If a girl does all kinds of good deeds in isekai, but only to serve her selfish agendas...

If a girl does all kinds of good deeds in isekai, but only to serve her selfish agendas, should she be considered a saint or a villainess?

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Well, the kid called her a saint.

Altruism is rooted in selfishness and morality is subjective.

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furfags get btfo in 2 chapters kek

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>do good deeds
>think bad shit and go good deeds
>have a mouth like a sailor, very selfish, think bad shit and still go good deed

Get the picture?

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You're not a saint until you get an official stamp of approval.

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what's the name of this manga and which chapter

Try saucenao.

Depends on the local definition of saint. To give an example the orthodogs have a lot of military martir saints that were just people either died tragically or did big contributions in the fight against M*slims and B*lgars along the centuries. It doesn't need tk be a goodness (or even faith) thing

Did we stop giving excuses why we have 2 threads?

it's on the janny for enabling this

I want to FUCK the time janny

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Best underrated goddess, that needs more screentime

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>helps someone once
>gets called a saint
>instantly develops addiction to the good feeling
Altruism, not even once.

>A Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious
Finally, Death Flag is slow as shit and I needed a new chuuni shitsekai after Shadow author basically fucked off and stopped writing vol 5

Retard. Altruism is silent and is done by those that have spirit.
Subjective morality is the revolt against nature.

murim isekai is more interesting than generic fantasy world isekai

Shut up, cultivator. Go eat some pills or something.

Why do good things? Because it makes you feel good. Is this not inherently selfish?

Is the mother bear that mauls a deer to feed her cubs inherently evil? The soldier that kills in the service of his country? There is no absolute evil, or absolute good, despite what your 2000 year old book of fairy tales might say.

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>Is this not inherently selfish?
That's just your sorting algorithm for what you want to do.
You experience as pleasant because that's how you interpret the signals for "good choice/outcome".

I have no idea what you are trying to say.

Chonky chocobos

Magic has gone too far call the inquisition

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A rice farmer will birth a rice farmer.

He won't remain just a farmer.

Your moral compass is directed by what makes you feel good, and what doesn't.

Helping an old lady = righteous = brain feels good!

Raping a child = bad = brain feels bad, I'm a monster!

If you felt like a murderer every time you picked garbage off the street, you wouldn't do it. Simple as that.

Already at the nagging stage.

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Of course that's why he is a [Rice] Farmer you need to get a [Yari Ashigaru] somewhere.

Can she attain Heavenly Divine Hand Holding Stage?

Throwing fits of jealousy already?

>Put ponos into vagoo
>Brain feels good!
>Rape is righteous

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If your brain is programmed you to reward you for making choices that benefit others rather than yourself, it's an altruistic programming.

Altruistism does not mean rejection of happiness.

Yes? Might makes right, the strong lord over the weak, I'm glad you're beginning to understand moralfag-kun.

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Nothing beats the cock.

That chapter provides the perfect image for whenever someone here posts their ideas.

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>isekai mc is gay
>not a faggot but actual gay
What do?

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imagine voting in every fucking decision that the gov has to make, some fuckers tried to pull this bs that in my country some years ago.

Spending half an hour each day on politics doesn't sound like much, considering the average person wastes more helplessly complaining about politics.

And no matter how incompetent you think you are at making decisions, you're probably better than party politics dictating choices based on donators' demands.

>Why do good things?
Because seeing others get hurt leaves a bad taste in Ray's mouth, to build karma, or simply because seeing others happy makes me happy and vice versa duh.
Is it really? What makes you feel good and not is one's own nature/id, while the one acting as moral compass is your superego, you yourself (ego) is just a mediator for both. They're all interconnected yes, but is different at its core.
t. medical student having recently finished his psychological studies

>Rascal is getting NTRd by a racoon

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>Spending half an hour each day on politics doesn't sound like much
Not half an hour, if you tried to vote in something in a public assembly you know how many hours you waste in deliberations and voting shit.
just imagine every day you need to go to a gov building and spent hours deciding some minor shit. Of course, people that work and contribute to society would never have the time to do that and only the parasites would have time to spend day after day in this.

That's what the internet is for.

>That's what the internet is for.
it's not like internet polls can be manipulated right?

The people's mistrust in elections has grown a bit silly when those same people are perfectly willing to engage in online financial transactions.

oh shit, here we fucking go

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Great coloring, artist going the extra mile.

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It’s isekai politics yet again

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kino dialogue throughout
He believes llyod to be god manifested, by killing him he will justify his darkness and prove he was not evil.

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>A magic nerd life came to an end after a dreadful encounter with the nobles who ended his life with a powerful spell. His last wish, being able to study and master more magic, has been answered when he was reincarnated as Saloom Lloyd, the 7th prince of Saloom Kingdom. Now he will be able to perfect his magic as he pleases...
That sounds quite nice and 72 chapters available. Is it worth picking up?

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