ITT: Great shows that filter midwits

ITT: Great shows that filter midwits.
I'll start: Black Clover.

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>shows that make me feel like I'm better than other people

Saint Seiya

Yu Yu Hakusho, Ghibli stuff

Fairy Tail

Symphogear seems fun to me. But that's just a baseless 55 IQ opinion.

One Piece

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Low IQ confirmed


Birdy the Mighty

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Why didn’t people wait until you start?

Midwits and plotfags BTFO

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midwits love one piss though

Low IQ redditors think it's some super big brain masterpiece. Midwit know-it-alls think that the science fiction elements are the core of the anime and spend all of their time trying to nitpick at them in order to be contrarian to the pre-existing high ratings. High IQ people understand that the sci-fi stuff is just a paintjob and enjoy the thriller and slice-of-life cores underneath.

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Definitely pic related.
Everybody got filltered hard by the first couple episodes because of """plotholes""" that didn't exist.

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>One Piece
Insanely popular stuff by definition can't filter midwits, they are the majority of the population.

>they are the majority of the population.
They are the majority of the general population, not the anime viewing population which is filled with autists who skew towards both ends of the IQ bell curve.

Midwit refers to not the average IQ, but the slightly smarter yet not smart enough people.

86 is only good because of the leads, the story and the supporting cast are garbage.

Clorox is pure Kino and SOUL personafied.

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The anime only adapts up to vol. 3 and the support cast isn't that fleshed out by then. They all get more screentime in the later volumes. Same with the story.

You know what "mid" and "wit" mean, right?

low IQ are entertained by the flashy swordfights, vidya shit, and colorful cast
high IQ can't get enough of the really interesting looks at AI, virtual existence, and transhumanism in one of the better speculative fiction works out there

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No he's a midwit.

Cringe nitwits

>interesting looks at AI, virtual existence, and transhumanism in one of the better speculative fiction works out there
Bruh, you should read more

t. midwit

It's hard to enjoy those things when the characters are such dogshit.

applies to arcs1, 2 and 3. everything after that is mediocre

Brainlets: "Sexy girls haha"
Midwits: "It's just a commercial for Japanese candy"
Smart people: ?????

nice bait

150 IQ here
I don't "love" Black clover but I do like it's premise and the bird character is hot as hell.
I like it better than One Piss at least. Fuck that trash
My favorite jump bar none is Toriko tho

I highly doubt this.
As an aside, I find it funny how people are more offended by being called a midwit than being called retarded. Is your desire to be unique so strong that you'd rather be at the bottom 10% of the IQ curve than be part of the majority?

Which philosophers should I read before attempting to tackle SAO?

Fire Punch

Lol no

this. midwits hate it because "le power of friendship" and they just watch sophisticated and mature "soft seinen" that is basically the same shit but with lots of muh grey areas

kids and actually smart people love it because it's mindless fun and that's what you'll ideally get from reading battle shonen shit. anyone who wants a good story but only reads shonen is retarded. pick a book, niggers

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>150 IQ here

T. Filtered midwit


How bad are they?

Smart people enjoy its light comedy, likeable characters and a bunch of history lessons about the origins of various sweets.

"above average" is of the worst insult I could possibly think of. Imagine asking your teacher how did you do on the test and they just answer "you were above average". You know they are just trying to be nice, because the average is low as fuck, being "above average" doesn't mean shit.
It's especially worse if you are being conscious about it. Forever knowing that you are "above average" but never the best or even good enough is a terrible feeling that only a midwit can feel.

t. midwit

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Only one person in this thread is smart. That person is me. I will not tell you which anime I like. You will have to live with the crushing anxiety that you might, indeed, be a midwit. (It's Naruto)

What part of my post was a projection? You can't just say that word as a reply to any post you disagree with without elaborating.

The Sacred Blacksmith

Pretty much all slice of life or CGDCT. Midwits who grew up on Naruto and now watch "mature" anime like SnK simply don't understand the appeal. Appreciating SoL means enjoying the small things in life and how they impact the character's lives in cute and funny ways. Those fags will never understand how Hidamari Sketch blows anything they like out of the water.

>It's Naruto

145 IQ and I think Black Clover is dogshit right now.

Think of typical harem VN stereotypes except that midwits think they're amazing characters for some reason.

It's a nice way to sum up the word midwit too. Like a teenage girl saying how unique and better she is


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155 IQ here. I think Black Clover is fun.

T. 60 IQ one piece tard
Super Saiyan Luffy punches hard!

Midwits are not people within 1 standard deviation of the norm. That's the midwit understandaing of what midwit means like this user explainedThey are people between 110 and 130 of you look at a standard normal distribution that's between Z=0.666 and Z=2 which is about 23% of ghe population and it kinda makes sense.
In every 4 people you will have a midwit who just doesn't understand the appeal of One Piece or Ghibli.

Normalfag love that crap. It's for the populus. It's popular. Cause it panders to their stupid tastes. The real good stuff never gets popular

185 IQ here, Steins;Gate is the best

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Counterpoint: Lord of The rings, Dostoevsky.

Hello, gentlemen. I sit at around 150 IQ and only enjoy shows based on how much quality hentai they have.