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Spoilers in 6 hours. Final chance: how did Toya survive? Why didn't he come back?

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>it's a dabi chapter

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I'm excited that Hori is finally gonna put this shit to rest so least some of the dabifags shut the fuck up already.

>how did Toya survive?
Jumped into the lake and then saved and put back together by AfO's doctor.

>Why didn't he come back?
Because fuck Endeavor, that's why.

Oh, my dear naive friend. Just because the character is dead/ written off, doesn't mean his fags are going to stop.

>Because fuck Endeavor, that's why.
But that is not a real reason.
>Hey, I hate this guy, I'm not going back to my comfy big house again.

For sure not all of them. But some will ragequit and stop following the series.

>But that is not a real reason.
For someone as delusional as Dabi, yes it is

What did they do to you?

If the origin and headcanons' destruction didn't stop them, what makes you think death will?

Delusion doesn't stop someone from choosing comfort and happiness.

Be fucking obnoxious
user I didn't say they all would, I'm saying some will ragequit like some did back during the war arc


>Be fucking obnoxious
Ah, you are talking about the twitterfags? Why do you even bother going there?

Actually, yes it does.

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Dabi simply used a scarecrow and then killed people ad stole their things until he met Shigaraki. It not that complicated.

Look on the bright side, it'll be like a chapter and a half long when the first one tanks the ratings. And we won't have to deal with whiny Todorokis again until the end.

literally how?

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You think it will e settled in 1 and 1/2 chapters?


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I don't, they come here, that's the problem.

Mental illness.

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Spoilers when?

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Answer the question.

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3-4 hours.



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Hawks is the new Uraraka

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Don't listen to him, they're not coming in 3 hours. Closer to 5 or 6 hours from right now is the usual time.

Uraraka's going to get killed by Toga?

I just remembered, I don't think I ever spelled out to both groups of shitposters why their headcanons are getting btfo'd. So here, receipts in case I'm right. Dabi is not some headcanon fuck the man freedom fighter and he is not some headcanon rabid dog who barks only for himself. Touya was and is a daddy's boy to the core. His backstory is going to reveal that after he burned to crispy he found himself a new daddy or daddies, probably Ujiko, maybe AFO.

And if I'm wrong, my bad, but I can't possibly be more wrong than some of the Dabi headcanons.

I love AFO and Ujiko, and I think there’s some strong evidence they’re the ones who patched Dabi up, but I feel like we’re getting into Madara levels of keikaku if that’s the case.

>he is not some headcanon rabid dog who barks only for himself
But he is from head to toe that and nothing but that.

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Imagine if that happens and then DfO also happens and he keikaku'd All Might into giving OfA to his son. Hori should just take this shit as wacky as possible.

Mirko is the surrogate mother for Endeavor children.
Endeavor is Hawk's wife

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Just admit you are a dacryphiliac.

why do shonenshitters think crying = bad?

Tick tock. I'll admit if if I'm wrong, will you?

That's just kacchancuck sperging out again

Kek, that would be funny. Even that wouldn’t be as ridiculous to me, because being a normal first-year at UA is way safer than being a criminal hobo.

350 chapters in and he has done nothing but shown off as the most selfish character in the whole series.

That’s a spammer, but this scene is a little much. They basically don’t have any answers to the rational fear that Deku paints a target on their back. Then Deku and the rest move out, so it feels like it was all for nothing.

hi, newish to the MHA anime

are there any unofficial "undimmed" versions of the show on the high seas, or do I have to wait for the bluray? I've been working my way through the show the past few months or so and just started Season 5 since my Part 1 BluRay came out. But they've not announced a release date for part 2's bluray

That's debatable. He only wanted to make Enji proud

Would Fuyumi fuck a mutie?

she exclusively fucks muties

She already did, several times.

If he looked like Endeavor.

>rabid dog who barks only for himself.
1. I'm not a troll, I will try to be respectable as I can
2. he is kinda is, rabid dogs are dangerous, they hurt themselves and others around him. Dabi does that, he keeps hurting himself and everyone around him, in all the chapters that came out we never saw him doing anything to benefit anyone but himself, he kept using people to get what he wants, even Natsu
>probably Ujiko, maybe AFO.
let's be clear, not saying no to this, but it doesn't make any sense, at least to me, Dabi fucked up everything for Ujiko and AFO, why would they keep him?
And if I'm wrong that, my bad


He only fucked things up for them during the events of the series, they would have helped him decades prior.

Dabi's flashback will last 2 chapters

is it tho? even before the reveal he was a dick to the league, he refused to help Compress, he got Twice killed, he never cared about Natsu, he killed some low life thugs because they called him ugly, and let's not forget that AFO said they are the same. if you have anything else, then I'm all ears.

If they can't turn him into a nomu or a obedient pawn, there's no reason to help.

Didn't answer my question, I'll take that as a no.

sounds about right. then we will cut away to AfO and Endy/Hawks/Tokoyami for a chapter or two probably.