This was a fun movie

This was a fun movie

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I watched it a long time ago.
I remember it was fun.

Yeah I enjoyed it too around 2 weeks ago. Apparently the dub is meant to be great but I watched it sub. Really cute though knowing its the book the MC of Whispers of the Heart wrote.

Guess this is the Ghibli thread. I watched this last night and besides Earthsea and Ocean Waves, I found this surprisingly disappointing.

It got a lot better towards the end with Jiro and his wife but planes really aren't my thing it seems. Also the WW2 implications of the MC being responsible by proxy for so many deaths took a lot away for me.

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I enjoyed it more than Whisper of the Heart. I give it an 8/10.

whereas Whereas of the Heart was a somewhat boring SoL about a violin maker (I forgot what its plot was about),
this weird sequel felt like a nice mini adventure in a fantasy world.

The Cat Return's art/animation kinda sucks compared to other Ghibli's other movies. It does feel like a direct-to-dvd animation budget.
But it still has a lot of heart. The ending song is still one of my favorite ghibli songs.

I saw the dub first and remember it being a lot of fun. I should give it a rewatch sometime.
I like both a lot. Both are different, but both are good. They do their own things well (I liked the direction of Wishper of the Heart - I noticed that if Miyazaki had directed it it probably would have dragged in places, but I thought the pacing was fine and the romance was cute).

>Apparently the dub is meant to be great
It is great, it has the dad from Everybody Loves Raymond as the grouchy fat cat who just wants to eat and be left alone.

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Ueah I heard great things about the dub cast. I loved the OG character from Whispers with which he was based on. Such a smug Cat.

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The infamous Renaldo Moon

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I watched this movie three times. One as a kid with my mother, then several years later (I cried from nostalgia), and with my mother again last year. :)
I think it was the first anime I watched.

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wind rises is my favourite

It's probably the most simple movie out of all the Ghibli stuff, but it gets by on being charming and whimsical alone. Also the girl is mad cute.

I have a plush version of this fucker. Funny thing is, I thought it was just some random smug cat for years before I put two and two together.

Watched it with my kids last weekend. (7 & 9) Was their favorite movie in ages and I can see why.

We watched the dub and it was indeed very solid.

What did you enjoy about it?

Cat burglar

The catgirl was cute.

Literally 10/10 face.

This movie was not good

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It was strange how a movie about seaplanes somehow made the world seem REALLY small, and it really didn't seem like much happened. I'm probably too jaded for it. looks excellent as expected, thjough.

It was really disappointing. I watched Princess Mononoke and then this back-to-back at a friend's house recently. Mononoke was awesome, albiet kindof slow but really enjoyed it. Porco Rosso despite being pretty short was AGONIZINGLY slow and hard to follow. Porco just flies to random places and then he has a fight with another pilot at the end. It doesn't tell us why he's a pig, it doesn't tell us how he turns into a person again, there's almost no commentary on the setting of Fascist Italy itself, nor any social commentary of "he's a pig but still a good guy". It's dumbed down beyond belief, only a 4-year old would really enjoy it if it wasn't so damn slow. My friends didn't even have much to talk about to shit on it mystery science theater style, it was one of the dullest movie experiences imaginable. The only good part was the fist fight at the end and the animation.

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nigga Porco Rosso is the best ghibli movie

mononoke is my favorite. Great story about humans vs nature and how the fuck everything up, the forest spirit going ham after he is decapitated is fucking terrifying, all of the combat scenes are brutal as fuck and almost hard to watch. Made a big impression on me.

I would also like to note that my first anime anything was totoro when I was like 4 years old and it was all over for me after that. Rented it from the video store every week until dad just bought it finally.

Poor's man Spirited Away for furfags with a shit artstyle.

In what way? The music is the same "DOOT DOOT DOOT" trumpet and "FWEE FWEE FWEE" flute the entire time, the pacing is atrocious and nothing is done with the setting. Porco Rosso being a Pig is beyond pointless since NOTHING is done with that as a character. Everybody loves Porco, the worst insult or discrimination he gets is being called "Pig" which he brushes off anyway. They just made him a pig for sake of being "quirky". It's the anime equivalent of Pickle Rick, except as shitty as Pickle Rick is it TRIES to tell jokes with what being a Pickle would be like.
The fight scenes are great, I loved the one in the beginning when the prince shooting the infected pig god. I'm really not sure how Nintendo got away with ripping off Mononoke so much in Breath of the Wild, it's far more blatant then Dark Soul's Berserk references that get shit on.

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For me it's Marnie.

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I liked the first half where it had sort of mysterious surreal Alice in Wonderland- type vibes, but i was disappointed when the second part of the movie when they actually get to the cat kingdom turned into more of a goofy kids' adventure type feeling instead. Overall it was alright.

That's the point of the movie. The MC was just doing something he loves and it caused so much death. That's why they talked about Junkers and the Italians planes being used or so much evil, and why they comforted him and said it was a beautiful plane.
The movie was about hypocrisy, death, and trying to find joy.

Best Ghibli movies are Porco Rosso, Whisper of the Heart and The Wind Rises. The Cat Returns was straight up bad - plot really scattered, just felt like random shit happening for no reason, extremely thin.

Him being a pig was his rejection of humanity. The movie is about a man who loses faith in the world and slowly finds it through rivals, friends, and aspiring mechanics. The reason he didn't care when he was insulted is because he had given up, and his anger towards the American shows how he's slowly coming back from that rejection. Fascism was the backdrop for his loss of faith and his jaded outlook on the world with an added layer of the world changing around the old guards of a bygone era. IQlets shouldn't watch good movies if they can't comprehend minor plot points.

It would be great if they TOLD US this instead of "Hey Porco why are you a pig" with the response "It's a long story". Did you actually surmise this from the movie itself or did you read someone else's essay/reference some outside material such as a manga/director's guide? Also I watched it in Japanese, not a Disney localization filter.

