can't spell NagaToRo without NTR

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A blessed fetish, not for patrician minds

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Yukko actually won the Senpai bowl? amazing.

Wtf I was literally about to make a new thread with this exact same image but it said "no duplicates". Are you me user.

I may well be user
Now look into the bright light for a second

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Is this Gutsbro's?

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>can't spell NagaToRo without NTR


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Naga nails

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Pulling my fucking rib cage apart OUCH Nagatoro!!!

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I want to get high with Gamo!

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user Stop you are going to make Gamo poster Upset :(

I rabu Sakura!

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Reminder Nagatoro WILL get in the same futon as Senpai

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Reminder suck my dick


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i cant find it

Why did this manga turn into a cuck bait story?

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>turn into

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cute little idiot

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The doomposters are just our eternally-wrong friends, 774 is too based for cuckoldry and everyone knows it

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He said, "kys faggot"

Gamo has no time for drugs, only friendship! As we all know, anyone who is smug all the time doesn't do drugs!
I rabu rabu-poster

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I want to be Gamo's friend

I want to be Gamo's husband

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Fact: Yoshi is the MOST POWERFUL Being in the Universe

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Wise words from a fart smella

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At least you didn't say drug dealer or fart sniffer

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Why would he say he wants to be something he already is?

Nah he's not the fart sniffer. Don't ask how I know

Pasen deserves better

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I am wise, and not a fart smella! I don't even like the smell of my own farts, so why would I like somebody elses?!
Finally, someone understands my plea!

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Gamo, sakura, nagatoro, yoshi ...

all for me.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much

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t. naoto



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Alright, that's the final straw. I'm out this fucking thread

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So, release tomorrow?

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Would Nagatoro try to steal Senpai from his wife?


she would probably just make the wife "disappear" and then go for the kill while he's weak and lonely

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Let's just say, Yoshi and her sounds makes me rather mad. And you won't like me when I'm mad

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What chapter is this from?

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tits too big
no tanlines
2/10 not my naga

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Fujimin would have Rabu'ed Senpai if she caught him instead of Shikki

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I also agree the artist should have moved some fat from the tits into the ass and thighs

I want Orihara to rub my face up and down her rigidly-defined abs like she's grating a block of cheese. But I'd settle for a high five.

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>Reminder Nagatoro WILL get in the same futon as Senpai
But Yoshi is already there, how will she fit in too?

Senpai needs more beef.


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t. S.T.A.L.K.E.R

it's the, EYE OF THE TIGER!

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