Liar Satsuki Can See Death

Chapter 44. The day is saved, and all it took was for Satsuki to kill herself.

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In case you ever doubted her.

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Oh good, Komachi's here to help.

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Kek. What a literal autist
>dat face

Oh good.

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Long live the king.

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>she actually did it the absolute madwoman

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>Komachi was a crazy psycho bitch all along
Really activated my almonds

Miho was always right

Literal psycho

>suddenly best delinquent waifu saves you

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umm... komachifags please explain


>the things i do for love

True love right here.

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Satsuki looked like she wanted to die, Komachi tried to help, makes absolute sense to me.

>sometimes dead is better
That's literally Komashit

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>oh you werent trying to kys
>my bad :^)
komachifags will defend this

Akira is so dashing

Best girl

>t-that was only trying to grab my hand, r-r-right?
Holy COPE. Is Satsuki really an autist or just plain stupid?

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She deserved it

a woman of strong ideals, a hero of justice

A good wife does EVERYTHING for her girl, even assisting in suicide.

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a real human bean

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what the fuck, Satsuki.

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Can someone kill that fucking cringey manlet?


A good omen as we move closer towards a big Akira arc. Hopefully the idiot couple can kiss and make up faster this time. And in bad news, next chapter's on May 4th. I also might be traveling at the time, so I could be late.
As I said last time, I'll probably do a dump later this month for the next chapter of Throw Away the Suit Together. Unfortunately there won't be a Satsuki thread in 2 weeks for me to announce exactly when that will happen. But maybe happy island lesbians can start balancing out the stress of crazy school lesbians.

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>I'm chaotic neutral, mmkay?

He's starting to believe.

>If I jump I will die. I do not want to die. But I said I will jump, and I am not a liar.
>she actually fucking jumps
Whoever becomes her wife/autism wrangler is going to be in for a fucking hassle.

She's still a good girl. She just genuinely thought Satsuki wanted to die, so she tried to help. That's what friends are for, right?


Miho was right to bully that fucking psycho.

Too be honest, Satsuki knew she would be fine because her premonitory body never showed up, maybe just hurt really bad.

Well yeah, that much we all can see, aside from the deaths he himself is trying to cause, there is too much shit happening around Satsuki.

The only question is if this mean someone else has to die, or if the deaths themselves are just a way to correct things to a certain path.

So does he not get the visions a certain amount of time in advance if he had to rely on the lab coat to figure out sensei wouldn't die that day?

She's a good girl and she means well. Shut your whore mouth.

>I don't see my own corpse so I'll be fine!
>paralyzes herself, destroys her own legs and becomes a vegetable

What the FUCK is her goddamn problem?

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>Oh, my friend and the girl who stopped that other girl from bullying me is trying to kill herself? But wait she grabbed onto the stairway ledge?
>I know, she just needs my help in self euthanasia!

And a separate post just for Shi ni Aruki.
Depending on my travel plans I might get held up, but I'm currently aiming to start doing daily chapter releases after the next chapter of Satsuki. Sorry for taking so long. But now that I have 2 other manga to worry about, I have to make sure it won't impact them.

Just to summarize, Shi ni Aruki is Ryouko's previous manga, starring yet another autistic JK surrounded by death. There's a lot of similarities. It really sucks not being able to talk about it. There's even been a lot of comments comparing the two on the latest chapters of Satsuki. Especially this one. When Ryouko says fate demands a corpse, there's no more fucking around.

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Jesus christ, I can see why they described Komachi as the 'dark heroine' now. Miho needs to put that psycho back in her place again
Stop posting, Komachi

>Legitimately thought she wanted to die, and tried to "help" her out
What the hell happened to her in the past?

I'm too dumb. What's up with the lab coat, and who was the girl?

Long live the king.

Komachi is not a psycho, she is a very broken girl and doesn't understand that Satsuki is an airheaded, autist. Please understand.

You're all so quick to laugh off Satsuki's autism, but the second Komachi displays a little social quirk or misunderstanding, you race to the keyboard to proclaim her the devil. You should be ashamed.

fuck off komachi bootlickers, she'd just as soon turn on you

What kind of a person see's their friend jump, grab a ledge and think 'Oh they were definitely trying to kill themselves! Let me help them with that!'?

I literally just stated she was trying to "help" her friend commit fucking suicide, that is not normal, I didn't say she was the fucking devil, but she is unhinged as fuck, and I want to know what could have possibly happened to make her this way.

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there's a difference between being autistic and being A FUCKING PSYCHO

He was wearing his lab coat in the premonitory corpse, but takes it off after school, so he wouldn't die then. Sayoko's talking about Satsuki. Seems like a confirmation she's not the one who can see bodies.

I quoted the wrong post, I didn't mean to quote you.

Someone told Komachi she has to do ANYTHING they tell her to or she will get beaten up.

And by anything I mean sex, when Miho was bullying her, Komachi was worried the marks would show up if she got hurt where the skin was exposed and this would create trouble for "others"