Shaman King (2021)

Now that it has ended... what went so horribly wrong?

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>shonen anime
>no single well-animated fight
>a hundred of new characters appear out of nowhere, most of which are unmemorable


It was 99% accurate to the manga, if the anime is bad that means the manga was bad.

Watch something more relevant like my hero academia.

I think they just made it to push the gacha

Just regurgitating the manga on a minimum budget is not something anyone wants

Poor pacing, poor directing. You can't just take a manga and use it as a story board, you need to make changes. TOEI has this tendency of getting directors who can't translate material because they need to stretch it, so they end up with an awkward product that just doesn't flow well.

It got a sequel

but user, he was in the original, the new one removed his black lips too

he's the strongest character though, they would've all died without him

>doesn't like mah boy Choco

>le toei bad
go back to twitter

If it didn't adapt the manga accurately people would complain it was like the 90s anime.

he is an ex gang member, named ChokoLove, turned hippy comedian so its ok

Really dissapointed in this adaptation, when it was first announced I had such high hopes for it, I mean finally we would get a proper adaptation Shaman king after decades of the OG anime. Too bad the devs wanted to speedrun this adaptation, this was Demon Slayer season 1 pacing all over again. Hopefully the sequel doesn't get rushed and we get a proper paced adaptation.

>2021 removed his black lips too
why did they censor him? wtf

Retard, also Toei is doing Dai wich is pretty good and the last season of WT that was pretty good too.

no it wasn't. it was rushed as fuck

It didn't have the 4Kids opening
that was 85% of what made the show good

The fact that Jujutsu can gave a better pacing than the manga proves that a competent director can pull it off. And Kimetsu shows that you can even stretch finish material without dropping the ball.
If you hire a shit team you are getting a shit product.

it adapted the manga so everything wrong with it (aside the animation) is the mangas fault.

Its literally not Toei

Shaman King has the same pacing issues as Digimon had, so its not a property problem but a general problem.
If you get more misses than hits something its clearly wrong.

I think it is the artstyle... the new one looks so gay. I can't get into this shit when the MC has been turned into a femboy.

That was the point user, other studios can pull it off with material in a similar state.

>this guy


Not an argument

obviously, accurate recreation was one of the advantages but if it's just re-delivering the story at a lower quality then that's a rough pitch to anyone

You criticized toei as if it were them.
Not that user, but its not like you had an argument either.

The same thing that goes wrong with all modern adaptations. Anime and manga are different mediums and in audiovisual media direction and cinematography matter. How a director uses all the additional tools to manage information, create rhythm variations on the pacing, compositions in movement, value and color and sound design for conveying the emotional tone and so on... that`s where the value of adaptation is, not in making a 1 to 1 copy.

Fucking dumbass piece of shit, the SK 2021 anime isn't made by Toei, how the fuck are retards like you allowed to use the fucking internet?

>The same thing that goes wrong with all modern adaptations.
The other adaptations I watch are Dai, Jojo and MHA and all of them understand the basic shit you said, even at their worst, so its clearly not a problem of all modern adaptations.

In SK its clearly not an artistic misunderstanding but a production issue.

Cod have fooled me
>the studio firmed with the rejected from Sunrise who work on Fairy Tail and YUGiOh Sevens
Is like they do the exact same mistakes on purpose.

I remember how hyped people were when it got announced, we even had numerous generals on here before it began airing and then... after 5 or 8 weeks nobody was talking about it anymore and there weren't even generals.

>35 volumes adapted into 50 episodes

Ah yes, 99% accurate.

Ruined by Netflix

>The fact that Jujutsu can gave a better pacing than the manga proves that a competent director can pull it off. And Kimetsu shows that you can even stretch finish material without dropping the ball.
This is an obvious joke post

The material isn't as good as I remembered even if the premise still holds up, I am still laughing at how jobbing ended up giving them PU for free and then going HOWEVER after their initial jobbing.

>Now it has ended
NOT SO FAST OP! An adaptation on shaman king flowers got announced

manga was merely ok, dropped it after the extremely hamfisted bear killing shit

>Hyped for a new adaptation
>Hoping the music is as good as the original and they clean up the pacing issues the original has
>Anime zooms past shit with the visuals and animation having zero flavor to them
>Now we have people that say the manga was never good because the adaptation was shit
>There probably won't be another shot at getting a good adaptation now
Only way this timeline would be worse is if the manga was stuck with the princess hao ending and the anime had to finish it up

Most modern shounen adaptations have been pretty decent. This one is actually notable for being such a bad adaptation

It got Netflix jailed

gotta love studio bridge.


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I dropped it by episode 5 when it became clear it was going to be even worse than the first anime adaptation. The bar was really low but they still managed to fuck it up.

There’s something off about Lyserg here.

>Yea Forums got BTFO again

they look so fucking LAME holly shit

Is there even enough content to justify an anime adaptation?
Last thing I remember about this is that the author went on a very long hiatus in the middle of a ghost flashback.

Ryu is married to Tamao

the studio didn't care about the source material

Tamao is unmarriable.

what will they even do?
flowers got cancelled

I remember reading Takei was very picky about the anime adaptation, particularly the voice actors. I don't know how much of a say he had about other staff members but if he did influence who was chosen he is responsible for the mess as well.

Netflix jail shouldn't have mattered on Yea Forums because I thought most of us pirate anime but even here no one really talked about it. The start felt rushed and I dropped it fairly early on to wait for it to be finished to binge later.

I wonder if the Flowers anime was what Takei really wanted to animated and saw this anime as the stepping stone to it.

I love Jeanne

Shaman King wasn't that good to begin with, so a faithful but rushed adaptation is even more mediocre.

>Netflix jail shouldn't have mattered on Yea Forums because I thought most of us pirate anime but even here no one really talked about it.
I didn't visit threads because of how many obnoxious faggots are there that will die to defend the shitty fillerfest that is old anime to the point of complaining that new anime didn't have fillers while being blissfully unaware those didn't exist in the manga. Now these faggots' current narrative is that manga was supposedly always bad, and only old anime is good.

The fact that its shaman king is enough for it to go wrong.

For the goodness of mankind, kys

They literally add great scenes to the manga where it needs them the most.
Shaman King wasn't ever made by Toei.

Based retard

>Always the third wheel to the anna yoh relationship
>Her spirits are more likely to molest her than being useful
>Anna dumps her kid onto her
>Never married
I hope Ryu is taking good care of her