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OP of the year. Hungarian guy must be proud his song made it this far.

Why is the name Koumei translated as Kong ? It’s annoying

Kongming is the chinese courtesy name of Zhuge Liang, Koumei is how the Japanese pronounce Kongming.

rddit dancing

I assumed this would be a meme anime but the two episodes I've seen so far have actually been pretty good. The Stone Sentinel Maze reference was amazing and Owner is best girl.

Is there any sub group that keeps the Japanese name(s)?

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Anime died in 2007.

Eiko is nice and all but I want to know what the plan is that needs a rapper and a rock band.

Is this a chinese dick sucking anime?

Yes, now fuck off.

Not to my knowledge. Do you really find it that annoying? I think you'll get used to it after a few episodes.

why the fuck is Zhuge Liang there?
anyway how come his design is so iconic?

That's your birth year, user

>dorky and cute
>beautiful with an amazing bod
>wears cute hats
The path to gensokyo illuminates ever so more.

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>why the fuck is Zhuge Liang there?
It's literally the premise

Wish they looped better.

That Mia was such a cunt. Maybe her manager should check her drinks for steroids. Saving Eiko from suicide was an awesome backstory for Owner.

He got isekai'ed into Shibuya, and now is a bartender working for a big 3RKfag and the manager of the blonde rising idol.

I hope we see more Mia. I need more Yuu, plus she is on the cover art.
I want to see how much more buff she gets.

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I wonder why the rapper boy is in the poster but not rock girl. She was shown in the trailer, so why not the poster?

I liked that he was somehow able to keep Eiko talking about the modern world for 4 hours straight before she finally caved at blockchain.

Why wouldn't it be? Do you think subs should be in engirishu when they say English names?

>Saving Eiko from suicide
>I was literally going to off myself but then I heard MUSIC
That part was contrived as fuck.

>Eiko actually spends the time to do so
She's a keeper.

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Eh, it's got real world basis. The downside is that also means she's one bad concert away from offing herself again.

Overrated shit.

Nobody was discussing your very existence though?

That webm plunges me in profound nostalgia for some reason

If only she hadn't stopped there and gotten Koumei down the crypto rabbit whole she'd be the poster child of a freshly set up major record label in less than a year.

This looks fucking awful.

To be fair, 99% of the public couldn't explain blockchain or crypto to you either. Although with his 10 million IQ, he would probably skyrocket Zhugecoin to the moon before the inevitable dump.

I hate how the dance is slightly slower than the song, it's incredibly annoying.

Whenever there's any kind of stupid dancing in an anime's OP/ED, normalfags will lap it up like it's the best thing ever.



That's what I thought too. Choreography isn't bad but the animation is really mediocre for a opening, how are the episodes?

So this dude plagiarized it first


The dancing scenes are very well animated whilst everything else feels a bit like a slideshow.

Hot, but aside from the beat, it's not really resembling.

It died exactly 10 years later.

Nah, you're just getting hung up on the unpolished designs. It's not high detail animation but it's an oversight to say it's mediocre, the movement has balance and carries weight much better than many dance animations. All too common in mediocre dance animation is stiff bodies with arms doing almost all of the expression but in reality dancing is a full body thing, and if you don't pay attention to natural weight shifting it comes out painfully obvious.

These kind of stories only work if they are built on the pleb mindset of clawing your way up from the bottom working withing the system in a shounen-esque fashion. In reality the fastest way of achieving his goal would be making a shit tonne of money in whatever way is the most efficient and dumping it into marketing a business that would prop up and promote the genki short stack.

Reddit the anime

I'm Chinese. Should I watch this? Would my forefathers be proud of me?

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>twitter level comeback
go back

What's Winne the Pooh's official stance on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

>huge long solves the trilemma
The only people who truly lose are linkies.

this is disturbing. this tiktok zoomer nogging dance is in anime now?

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Good question

>I deliberately entered a thread of things I disliked and I am getting mad. How could this have happened?

nevermind. it's chinese made? then i understand why it looks weird.

I've watched that several times already and it's not like my brain is only focused on the designs. It still comes off as too slow.

It's rotoscoped, of course it looks like a real dance.
Like the other user said, it's still slower than the song itself.


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English has the same essence of the name and doesn’t try to alter the name despite it sounding gibberish but not the same case with Chinese where it’s completely different.

He's a Chinese historical figure, of whom his being the actual *Chinese* historical figure is an important plot point(and discussed in the first episode as to why he can speak and understand Japanese), so they would use his Chinese name except in the actual speech. Only literal brainless whose sole exposure to the main personages of the 3 Kingdoms era is through the Dynasty Warriors/Ikkitousen series would have trouble recognising the Mandarin, original, versions of their names.

Who is the kind of person who writes posts like this? Who does that while posting HnK as if they've actually watched it

The beat and the refrain.

Holy moly, Koumei is the best character in every anime he appeared.

It's kind of messed up that we have an ancient, historical Chinese character, transported to modern Japan, entranced by a Japanese girl singing Engrish songs.

Why? Fate did worse shit.

Even the chinks don't have a problem with this. You'll need to stretch a bit further.