Haite Kudasai Takamine-san 37

Please put these on, dumping the translation for new chapter.

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Wonder why she just doesn't take off her panties right there.

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Art is sex like always but the plot is just terrible

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Fucking hell...

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I hate this manga so much it's unreal


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Because the art is pure sex but the characters and the narrative is absolute dogshit

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and credits

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wow, what a fucking faggoty little bitch
hugs are for cucks

Best rendition of
>It's like I'm staring at walking garbage
I've seen in a while.

Speak for yourself. The girl is so good, but the guy isn't savvy enough to play off her. He doesn't need to be some Araragi or have "totally me" humor, but it's no fun when he's this stupid.

Girl’s personality is pretty garbage as well. She can’t pull off the Tsundere act and make it seem cute.

The appeal is being a massive autist who goes too far in every direction and can't understand moderation to save her life. Who literally cares about the tsundere aspect?

It's always either gloves or a scarf

Man this ain't even heartwarming. She knows at this point that he's not being a creep to her, so her just thinking he'd be satisfied with hanging around her and qatching the snowfall is in poor taste. Even for a himedere she's a big jerk

>massive autist who goes too far in every direction
But does she need to be a turbo bitch too?

>not being a massive bitch

Pick one

>just FUCK MY SHIT UP already, Jesus Christ

Just fuck already she's obviously in love with you dummy
Lewd well at least she liked the gift

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Honestly it’s her fault for conditioning him with false rape allegations.

inb4 her false rape allegations actually led to him actually confessing in a previous attempt, but then she tried for a do-over and it led to the current state of the series because the guilt of seeing her breasts before the rape allegations caused him to remain full beta forever

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Has anyone enjoyed reading this? I caught up recently and thought it was a terrible slog due to being insanely retarded.

I enjoy the art.

I wonder if she doesn't realize she sent him a pic with a nip slip.

I kinda liked the first few chapters leading up to the reveal that this was suppose to be some elaborate way to fix how she broke him in the past by wiping his memory, but the title is just too tonally inconsistent to give a shit about. The art is great, the story is dogshit after this many years of dragging it out month to month.

Sadly most manga series that all started around the same time lately are just trash. Even cosplay girl and doll boy is struggling to make it work on the premise after this long. The rental girlfriend series is even worse. Most of the guy teaches girls titles were complete bombs for endings as well. No one wants to talk about boy fucks both stepsisters, knocks one up, and marries the other ever again. Is girl too shy to speak still going cause fucking christ that series got painful introducing a love triangle, nothing burger, and then he boringly dates the silent girl finally.

All manga is pretty much shit and I only check Yea Forums to see if OPM finally ended to catch up on.

Brown girl bullies soft boy has been nice lately and it feels like there is always at least some progress. I've been binging small boy sold to principal of devil school recently and it has a lot of cute romantic stuff and for what its worth the MC isn't a huge pussy.

>she broke him in the past by wiping his memory,
I only remember them taking care of a kitten together, but he remembers that, he just doesn't recognize her.

Official art

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Is that Takamine or the Kendo Girl? Can't tell with sameface.