Evil mass murdering demon is..... le misunderstood!

>evil mass murdering demon is..... le misunderstood!
convince me to keep watching this shit

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Please go back where you came from.

He dies and suffers in hell for killing people even if he is le misunderstood

fucking moron. The author is trying to put the effort into fleshing out his characters and you're complaining? Would you rather cardboard cutout villains with no past who are just evil for the lulz? Fuck you. Read a fucking book you rhetoric spewing smooth brain. God I fucking hate you and anyone who thinks like you. Is this really the best fucking thing you could have come up with as a critique on the show? Or even as a topic for a thread? Like Imagine a more literally retarded take than this.

Don't continue watching it. In fact, just go die. Fuck you.

you aren't supposed to forgive them or their sins but it is possible for you to empathize with them for being victims of tragic fate and perhaps wish them solace in the moment they are put out of their miserable existence

I don't even like kimetsu and I still agree that OP needs to throat a porcupine

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you're retarded, please gouge your eyes out

I won’t. Demon Slayer is absolute trash. Anime melodramatic backstories are cringe by themselves.
Melodramatic backstories of evil mass murders is even more cringe, there is no reason anyone would ever sympathize with a literal mass murdering demon.
What’s even more cringe is that it’s only revealed after he died. What’s the point in expanding a shit character that’s already dead?

>gets killed
>literally goes to hell
Tanjiro being a little empathic before they die doesn't make them any less despicable. Stop being disingenuous.

you don't get it. It is OKAY to kill people if you have a bad childhood

This is actually true though

Author never says the demons are ok in being mass-murderers because of their backstory, tards. That's what makes it stand out from the rest. A villain may have a backstory. This doesn't excuse their sins.
>le sad backstory
>ok but... u r mass murderer?kthxbye
In any other story.
>oops...go back to mass murder.sry.

The complete and utter inability to understand even the most basic shonen manga is a result of america's failed education system. The blame lies not with OP, but with the establishment. Yes, even the "le" in his post is a result of this. If he were better educated, he wouldn't feel a need to write such things. We shouldn't get upset at him for this.

>convince me
Fuck off and die faggot. Either finish it or drop it. This isn't your fucking blog.

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>there is no reason anyone would ever sympathize with a literal mass murdering demon
Hello, I would like to introduce you to a concept called "the true crime fandom."

Convince me I'm wrong: anime backstories revealed in combat are nothing more than a cheap tactic to drag out the episode and interrupt the combat with something less intense to animate

Melodramatic backstories are turbo cringe.
Emperor Pilaf, General Blue, Tao Pai Pai, Commander Red, King Piccolo, Piccolo Jr., Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, etc. were evil because they were evil. And nobody complained.
I hate how every shonen nowadays is full of melodramatic trash.

there is no hell

OP makes people extra aggressively mad for some reason so I shall agree with him.

Name 3 boards right now.

Go the fuck back, faggot.


You have a point cuz they are cool villains.
But it never ceases to amaze me how fans will often fall for le sad backstory, for real. It's weird npc thinking.

Muzan was evil for evil, so was Doma, Gyokko, and Gyuutaro. Hantengu was just a massive piece of shit.

Do you lack reading comprehension or something? Because he wasn't framed as misunderstood but rather his circumstances led him to this path.

No. fuck off and drop it you poser

I like backstories because im interested in seeing what they were like in the past (sorry if i sound retarded)

In Kimetsu universe all demons who already murdered will keep getting punishment in hell forever and never forgiven.
There's no exception even allied demon such as Tamayo.

this thread.

>I'm going to ignore every post ITT and have a meltdown because most of said posts called me a retard while explaining why I was wrong
your post

Shit thread, but yeah, KnY is garbage.
Congrats on figuring it out yourself.

He dies retard what else do u want?

I can't. It's quite possibly the worst modern shounen, but it's not like teenage attempts at pathos aren't present in 90% of anime. It's hardly even close to KnY's real issues.

The main antagonist's name means Evil McBadguy. Every time someone says Muzan, replace it with that in your head.

