Why do Japanese storytellers like to depict friendships in such a homoerotic way...

Why do Japanese storytellers like to depict friendships in such a homoerotic way? Sometimes i think they live in an entirely different reality from us.

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>Two kids touching hands
>Automatically gay in your head
user, I... I'm sorry all your friends were fags.

If you think it's homoerotic it's your problem.
They both marry to girls.
Also shows like Supernatural exists in the west.

KINO youtu.be/Q-ejz2RmueE
Can digimon even compete?

It's called bromance, it's not gay shit

Why are Americans so sensitive that they see everything as gay?

you should come out of the closet john

Supernatural is gay as fuck dude do you live under a rock, this show was basically tumblr gay fantasy at some point and I mean the writer fucking browsed the website and inserted their fans fanfiction in the show.

it seems all the so called homoeroticism is on you

What's wrong with holding hands with your bro? As long as you're not gay and he's not gay who cares?

You were suppose to agree with me
Im in charge here!

Spotted the American. Stay in your containment failed state and keep your degeneracy outside of anime.

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Ussop and Luffy, thread done

>two guys holding hands
While in based and pure Japan shit becomes real when a girl and a guy hold hands, in murica they lose their minds when two guys or two girls do.

t.insecure homoangst moron

>Supernatural is gay as fuck
Don't care

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Puritans should've drowned. Is it too late now?

>Discussing friendship with Yea Forums
Do you realize now, how silly you are OP?

There are certain limits when it comes to friendships. Obviously holding your best bud hand and telling him you love him in a completely straight way is ok. Is only when two boys do shit like pic related when you can say they might be gay. In women's case, they have more liberties because they aren't as shy as boys are

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die groomer

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Turkish boys bathe together and wash each other's dicks and give brojobs without it being gay.
Americans sucessfuly pull of the gay panic defence in court when they beat up someone for smiling at them.

>Turkish boys bathe together and wash each other's dicks
Sounds reasonable
> and give brojobs
Like... with thier mouths?

>Girls holding hands makes people assume they're gay
They do?

There's nothing gay with giving your bro a hand or two to relieve him from stress. The West has really fucked your perception of friendship

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Digimon has always been gay

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Everyone knows the closer the friendship is., the more kino the story is. Take Naruto or Madoka for example. They depict strong friendships between characters of the same sex without it being seen as gay. That's the key when creating a deep and genuine story

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>Without it being seen as gay
Now I'm confused if this it bait or not. Naruto is correct though, as retarded that "friendship" could be.

Yes. I remember how in elementary school there was a personal space lesson, past kindergarten noone casually hugged or held hands or anything. "Keep everyone at least an arm's length apart" or some bullshit. Then by 5th grade people start learning about sex so anything gets related to banging and not just simple affection. It's no wonder I'm like this now.

It's the truth tho

>thinking madoka is had homoerotic subtext
What part of it was gay? Are New Worlders really degenerates and sex perverts who see sex and eroticism everywhere they look?

Unrelated but I wish Tri was in this art style. I hate the character designer's style for that series and I never picked it up because of that

Thankfully the classic art style returned for Kizuna and now the upcoming movie

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You've got to leave space for Jesus.

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Weirdly enough it wasn't even a religious area. More a result of overrreacting soccer moms and suing over the tiniest thing, I think. That era.

>They depict strong friendships between characters of the same sex without it being seen as gay.
fucking kek, the only "friendship" that I can think of that's even gayer than those two examples is Eren and Armin

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There's nothing gay about sniffing your bro's soccer jersey or licking his recorder.

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Japan is neither part of the Abrahamic World (sexually paranoid) nor the Pozzed West (sexually degenerate)

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It sounds like you're projecting pretty heavily there, OP. Something you'd like to share with the rest of us?

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Yeah, homosexuality just "exists" as far as the Japs are concerned and they don't try to tack on anything to it

You had no real male friends and no brothers growing up. Now, you have no idea how to understand brotherhood.
Don't worry, you'll fit in with the fujos.

Based Japan proving you can become sexually degenerate without anyone's help.

>aren't as likely to go to jail as boys are

Picrel is bad because sodomy is wrong user but nothing in the good book says anything against girl bulge.

>That era.
Born when?

Yamto does. Taichi is never shown with a wife.

I think my issue is less what OP is implying and more how so very often said friends involved one side completely betraying the other forcing the main hero to completely obsess over chasing down the traitor to bring him back.

Based Nippon

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It was for stupid reasons the group broke up, but they ended up at the same place.

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user, what you just said is a legitimate example of toxic masculinity.

True masculinity is toxic. Those which fail in such an environment die.

user confirmed touch-starved and pornsick.

>toxic masculinity
Please keep American """politics""" outside of Yea Forums. USA is so fucked up (it always was) that it's not worth talking about them. A disgrace to all humanity. Thankfully their hegemony of degeneracy is coming to an end and not a moment too soon.

I'm not even gonna let guys that haven't gotten with girls yet if ever and aren't literally asexual by brain or very existence have any physical contact besides handshakes, high fives or carrying over their shoulder.

Honorable had an intense and unhealthy love for Madoka, but I dont think that it was a romantic love. It was obsession without sexual desire, at least in my view.

Fucking autocorrect. Homura had an intense and unhealthy love. Sorry for phoneposting senpai.

Well yeah this is a better example but you got shit like Naruto where said title character is more obsessed with his rival (who barely had any time as his bro) than any of his potential love interests.

Blame homo shippers. You have to jump through hoops just to keep characters looking platonic like they should. As a yuri fan, I hate how nearly every friendship, not even close, especially male, is seen as romantic or sexual by default unless they're constantly calling each other retarded faggots who should kill themselves or throwing into the gates of Hell for their idea of a joke.

There's an unspoken expectation and I know this because I'm somewhat guilty. Shipperfaggotry has univerally damaged perception of character relationships.

>Homura changes to Honorable
Homuhomu is real and is trying to rewrite history as we speak.

>toxic masculinity.

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>As a yuri fan
Stop talking you scum

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If even yuri fans recognize they are distorted from human feelings, that means actual humans must find them alien.

What is a Brojob? Does it Involve Hand or Mouth? I need to know for study reasons!

Fuck off, retard.