2022.. I am forgotten

>2022.. I am forgotten

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I will never forget Miko's hairy pussy

But it still regularly has threads.

I can't stop fapping to Miko getting fucked by ghosts

The anime sales flopped.

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The manga is still good

Intense eye contact. With Miko.

how does this affect me if I didn't invest money in this anime?

It means no season 2.

sometimes it's a blessing

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>mfw I was in this anime

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Monthly mango

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No it doesn't. Physical sales don't matter shit anymore.

Where is 42???

Good. Hated how goofy the anime was. OP felt so misplaced.


Maybe Friday

Since we went from Mieruko to Sono Bisque last season, what are we watching this season chums?

I'm just saying the manga has a better tone.

Dance Dance Danseur

yamate yamate mou yamate
yamate yamate mou yamate
WABABA SANZAN DESU akuryou taisan
ZANEN DESU nande sonna dechau no


This scene will forever define the show.

Imagine being the ghost that fucks Miko's pussy every night in the bath tub

The OP was great


We had a decent thread for the last chapter just recently, and we're going to have another, and another.

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I'm actually amazed there's no tentacle art up, considering the new girl.

Maybe the yuri hating schizos scared off the artists

those eyes...

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Nip artists don't really care about shit like that though. Do they?

It was never good, just a piss fetish taken too far.


>just a piss fetish taken too far.
And that is bad for...

Someone post a webm of her fearwetting

Best I can provide.

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I am a yuri enjoying schizo and a drawfag, just waiting for that chapter 42 power-up

Didn't think they did. Just talking shit about that user sperging out last month

show was good

The manga releases are too slow. When the first episode dropped I read the entire manga and since then like 2 new chapters have dropped. Insanely slow. At this rate it will take years for there to be enough content for a season 2 and no one will care about a season 2 at that point.

let my dude enjoy Elden Ring in peace.
Also doubt being a mangaka is his main job & got a family, so I would rather have him publish chapters at his own pace

How could I possibly forget about the only person who actually gets me on some level?

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Yulia's black nails

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Why does Julia paint her nails black? Her appearance otherwise is pure chuuni perky-ness

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It was flavor-of-the-fifteen-minutes anime. Move on.

this is only the beginning

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The last arc with the Yandere is pretty good.

When is the mandatory beach chapter?

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Good thing you didn't drop it when YANG DIED

the fire rises

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Based Trips

My fucking sides!!!!

heheh, I got you good

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link to last thread? I wanna see how Yea Forumsnons reacted to tentacle-chan

I'm a big fan of the manga and have no interest in watching the anime. I have it downloaded and got like 5 minutes into episode 1 before I lost interest

I mean, it was gonna be hard to convert to anime form; but the director definitely swung and missed with his/her take on it. I enjoyed the extra fan service tho. And Miku in color is great.

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I can't forget my wife and her hairy pussy.

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>cropping out Chadnaguma

>Hairy pussy

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I still read the manga day of release. It's a fun series, and yandere cthulu girl is looking to be top tier.