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>when tanjirou goes "EVIL MCBADGUY!! I'LL STOP YOU!"
unrivaled kino everytime. other shounen will never compete

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>lots of demons who got coerced into being his dolls get barely any character development
>he gets half an episode of "he may have been a mass murdering guy who tortured people for shits and giggles and killed them very slowly, but he just wanted le family....."
yeah, i'm dropping this shit.

Gyutaro wasn’t evil you stupid cunt. He was a product of his environment. Look at this little boy. He has kind eyes. He changed because he had to.

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Demons were humans once. They just stopped being human at some point.

Imagine Demon Slayers being too bigbrain for someone

He and his whole family got executed for his crimes, what else do you want.


The way he does it is cheap, pointless and formulaic and also it hurts the pace.
Backstories should be told when the character himself is relevant and when that backstory is going to be relevant for the story.
For example, flashbacks about Muzan's history with Yoriichi are good kind of flashbacks. Flashbacks with sappy sobby stories or dead demons are trash.

Tanjiro doesn't know his backstory, retard.

Its fuckung 10 episodes, jump on the bandwagon or dont, your call holmes

BnHAkids really believe this.

>convince me to keep watching this shit
Blow me.

The entire theme of the story is revolve around these points, saying those flashback pointless is complete missing the theme and the point of the story, brainless.

Muzan just means “cruel”.
What does Kibutsuji mean? Something about a dance with the devil?
Ki is for oni
Bu is for dance
Tsuji is for crossroad

what the fuck does nezuko eat, energy is not infinite

And what exactly do those flashbacks add to the story? And why short and subtle ways like spidermom practically begging to death to show that demons are indeed pitiful creatures are not enough and painfully long and overly detailed backstories are necessary?


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It show how Muzan manipulate people and how demon are driven to do heinous act because of their nature. Rui flashback show both Rui situation and Muzan manipulation.

Lots of her brother's semen.

The reason you're annoyed is likely that a lot of authors use it as a cheap way to give their main villains an illusion of depth. This isn't the case here. The show has an overarching theme of how differently people deal with loss, grief and misfortune. It's exploring that theme through its characters and the demons are of course a part of this. It's never used in a cheap, campy "we can still befriend them!" way, where the villain suddenly becomes good. It genuinely fits the entire narrative structure.

Muzan's nature doesn't need extra screen time — he gets enough in "present" time.
As for demons' circumstances — we know from those flashback that these circumstances do not really matter, no matter if you're good or bad person Muzan's blood will most likely turn you into a psycho murderer. So, what are we supposed to conclude from those flashbacks? That Muzan is Big Bad Evil and must be stopped? We know that even without flashbacks. That demons are pitiful creatures? We know that already and there are better ways to show it. There is no way to justify KnY's gratuitous flashbacks.

There this thing called Motivation. Maybe you have heard of it before. The long flashback mainly show the demon's motivation, what drive them. Even as spycho killer, the demons are still driven by the same impulse as they were human, just taken to the logical extreme. Without the flashback, we can't see what drive those demons to that logical extreme and make them ready to take the deal with the devil.
>Rui wants a family? Why? Here it is.
>Akaza hate weak people? Why? This is why.
>Kokushibou used to be a demon slayer? Why did he change side? Here's why.
>How do these siblings turn into demon and attach to each other? Here why
And you talk like every demons have full extended flashback when i reality only a few of them have that, mainly the important one that re-enforce the theme of the story (Rui, the Siblings, Koku, Akaza).

Then why do the flames burn as they die but not when good people die

You kinda have a point with the rest but
>Piccolo Jr., Vegeta
>evil because they were evil
lol. And you forgot to mention Tien, the Androids, etc. Half of Dragon Ball villains ended up being redeemed and accepted by the Z fighters despite being mass murderers.

Not even, they're mainly there to show what the demon was like when they were human and provide some insight into their actions as demons

It makes sense, but I'm still not convinced that positive effect overweighs the negative effect i.e. stalling the story progress to elaborate on something that has little importance for the plot going forward.