SPY×FAMILY Is it the animated version of "Mr Smith & Mrs Smith"?

I always thought that the comic story was very much like "Mr Smith & Mrs Smith". A spy and an assassin and a girl with superpowers in a fake marriage.

Everyone is lying to each other, but relatively they have true love for each other.

I believe that when the true identity is revealed, there will be a big fight.

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Although the comic has very good battle scenes. But it is essentially a romantic comedy, not a violent comic.
But many fans, like the work inside the violent scenes.
A kind of violent art.

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Its more like the americans but whatever

Many of the fan works made around mothers are designed with violent art.

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On the contrary, the content involving family. Fans prefer to make comedy style

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Wheres bond?

you mean the underrated kino Spy Kids? Never heard of Mr Smith and Mrs Smith

>Mr Smith & Mrs Smith
It's a movie.
A couple, whose secret identities are both top killers.

Until one day they learn that their "husband" and "wife" are enemies.

They have a terrible fight that destroys their house.

Then they discover they really love each other.

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Angelina Jolie can still get it, if you get what I mean.
Mil Jovovich aged better, though.

>most important ops
>somehow didn't get someone who would be perfect for the role
Why is WISE so retarded? Nightfall would have been the better wife

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>expected a Kaguya-like show with normal adults and top-notch action
>got shitty romcom starring 6-year-old kids with "le funny reaction" faces
Yea Forums lied to me once again

Nightfall is so fucking thirsty. It's sad how she was set up to lose to Yor

Kaguyabro, I...

Yeah. She was designed solely to be mogged by Yor

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she is a terrible bitch that tried to fuck over brad pitt

theres 0 fucking romance

why do blondes always lose?

what did Axeman mean by this?

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Considering how oblivious they were in the newest episode, I don’t think they would realize the truth if the other outright said it

I wish it was. I used to think that was the endgame but peanut overdose made me stop expecting something that kino.

He means that the secrets will never be disclosed until it's time to bring out the ax.

I miss Roland...

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why is he like this....

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hot take. hot shit

So basically just like Kaguya.

Roland, Robert, Loid(Roid). His really likes names that start with 'Ro', doesn't he?

the dick is not rational, user.

It is certain that the child is the key to stopping the conflict.

After all, the real protagonist of the comic is actually the child.

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Why didn't you protect Advisor's smile?

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What's Glasses Guy's masterplan?
Why is he obsessed with world peace?

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One, because she was unavailable until she sped run her assignment to get back and two, because she was known to ruin the work of other agents to get ahead

Probably liked “Jitsu wa” a lot then

Everyone with a beating heart liked Jitsu Wa.
Hell, I bet people without beating hearts liked it too.

it was shit
the anime was cringe
and the art was never my thing

You'd better book an appointment with your family doctor, user. Your heart isn't where it's supposed to be.

>he's gonna Eren
you know it, I know it, we all know it

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because they took his friends away

She can

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> SPY×FAMILY Is it the animated version of "Mr Smith & Mrs Smith"
no Yor is the complete opposite of Angelina's character.

>Konosuba is the Always Sunny of Isekai
I fell for this one.

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This has a stupid fucking shoehorned MCbowl? I'm not even picking this up.

The Japs think that gaijin are evil

Why is there no black people? Almost all characters are white and straight

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Shut up Fiona

Why did they decide to translate his name as Loid rather than Lloyd?

Pun name according to author etc

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At least it's not Roid

need more hair down roid

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Yor showed signs of having some feelings for Loid but if there’s going to be any real romance it's not going to happen until the final stages of the story.

And Loid getting his head out of muh mission focus. All hints of romance will probably lead him into trying to use that for cover

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I fucking love shoulder-length bobcuts so much...

kek, touching hands was enough for her to sperg out?

Rorand and Rawrence

>started reading this
>best girl is the designated loser of the series

Bros not like this...

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She's just crazy

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Homewreckers deserves nothing less than suffering

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how is that any different from Kaguya? lel

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This one is better at comedy, romance, spy shenanigans, and edge.

I hope you're right