Shingeki no Kyojin

It's heavily implied Annie and Bert had sex and Annie is pregnant. Will the BAby be a girl or will he look as handsome as Bert? How much importance will the BAby have in the sequel?

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I love Mikasa

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Same. Especially when she's killing fascists pigs.

It just made sense

I'm not a schizo and I won't take my meds

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>It just made sense
No it didn't.

Mikasa and the coolest guy wish Jean Happy Birthday!

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The BAby witnessing daddy beating mommy up after he found out how much of a cheap slut she was!

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See a therapist nah I would have been happy with EH too but it’s only a ship and the shittiness of the fumbling was a far worse blow to me

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What is this collage even mean? They are the only characters that were used by their parents?

You will take your meds user, EM is the only way It was established from the start, It will be the greatest anime romance of all time

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>daddy, why is mommy beaten and bruised?
>daddy, what does 'slut' and 'whore' mean?

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this but unironically

>Mikasa, can I watch how Jean destroys your cervix with his horsecock?

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Just do whatever every other ship with no canon content gets and enjoy it regardless of canon. When a series shits the bed like snk, everybody is basically fucked. Even the canon ship war winrars.

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Happy birthday Jean!

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>POV: you're Bert forcing Annie to abort all the kids she had with her many nights where she wasn't home

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RE is more kino than EH. They represent the theme of surpassing your parents, as well as the theme of breaking the circle of hatred.

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Jean is a lucky guy!

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>immediately jumps on Armin's dick right after bert saved her
What the fuck is that whore's problem?

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Both RE and Eh are the same and you're either autistic or a self-inserter to believe that the Chad and Stacy of the manga would marry a crayon-eating incel psychopathic clueless retard like Eren.

Armin's cock is that good. Even getting beaten up by Cuckold didn't stop her from craving it.

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Happy birthday Jeancat

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Stacies don't spread their legs for their servant after the guy they liked rejected them.

Listen, we all know Annie fucking sucks and got away with everything but get ahold of yourself.

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this but with EM

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Green eyes on the baby soon

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LEfagging is back in fashion? good

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I bet Jean was thinking about Eren on his deathbed too.

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Eren is an autistic incel cuck who killed his mom and started the rumbling after being familyzoned. Deal with it.

Do you think they called their son Ereh?


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And even he rejected Historia.

Why though you get a kid that'll live without parents.

Unless the curse is some fake shit but I'm an anime watcher

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This thread is now property of LEschizos, we have no basis in canon and are also the reason some people think this show has legit BL elements because of our pandering merch/fandom presence and we are not sorry about it.

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Mikasa is the best!

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Who of you made this thread?

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It's heavily implied BAwhale suck Isayama's dick

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Mappa should have cut this line, it doesn't go well with this series conclusion

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>made a spreadsheet about impregnating noblewomen
This is definitely one of us, own the fuck up

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The rejection wouldn't be as funny tho

you'll never be a woman.

Fucking your middle aged teacher is completely fine

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Yeagerist blood really brings out her best features

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Mocking LE shippers doesn't make you and your ship seem better tREnnie

His biological clock is ticking, he’ll be less resistant to enthusiastic sloppy breeding.

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This one is good. I approve.

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Kek I like LE actually, I also find it laughable. If you take your ship completely seriously you’ll catch a mental illness

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Why does Eren want Historia to suffer.

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For fun.

same as everybody else, because he wanted to have fun genociding

Did this retard hear about primogeniture? Does he know why it existed?

Imagine cancer BAcuck butthurt itt

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>"let's behead you instead"

new mimi illustration

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>Delusional BAfat sperging

Shit thread. Mods?

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*nuke and behead

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why does hisu have such bushy brows? i bet she is hairy all over.

it's old actually, from 2014

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I hate this anime and manga, I literally can’t escape it. Even when I’m off line I hear normalfags everywhere talk about it. Make it stop

So smug

why don't u rike?

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oh i r stupid sorry.

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Cope seethe dilate BAfat

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I need eren

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I understand

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Could the rumbling have been stopped if Falco just ripped Zeke off of Eren's titan instead of Levi beheading him? Would Zeke be a better ruler of Paradis than Historia? Do you think he would want a family of his own after talking to Grisha/Armin?

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