In November of 2021 the Doraemon anime had one episode telling the audience that Shizuka won't have any bath scenes in future episodes or movies ever again, All classic episodes with Shizuka bath/nude scenes are banned from reruns and home media/streaming releases too.
I'm just glad Hiroshi Fujimoto (Fujiko Fujio) is already dead so he won't have to see this.

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>literally the only appeal of the show
What's the point anymore

So they are trying to appeal to the smell-fags now?

I think I'm gonna become a millionaire by selling these now forbidden, lost media episodes in the blockchain.

Are nips ok with this?

I don't think they give enough of a shit at this point.

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I watched Doraemon in Spain as a kid and they call her Sisuka which I find funny in retrospect. It was still based that they kept all the scenes of little boy penis and Shizuka's bathing scenes with no censorship on kids channels tho.

It's bad.

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Lolicons, we can't stop losing

Almost every Fujiko Fujio series had loli nudity, It was part of his DNA

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Lolicons got 0WN3D

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> dolphin
Uh oh...

thoughts about this episode?

You guys DID save a full archive of all of the episodes, right?

Remember, archival and data hoarding are moral imperatives.

Now I need to fap.

A shame


I got Kachin Kachin Lights AKA Linterna Solifdificadora in Catala, The Spanish and Latin American dubs for this episode are lost, But at least the image quality of what I got is decent

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t'was a different time...

Nostalgia trip seeing the Spanish dub again. Literally the only show I was excited to watch on Spanish TV as a kid.

hasn't this shit be going on for a really long time
also hasn't there been a proper conclusion to the story
same with pokemon, shin chan, detective Conan and sazae san
do zoomers even watch this crap anymore
seems to be a similar case with the Simpsons here, they keep making these to milk nostalgia bucks out of boomers
I think it would be a lot better if they just did a remaster release of the old episodes and bury this shit once and for all instead of milking it like hollywood

and you said Japan was based and won't falling to virtue signalling like the west does to protect the imaginary children of fiction from getting sexualized

As far as Doraemon goes, almost all movies and many episodes nowadays are just remakes of older ones.

Most of these series have lost some popularity in the last decade although they're still very big. The Detective Conan anime though, used to do around One Piece's numbers, but nowadays is way higher than it in ratings. So that one actually seems to be keeping its audience and making new fans.

Shame on you Japan, Doing Miura dirty like that

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Most of the newer Doraemon episodes and movies are just heavily censored remakes of the old series/manga, Same with Shin Chan, Doraemon manga ended in the 90s so they don't have much to work with other than remakign the same shit over and over and over until the end of time to milk as much money from it as possible while also shitting on it's old series and manga, That's how it works in Japan sadly if a children's show is popular the censorship gets worse with each season and the show goes on forever

did they ever remake the episode where Nobita and Doaremon go to Nazi Germany and where Doraemon impersonates Hitler using ine of his gadgets to order some Nazi soldiers to get them off their asses
that episode was pretty based


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No, They also skip that episode from reruns alongside pic related, They only remake the more tame ones removing all the naked scenes

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I don't get people that imply child nudity is inherently sexual. Never seen anybody mention that for characters like Goku or Gash Bell. Is it somehow different because she's a girl?

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I was under the impression that the whole series has been ripped already and you can easily find the RAWs on nyaa/animebytes

besides the first anime adaptation which was literally lost in a fire
a remaster would've been nice though

>no more nudity in Doraemon
>no more physical violence in Japanese TV comedy
What's wrong with Japan nowadays?

Can't remember if this chapter has been remade in new Doraemon.

Link to ep? Sounds fucking funny.

Pedos spam naked kid goku in dbs threads all the time while ranting about wanting to rape pan

No, But it's Doraemon so they moved on

I can only find nips complaining about it on Twitter and some TV screencaps but no Torrents (Just liek you can't find torrents for most of the classic episodes).

It was a different time

Last time I bothered with the series, there were about 60 dvd volumes available but that accounted to about 400 episodes.

I thought Japan would have less censorship and would have plenty of fanservice.. for Korea and China bans even bikini. Isn't it not different from These?

The DVDs skip some of the episodes too, user.
There's no decent Doraemon release thanks to censorship

I thought Japan would be tolerate than Korea and China for these 2 ban bikinis while Japan doesn't.(proof: Korean webcomics don't have swimsuit episode, and Maple,BDO,Counter side,Arknight,Genshin lacks bikini outfit despite being waifubait)

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Yeah, it wasn't in order. I meant about 400 in total, not the first 400. There were quite a few of the nude episodes in there but obviously not all of them.

Based TVC. Can you share it?

Anyone who says that isn't paying attention to ongoing attempts in japan to ban anime fanservice starting with loli hentai then eventually everything.

It will end once American collapses.

I thought Japan was tolerate on Fanservice scene compared to Korea and China for these 2 bans the bikini, and Dress up darling has completely Mogged Link click just by Fanservice spams for Link Click lacks Fanservice scene for China bans Bikini outfits. And Link click would be golden time-level of tame..

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What? I thought Japan would be tolerate about fanservice for Only Japan allows bikini in shows from the 3 nations of Asia.

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Nope, some heard "Yamada Taro/Ken Akamatsu defended creative freedom" and assumed everything was fine quickly forgetting that there's hundreds of people involved in deciding if loli nudity will still be legal in a few months

There won't be a shit like Dress up darling anymore... it has defeated Link click by fanservices... is Juju Loli?

Japan likes money and if china/america say "ban this" it'll eventually happen, they won't keep making two versions.

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Will there be a day when Korean contents get all bikinis while Japanese one will have no bikini outfits?

At least America would allow bikini while China doesn't.

If Akamatsu's recent alert of the komeito party pushing to amend their cp laws happen then fanservice in Dress Up Darling could become illegal. Marin and Shinju could be saved by aging them to 18 but Sajuna would be banned as long as she looks like her current self.

Then would Japanese anime be not so different from Korea and China's bootlegs, who ban bikinis by the result?

Well, The "Dress up Darling" anime censored pic related.

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That's cloverworks refusing to show nipples and possibly some tv station/sponsor rules. The jp govt would make the censored version illegal too.

Japanese government would make their anime not so different from Korean and Chinese bootlegs then...


Possibly. For under 18 girls I assume they would be forced to wear those frilly bikinis that hide the breasts and crotch like in Precure, 18+ girls would continue on like normal (until the prudes come for that too, they never stop).

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Was I wrong to mock Korea and China for banning bikini in fiction then?