Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

After a certain age, a man without a wife can be a dangerous thing

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y only 42 chapters in eggrish

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Why do villainesses always have such huge tits?

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Villains are supposed to either look ugly or better.
No fun overcoming villains if they are just a little worse looking unless they are the traitor kind of villain.


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Marie enjoyers where you at? Angie/Livia/Louise/Milene cucks need not apply. Noellefags can stay.

I am hesitant to start watching this one - sell me on it, whats the deal?

I started reading this.
The mc's head is as thick as a wall, the talking ball is cool and the 5 guys are a bunch of negative iq cucks.

Just watch it if you dont like it you drop it
It is free to watch

just make a general on /jp/ already


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>rich, powerful, and authoritative antagonist who bullies the main heroine throughout the entire game
Granted, the isekai invaders have screwed with the timeline so she hasn't done anything all that villainous so far but the fact remains that in another life she was a villainess.

Wow, he's literally me.

mariefags everyone

>My mental gender
>My mental age
>My evil alternate timeline
Another meaningless sophism to add to the trash heap

>so far but the fact remains that in another life she was a villainess.
Not even. I don't think you even need spoilers for getting clued into that since plenty of her "evil deeds" already played out here, including her condemnation event. The point is subverting the stupid otome plots by putting it from the perspective of the "villainess" that was actually anything but when you do think about it.

As in otome villainess, that if you read any story of "reincarnated as the villainess" or as her butler/etc., she's simply an antagonist/rival of the upper class and not necessarily malicious.

no, she is naturally a nice girl who had all the right to be upset about some commoner girl getting all cozy with her fiance

cant see my
cant see my
cant see my saberface

I'm here

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I've been wondering why I love her so much.
Now I understand.

I just fapped to Angie's tits. Ask me anything.


if leon and the prince weren't in the picture
how hard would it be to get angie?

Why did he want to know this?

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because he is a child
a man can tell a womans mesurements from a glance.

Marie a shit

Mate every otome isekai has "subverted" this "cliche" at this point. I'd be damned if a manga did have an utter bitch of a villainess pre AND post isekaing (not webtoon, they already ahve a few)

She would go full femcel and burn the kingdom to the ground so pretty hard shes a very spicy lady

Wait so would a standard otome anime played straight be subverting expectations at this point?

>I'd be damned if a manga did have apple computers that actually grow on trees.

Villainess here just means they don't like getting cucked. I think that's a normal reaction. Remember if she was genuinely evil she could easily erase a commoner or a viscount house like Marie's with the power of a Ducal house.

a cute little shit

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I can't stop thinking about how bad the stretch marks on marie's pussy must be

An MC is Isekai'd in to an otome game, and he tries to escape his fate by moving to another country only to find himself now caught as an outsider in a DIFFERENT otome setting and he's become a villain since he was unwittingly nice to that otome heroine and stole the heart

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Can we just take a moment to think about things from the prince's perspective for a second.

He comes from a rich and powerful family but doesn't abuse his power at all. He's handsome, skilled, and charismatic but never lets it go to his head. He's married to a rich woman from a powerful family but abandons that to pursue his true love. And who does he fall in love with? A commoner with a heart of gold who has nothing to offer him but her love.

This is a lawful good paragon of moral virtue who's into cuckoldry and he's being made out to be a terrible villain.

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My Queen.

Prince knows that sharing is caring

Angelica is BIIIG

Sharing is caring
Besides he keeps being bros with all of them, even sharing a woman doesn't destroy their friendship

>The only flat grill is an immoral bitch
>Best grills suffer from gigantomastia
Pain, peko. Think of their backs!

>He's married

He doesn't actively abuse his power but does take its perks it for granted. Basically his issue is that he's a dumb NPC, but that makes his awakening side-arc in the LN fun.

I'm not dangerous at all.

>otome game villainess whose job is to cause drama and get btfo by the player's self insert
>not a villainess

>canon winner is whore
>secon winner is a old lady that has given birth twice.
You literally can't convince me the author hasn't a cuck fetish.

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The guy has other stories, you know?
Just check them

kek i heckin' love it when /Pol lingo makes its way to Yea Forums. Based post dare I say makes the animes a lot more trad.

Cuck authors aren't subtle with their preferences.

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The word cuck is not /pol/ lingo, you retarded sub human

found the redditnigger


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>still several days until the next episode

but I want it now

I'm hoping they can deliver something decent since it is pretty much Leon's big establishing moment in the first volume.

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haremfag authors have no problem cucking potential mates for other males yet when men decide to share a female people are beginning to find a problem with it for some reason

I still can't tell whether or not these are all actual people are NPCs with 1 dimensional personalities and programmed behaviors.

Like clearly the prince's gang are all NPCs despite how much time they spend with an isekai'd girl. Yet the MC's friends clearly aren't NPCs. So the only thing that I can see that makes a difference is whether or not they're breaking script. Everyone in the world is an NPC by default and will follow the script as best they can but the further and further they deviate from the scrip the more sapience and autonomy they gain.

Hence why the MC's friends gained sapience so quickly. They were spending all of their time with the MC who wasn't trying to follow the script at all. Meanwhile the game's protagonist is still mostly in NPC mode because the MC has been accidently replicating the scripted events with her.

>actual people or* NPCs

>in another life she was a villainess.
Even in the original game, she was in the right. The game Olivia only starts seducing the 5 morons because she gets possessed by the ghost of the original saint who's trying to ruin the kingdom.

I can understand why she would be angry and worried about a girl stealing her boyfriend in front of her. Besides, it is obvious Marie is not a good influence for the prince and his friends, who have been reduced to cucks.