Humiliating scenes with girls

Post scenes where a cute girl is humiliated. Pic related: she pissed herself from fear.

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This is just your fetish, right?
I mean, it's a pretty based fetish, but I don't know if it deserves a thread on Yea Forums.

nice thread

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Maybe not humiliation, but wetting themselves is hot

Back to your containment board piss drinker

Humiliating cute little girls is hot

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absolutely based as fuck

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Is this the thread?

yes it is

Wet girls thread?

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sure why not,shotas are fine too

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That little annoying fuck almost ruined the show for me. Hated every scene he was in

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Is this mujaki no rakuen? Did that author ever make anything else after it ended?

god I wish that were me

>have clean white panties

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>Post scenes where a cute girl is humiliated
Like this?

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No. Keep homo shit out of this thread

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Very good, just like that!

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you want to talk about humiliation?

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Alice gets a lot of humiliation scenes

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>female adventures canĀ“t pee anywhere
Yes, they can.

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...and then, they sell their pee as healing potion.

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Classic and one of my favourites

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Check Ore wa Lolicon ja nai! if you liked Mujaki. It's basically the same thing with a different cast and an adult MC.

>girls have 4 mouths to hide objects
You MUST check them all.

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What's the 4th?

Why is Kabuto such a little bitch?

She should've wet herself right here.

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>piss fetish retards
>rape fetish retards

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I don't like rape or ryona but I like pee.

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what happened to this manga? hiatus?

It's always better when theres males watching

incel thread? incel thread

1 in the face, 3 down there.

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>he doesnt know
go back

That's not how tampons work.

I like vanilla rape (like consensual rape ala valrape) and vanilla pee

I want an Yea Forums fujo to pee on my face


It is

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insecure hag

ryona + pee is god tier stuff
rape is lame

is she pooping?

>reading comprehension

Reminder that she's 0-2 against Dino.

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lol isn't that what happened in the concert

Dino will probably get her ass kicked by her soon, she's just a jobber in blattodea

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Make it twice to even the score.

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So who had a worse beating, Kabuto or Alice?

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I agree for regular manga, but with ryona porn I can't fap without some kind of sexual content. It gets boring otherwise.

>incoming harapan
>increases non-physical resistances
Is he a status effect fisticuff sort of guy? Is that second statement a separate buff from the first?

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the best part is that everything girls do is embarrassing

I think deus corona is supposed to enhance physical resistances as well, but Wendy's base stats are so shit it doesn't really matter.

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meant for

make sure you don't mix up your holes kids

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I guess. Personally adding some yuri makes it really good if you have to put sexual stuff in it

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