Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman, chapter 46

In this chapter we see our favorite couple quarrel, more characters recognizing MCs shortcomings and fuck boy finally making his move.

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>ch 46
feels like it already got 3 digit chapters

Were other cover pages so erotic?

What's the difference between Kanojo and Koibito?

kanojo definitely implies gender

I don't think so, there are some ones that have teasing, but nothing to this extent.

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Pic related in the anime when?

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So where the fuck is the chapter?

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Claiming that womb.

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disgusting breasts, very disrespectful

God, you can tell the reference for that torso was a 30+ washed up gravure model. What the fuck was the artist thinking?

Why can't mangakas draw decent feet? Anime women > real women any day of the week, sure, but not when it comes to feet. As a footfat I've never once found anime feet sexy.

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lol true
he doesn't understand the firmness of the teenage body
you can't blame him for not knowing about wikieats

you can actually see when an illustrator has used his own feet as reference, the girl is all fine but she has man feet
and then you have the mangaka/ illustrators who you can clearly notice that he has a cute jap wife with cute feet that he can use as reference

These are some of the best drawn large breasts i have ever seen in a manga. Those accurate folds of skin at the sternum, the way they pull away to the sides because they are a little too big for her frame. Excellent work, the artist must have used a model i feel.

>disgusting breasts
Couldn't be more wrong, those are some of the best illustrated that i have seen.

Will the anime adapt Chapter 17?

They are saggy and gross.
Real animaidens have slender figures and modest breasts.

Looks like the artist was extra horny when drawing this chapter.


Thank you man.

I wish I had someone like this.

>They are saggy and
Part of the appeal somewhat. Believe me those are huge tits that are still in good shape. You ever had a girl who needs her bras made by specialist shops because otherwise they snap the straps of standard bras under the weight? Those tits in OP's pic are sublime in detail, even they way they aren't 100% perfectly symmetrical to each other. If you want to see someone with tits like those irl google "Dakota Blue Richards". That's what those are.

How do you know this user, I'm curious.

Which part?

Female artist. Same deal as Bisque

>those incredible breasts are drawn by a woman
Now it makes sense

Takamiya thinks Jirou has a lot of potential? Potential for what?

Oooooh yeah, embraced from behind, Kanamaru-sensei is pulling out the big guns today.

What did she do?
>wasn't a simple hug + blush
What did he do?

Takamiya wouldn't steal her friend's BF, would she?