Birdie Wing


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That 14th hole LOL

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Is there any gayness between girls in this anime?

Not much (yet)

They're both obsessed with golf balls so make of it what you will.

Gay girls playing with sticks and balls.

>Ball Flight


If there isn't at least one Char and Amuro scene somewhere in this show I will be very angry.


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>age 15

European 15 year olds often look older than their Japanese counterparts so its not entirely unrealistic.

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How do I go to Nafrece?

Where's the Jashin edit?

Aw yeah, that's the shit.

user, by 15 most women are fully grow already and only the wall will change them.

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Yep, which is why Shimarin having a massive growth-spurt in the movie pisses me off.

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t. American feeding their kids artificial growth hormone analogs.

You could definitely tell senior chicks apart from freshmen girls by their bodies and faces fairly consistently. But yeah, height was not nearly as telling for girls as it was for guys.

While most anime depicting JKs a whole head shorter than adult women around them really irks me too, I understand why it's done. It's a very convenient way of singling to the audience it's not supposed to regard them as adults.


SHE want to golf her!

>I offer you my entire body, do with me as you wish

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Gurenn laggan reference? No wait I got it, it's aiming for a jojo reference!

I want to gently walk the goth girl home

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What the fuck? People actually aim to be caddies? How low does your self esteem have to be for that to be your aspiration?

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another 2 under for the japs

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Too bad she's taken by a handsome rich lesbo.



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The op and ed sound awful

It seems the visual quality is taking a slight nosedive this week

Did she score or the ball stopped short?

Is this cursed with delayed releases or something?

President Bulldyke harnessed the power of the Sun to alter the trajectory of the ball by 0.03 degrees


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So Even managed to beat Aoi?

Love those shots

Fuck OFF already mugino.

It's a rematch so from a storytelling perspective it makes little sense for her to just be straight up inferior again. But to ask the real important questions, how was the bath scene? Was there really a bath scene or was the preview just b8?

I disagree. I think Even could lose again, then get some actual golf training and challenge other actually good golfer during the course of the show, and finally beat Aoi at the end. That's a valid and plausible plot too.


Streaming in Japan starts later so we'll get the episode later as well.

Bath was a troll specifically to make you, yes you, mad.
But then previews are weird in this. There was a scene shown at the end of ep 1 that didn't happen until this week.

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She's an armpit slut too?

I know that feel in Mario Golf

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So will we have subs today or it will be late too?

Meme or schizoposting?

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Damn golf cartel runs this shit.


I wonder if it was cheating or the boss lady is so god-like she could predict Aoi was gonna fail.


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I believe they're called "jokes."

fowl sounding woman

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I haven't watched the third episode yet does this show get more ridiculous now that they introduced the golf mafia?

Looks like referencing those Dezaki shots from Versailles no Bara, just to mention one show

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