You have autism bro

>Porco Rosso is the best Ghibli Movie
"How? The pacing is really slow and the setting is underutilized."
>Him being a pig is a symbol for the rejection of humanity, you have low IQ
"When did the movie convey this? Did you get this information from the movie itself?"
>You have autism bro
This is the worst argument I've ever seen on Yea Forums, maybe Yea Forums as a whole.

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>It would be great if they TOLD US
hahahahahaha oh my god



Do you mind posting pics? Also is he squishy or a bit "hard" like normal teddies?

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Show, tell, I don't care. But WHY is this MAN a PIG when the entire GIMMICK of the movie is that he IS a pig? And I mean only within the MOVIE itself. Not some essay, not some interview, I mean a movie scene that gives some kind of answer, through visuals or dialogue, the meaning behind Porco's pigginess. Did I black out for a moment when watching it? And even if I am dumb and missed the magical 10 second part that explains the mysteries of the universe, how does that make the rest of the shitty movie better? Half the film is just shots of Porco's big dumb seaplane flying, that's fucking boring.

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Don't get me wrong. In and of itself it was an excellent movie and I understood it acknowledged the tragedy his invention would bring. However the emphasis on planes and engineering made it difficult for me to stay engaged. That said the G-rated "sex scene" was done wonderfully.

>come here...
>but your condition
>*raises futon also revealing the top of her slightly open kimono*
>come here...

Very well done.

The original trailer for Marnie SCREAMED a romantic 2 girl relationship. It was beautiful and done with class. Then I found out it wasnt.

That shit was sad

Well I have bought pretty much all of the Ghibli films and am wondering which one to watch next having gone through most of them.

Do I watch

When Marnie was There


Up on Poppy Hill?

It is, yes.

I agree with this. I feel like they both have pretty basic stories, but Cat Returns has more whimsy and charm to it. Whisper really just strikes me as "a standard adaptation of a standard shoujo manga."

I think Whispers is more a soft, romance story/slice of life with charm to it. The Cat Returns is a more cute, adventure story. I thought the scene with moon dying was sudden but hilarious but not sure how kids would react

The thing is, I didn't really feel that charm in Whispers. It was probably SUPPOSED to have that charm, but it just wasn't there for me. The characters felt much drier than Cat Returns', there wasn't as much emphasis on their visual mannerisms, the storyboarding in general didn't seem to emphasize motion as much, even the colors / shot composition didn't feel as good as some of Ghibli's other stuff to me.

Only Yesterday had mundane, "soft" charm to it. But Whispers did not. Again, it just felt like a very nondescript adaptation.

Call me a dubfag but getting Christian Bale to do Howl was the best choice Disney has done in a long time

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To each their own. Different strokes and all that. I watched Whispers years ago mind, so maybe my opinion changed. Cat Returns I watched two weeks ago and despite being old, I loved it as a simple, fun movie. Whispers caught me for that great Country Road remix. That and I am a sucker for those "coming of age" stories.

I feel fearful going back to rewatch it partially. Only ones I'd feel confident rewatching is Kaguya, Mononoke, Marnie and Spirited.

>and his anger towards the American shows how he's slowly coming back from that rejection
I didn't really buy that, because he had that anger from the start of the movie, and nobody acted like it was surprising. It wasn't like he started off apathetic and THEN became aggressive, he was having that rivalry with the pretty much the whole time, even at his most "apathetic" earlier on.

Ya it is fun.

I thought it was also fun.

>Half the film is just shots of Porco's big dumb seaplane flying, that's fucking boring.
well there's your problem. I am very sorry that you aren't able to enjoy it

Just rewatched Marnie after years. Man, I cried. What a sweet film.

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I remember going to best buy and seeing it on the DVD section years ago. The name and art always got me curious but I watched it years later.
Really nice ride, very enjoyable movie. I hate cats but the baron was awesome.

It's a little worse than most ghibli productions, but it's still very high quality animation for anime in general, I like how it has a unique aesthetic, although a little more movement and stuff would have been nice. I think it did a lot of great slapstick animation as well, tom and jerry esc stuff, anime rarely does that kind of slapstick so well I feel like.

I liked how the story was quite fast paced, a lot of chase scenes and fast paced animation, sudden scene changes, and it didn't take itself too seriously, there was some tension but it always felt more silly than tense, the characters were all very fun, the interactions were cute, I feel like it was tonally quite different from most ghibli films, but still retaining the key principles, I found it easier to watch than some other ghibli films because of how fast paced it was

Porco Rosso is about the viiibes, to be honest I think I enjoyed the cat returns more, but I did still like Porco Rosso

Spirited Away is much less entertaining and much more anticlimactic. The characters in the cat returns are better

You watch extremely boring shit to feel smart, I like actually entertaining, creative, artful shit, that's the difference between you and me

The dub for Sprited Away also saves it by going fuck it, she didn't lose her memory at the end. I remember that final line to this day.

Cat Returns benefits from a more universal appeal. Spirited Away uses a lot of japanese mythological imagery and animals. Cat Returns however uses a high school setting woth walking, talking cats. Everyone can relate to cats.

this, whispers of the heart is a boring romance story where evvveryone loves the protag, not really any different from any other boring anime love story, it was aesthetic but narratively weak as fuck, the characters are 1 dimensional as fuck and all the background characters only exist to serve the main character, not to mention the story is boring as shit

I don't hate spirited away, I just think it lacks the cohesiveness of other ghibli stories, the characters all feel very shoehorned in and unresolved, the end was so abrupt and stupid

>t. low eq male

It's just a basic, boring self insert love story, where everything works out for the protag without any real struggle. You might as well watch the notebook or something