Pretty Series and Aikatsu

Almost time for Auru's debut.

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But can your aidorus heal?

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Not even an /ai/ show, so fuck off.

Cute boy.

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It's Sakura's birthday so say something nice about her.

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DMF 10th Anniversary (on Japan )

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i ENJOY the… KA BUUUUU KI jokes~.

>New Sanrio character.
>Apparently will be voice by a singer.
Sanrio is REALLY into idols.

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She looks like a VT**er.

A male vtuber or a female vtuber?
Maybe the ambiguity can be Auru's appeal.

She looks like an arrogant bitch.

Good. The best way to fix an arrogant bitch is with cock.

>no two things are alike
>says the company with a 100 palette swap cat characters

My queen

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Make it stop

Stop what?

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I wish someone would lure me into homosexually.

I think they're talking about time.

Make time go back... I'm a cake this year, my chances at being a cute JS idol have long passed. What is even left for me...

At least you aren't new year noodles yet.

Better start looking for a guy with a job.

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She's inori's sister?



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What does JJ mean?


Shouldn't Shibuya "teen pregnancy" Rin be in that group?

I like PowaPuri

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I want to die.

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I want to eat Myamu's pussy.

But it smells like cat piss

And that's a good thing.

Cute burd

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Where'd his nose go

Gone with make up.

Boys should have sex with boys, and girls with girls. But the boys should crossdress.

Cross-dressing boys can have sex with girls?

>Emma notices something leaking from the booster

>wanting gay shit

Boys should remain background characters, and girls should have sex with me. The boys can still crossdress in the background if they want.

Only if they get pegged.

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>not wanting boys
What a delusional faggot.

>next idol land episode will be about >boys

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I love you Nono Hana.