Which anime character made you realize you were a 地図?

Which anime character made you realize you were a 地図?

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keep hiding pedo

>happy sugar life

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I see what you did there.

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Why do so many lolicons know jap?

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Coconut from yamanosusume

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Because there's a lot of untranslated loli material.

none. i'm only into bara.

Greatest love story ever told.

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The Witch Hat Atelier girls for some reason

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This. Based fellow man ass CHAD.

explain, i knows its read as chizu and means map

Stfu pedo

地図 = map
MAP = Minor-Attracted Person

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Minor-Attracted Pedophile

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Who has that amateur animation of a loli being repeatedly raped in an alley (implied) and ends with a car accident?

While we're at it, where the fuck is the comic about a robogirl being destroyed while feeling pain, for youtube views.

And that nazi jew yuri comic. Thst was hot.

The third one is hashbanned on Yea Forums now.

Negev from Negev x Kar98k isn't a loli. The others are pretty good though.

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o rly?

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Which part? I'm pretty sure you were never really able to post the whole thing since it's way above the maximum pixel height.

>Minor-Attracted Pedophile
Isn't that redundant?
All pedophiles are attracted to minors.

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Is that girls frontline?

>fbi hands typed this.

The girls from Oreimo

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what the fuck I just tried to post this and it said upload failed like 5 times

lol this happens to me too.

True but it's funnier

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Yes. The author got a lot of death threats because she made the dumb chinese gun into Dr. Mengela

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My platonic and only love, here she is.

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idk, maybe the imouto from S-Cry-ed?

That's not true, pedophilia is based on physical development. If the age of consent were lowered or if you were attracted to a prepubescent adult that would still be pedophilia.


i'm not attracted to minors or any gross as hell shittin and pissin humans. i am attracted to anime drawings.

stop baiting.

dude if it pisses and shits it needs to stay tf away from me



I lost my virginity at a young age to someone else around my age at that time and now i'm a Pedo because I fully remember being attracted to and having sex with that age group when I was in that age group.

What? I don't now what that means and frankly I do not care. I only came for the loli in the image.

that one blonde russian girl that fucked like 40 men

i find it hilarious how creating that term backfired on /p*l/ this hard


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What happened?

>26min long gif
holy fuck

Here I was thinking it went:
Cheese (homophone in Japanese)
Cheese pizza

If you'd posted this on a different site, it would have been believable.

fuck i didn't even realize this was really good

/poo/tards thought they'd be able to undermine the lgbbq movement by making it look like #map allies were supporting cunny through a false flag operation.
unfortunately for them, people unironically started using it and it didn't undermine the legbutts at all. they failed on all fronts and much lulz were had.

Hey wait a second, I can't read moonrunes but I know that's not ロリコン

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Holy shit it was 26 minutes long? I got ao invested I didn't even notice it was that long.

They created it as a falseflag to show LGBT people were actually supporting pedophilia as an identity, and everyone in the world immediately clocked it as such. Then a bunch of actual pedos adopted it but people still ignore it as a /pol/ falseflag so they get to push their pedophile ideology without the same pushback as if there hadn't been any meddling.

I wanted to save it but accidentally opened a frame and then I put it into mpv to scroll to the moment where I was left and noticed it was that long.

The worst decision of my life was making a pixiv account.

What makes you say that?

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Goddamn it I spent half an hour on this and it ended up being pretty compelling.

What the hell was #map before that?

It's love. Mutual love. Why do you have a problem with that?

Because now I'm addicted to cooming to the most abhorrent shit

>my higlight of the day was reading a nazijew yuri love story
was this old Yea Forums all about?

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VP or NAMBLA maybe? Nothing that ever had this kind of pervasiveness or escaped as much scrutiny as this.

It's not even that old, and the author has repeatedly stated they still plan on releasing more of it but just haven't had the time.

I have robogirl here.

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