This was a huge nostalgia trip but

it's just not as good as i remember

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it's even better!

Poorly written autistic garbage, it's also great and one of my all time favourites without a hint of irony.

the fucking music is so good it makes everything feel more relevant than it actually is

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Every time I forget this exists somebody has to remind me.

I liked it when I was 13 and it was the first gory anime I saw on TV. I'm afraid to rewatch it since I may dislike it now.

Yes, the music carries it really hard. but it also has something i can't put my finger on that's missing from most modern shows.
I watched it for the first time 15years after it came out and still loved it

Baby's first anime.

I hated it from the start

Baby's first Youtube anime.

Baby's first horny YouTube anime

It was always garbage.

t. someone who caught a few episodes of this pointless gorefest on Animax

jesus christ op could you find a smaller image?

anyway it was decent. way too inconsistent but the ultraviolence was so good

Not him, but here

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that would make a neat tab of acid

It was just bad. But it held a special place in my heart because for me it was babby's first edgy animu.

Lilium is still the best thing about Elfen Lied.

The best thing is the fact it ended. God, what a hunk of shit.

I recently finished the manga. Aside from Kurama's fake suicide, and the whole scene.of the mind controlled Diclonius being freed from control only to kill her master, and how useless Kouta felt in most of the story up to the end it was very enjoyable. My favorites were Nana, Mayu and Bandou (Im glad he's alive)

bandou was the best character by far. no one else can stand on the beach and mercilessly slaughter cute girls

I liked the part where the main character made out with his cousin.

Dub sucks, sub sucks, all sound overall sucks, animation sucks, story sucks

The SOL parts felt so out of place back then, maybe it'll be tolerable after watching days worth of fad of the season.

Every character bar Kouta and his cousin are good, FACT

They make more sense in the manga, where the SOL is more clearly the main part that gets interrupted by the edge for the sake of mood whiplash, whereas it seems like an afterthought in the anime due to it mainly focusing on being gloomy and edgy.

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Maybe your tastes changed

EL is one of the most overrated series.


I fapped to the part where lucy peed on the floor.

user, it's not the 00s anymore. Practically everyone is bursting at the seams to call it shit whenever they can nowadays.

I enjoyed laughing at how bad it was. Overall, it's a very enjoyable anime to shit on, but, I admit, I felt like it had redeeming qualities. Maybe someone could have saved it.

Bandou was actually a great character in the manga.

Fun fact: The official Spanish translation of the Elfen Lied manga is translated from the English scanlations instead of from Japanese.

there is an immense lack of good elfen lied fan art.
every fan art looks like picrel.
is it because no one in japan liked it?

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Yeah it's shit!

Elfen Lied was mainly liked by retarded 00s emos from DeviantArt, thus most of its fanart is by and for them. The manga did have a cult following in Japan in the early 00s, but most of the art and sites from back then are lost to time, being from the era of webrings and Geocities.

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More than most series you have to wade through the awful emo teen fanart to find the good stuff.
Just a side effect of the series' rather unique legacy.

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It came out on the wrong time. People were just figuring out how to make digital art well by that time.

This is what started my piss fetish.

This objectively. I absolutely love the anime and manga despite it's flaws. Its probably due to the nostalgia trip as OP said. I've been thinking of rewatching the anime but I don't really want to ruin the magic

The piss/diaper stuff was only in the manga as far as I remember

There's both piss and diapers in the anime, but no Elfenlied.

There aren't any diapers in the anime, and it is all the better for it

Wrong. Watch Kurama's flashback.

what are you talking about? pic rel. is the diaper bitch, she wasn't even in the anime. Unless you're referring to the fact that the anime wasn't good, albeit autistically

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Mariko is seen wearing diapers in the anime.

damn dude, are you talking about the scene where she's an infant? what the fuck

Looks like you were wrong.

yeah but thats a baby in a diaper, that makes sense because its a baby. In the manga theres an actual adult character who pisses herself

Adults wearing diapers makes sense too, though. Do you have an issue with Mariko being wheelchair-bound because babies can't walk?

I love the anime and the end of the manga made me rage.
Lilium is top 5 opening of all anime.
fuck you Yea Forums

An innocent scene with a baby in diapers is far different than diaper fetish pandering.

Sounds more like a you issue.

You're the one who's been seething about the anime (rightfully) cutting diapergirl out for 15 years, I think you might be the one with an issue.

Yeah I know, the guy who I was replying to was talking about how the scene awoke his piss fetish. I don't condone that shit

Sounds like you're seething because you got called out on an incorrect statement.

Yeah that character was 100% Okamoto Lynn projecting his fetish. It didn't add to the story in any way whatsoever

Again, you've been seething for 15 years. Get help on your anger issues, your inability to let things go, and (most importantly) your diaper fetish.

Openly inserting your piss and infantilism fetishes into your published work is braver than coming out as gay.

>literally the reason for the title
Sure you're not just coping with your arbitrary prejudice?

how does the manga compare to the anime?

Much better. The anime only covers about half of the manga and cuts out huge chunks such as entire main characters.

I will kink shame if I want to, fuck off piss boy

What even is this projecting? No need to seethe just because you said something stupid.