>Mahoutsukai Reimeiki
>Yuusha Yamemasu
>Otome mob, because I like watching trainwrecks
>Shenmue, out of nostalgia
>Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru
>kono healer mendokusai

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haven't watched anime in 9 months and happier for it, just need to figure out how to stop coming to this shithole every night

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>Healer Girl
>Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
>Summer Time Render
>Yuusha Yamemasu
>Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi
>Kono Healer Mendokusai

Cunnyitchy and skeleton knight. Everything else looked like shit.

Quite Good
>Spy x Family
>Summertime render
>Kunoichi Tsubaki
>Kono Healer
>Healer Girl (I don't enjoy musicals)

Kyokai senki
Birdie wing
Tomodachi game
Paripi koumei
Summertime sadness
Virgin road
Supai desu

reminder that some "people" get paid for writing this shit

What's that on the top right corner?

Spy x Family
Shamiko's S2
Book loli isekai S3

That's it dunno if I'll pick anything else up or not, if anything it'd be Kaguya S3 or Paripi Koumei.

I don't know what it is about Healer Girl, but I actually really like it even though musicals are almost always a hard pass for me

Kunoichi tsubaki

Skeleton knight. It's entertaining

Birdie Wing
Spy Family
Shikimori's not just a Cutie

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birdie wing and yatogame 4
yatogame is the same like s1-3. but birdie wing is enoyable

i don't watch seasonal shit

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All anime is seasonal at one point in time.

Sumner time render is good. If you actually read the manga, then you’d know it’s a great adaptation so far.

If you haven’t read it, fucking read it now.

alright let me clarify
i don't watch modern shit

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Is it not going to be a full adaptation?

i agree with you so much user that im even gonna spoonfeed people who might want to read it nyaa.si/view/1519665

my girl (male)
they don't make em traps like that anymore

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go back

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top 3 are build divide, summer time rendering and shokei shoujo no virgin road
honorable mention for cunnyichi ToT

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mating press nakadashi

>still watching every week
yuusha, yamemasu
honzuki no gekokujou
otome game sekai wa mob ni kibishii
kunochi tsubaki no mune no uchi
kaguya-sama s3
kawaii dake ja nai skikomori-san
summertime rendering
mahoutsukai reimeiki
machikado mazoku s2
gaikotsu kishi
daimaou/murabito A
tate no yuusha s2

>started, but haven't kept up with every episode (not officially dropped, though, just less excited about watching)
rpg fudousan
shachiku-san wa youjo yuurei ni iyasaretai
shokei shoujo no virgin road
aharen-san wa hakarenai
kono healer, mendoukusai

I don't watch anime, I iust read manga.

>yuusha, yamemasu
why do people watch this cringefest? gave it a chance but i've only made it to episode 2 because holy shit i don't want a manager course shut the fuck up you stupid smug faggot

>I only watch detective conan, precure, and shitty kids shows that have been running since the 80's

Kongming and Spy Family, can't be fucked about the rest (especially Crapguya)

What's your cut-off for considering something modern?


For the moment, Kongming and Summer Time Render. I will probably start Spy x Family. A friend of mine is watching Healer Girl but idk. I might give Shikimori a try, it sounds... ok ?

But first, I might to finish some older stuff I've started like Bakemonogatari and Love Live Superstar... or just watch Iron Blooded Orphans, idk. I wanted to watch Hyôka because they have announced a movie.

As for Kaguya, I read the manga so yeah, I don't really care about the anime.

Not him, but I don't mind Leo. The problem is that the show is just boring and feels aimless. It's not very funny, the plot has been off to a slow start (if you can even call it a start), and the characters aren't compelling. It's just very generic, especially with the glut of "smart guy introduces modern economics and logistics to a backwards medieval kingdom" anime we've gotten over the past year

>Machikado S2
>Komi-san S2
>RPG Fudousan
>Kunoichi Tsubaki

Really good season so far.

I don't watch anime anymore and the final manga I'm still reading is going to be ending shortly
I'm finally going to be free from Yea Forums

Spy x Family, Kaguya, Aharen, Shield Hero with my backlog as a side project

>his backlog has an end
You never belonged here in the first place, tourist.

I'm absolutely ok with being considered a tourist to this place, basically a compliment even

Saying you're not mad just makes you sound madder

I just started watching shield hero(s1), this show actually really good, not the best thing I've seen but very entertaining. As of this season I haven't really been keeping up with it I seen like 1 ep of Spy x Family might wait until it's finished airing and I think the only other show I might watch weekly is Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, does anyone recommend anything else this season

>Watch isekai trash
>But dropped the best anime this season

Nothing yet, probably I will pick 2 or 3 to see

Summertime render - great
Tomodachi game - great
Otome game - decent
Gaikotsu kishi -decent
Shijou saikyou - below average

Dropped - yuusha yamemasu

I haven't started a single show this season. Please help.

>la wrong generation zoomer

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but you've been saved

Unironically yes. Why should I have to watch the garbage that comes out these days just because I was born later?

it is I think user is just recommending people read ahead to see if they think it’s worth watching

Machikado Mazoku|Aharen|Tate no Yuusha|Komi-san|Otomege Sekai wa Mob|Yuusha, Yamemasu|Spy x Family|Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S3|Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road|Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu|Tomodachi Game|Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu|Aharen-san wa Hakarenai|Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi|Kakkou no Iinazuke|Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san

Time to start dropping some.

Because it's better. I don't want to watch Voltron and bang sticks around trees like I did in the 80's anymore. New anime looks good, old does not.

My life is more meaningless and devote of being able to enjoy stuff than when I was watching 30+ shows every season.

>Spy Family
>Virgin Road
>Machikado Mazoku

Honestly these days 4 shows a season is a fucking lot for me. It's a miracle if I can find one in the seasonal charts sometimes in recent years.

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