What release of Evangelion and The End of Evangelion is the best? What has the most accurate subtitles?

What release of Evangelion and The End of Evangelion is the best? What has the most accurate subtitles?

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even for EoE?


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then how come it isn't listed as the best on those reference google docs?

What the fuck do you mean reference docs? If you have a list with the best why ask the question here?

because it goes against what I've heard here and I want to talk with actual human beings about it instead of looking at a google doc

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Someone who's seen this exact question asked constantly since 3.0 + 1.0 came out. I know you're the same fucking person.

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Any anime out there with a similar concept to NGE? Like having pseudoreligious themes or the surrealism?


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it's right there tho

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Sephirotic has the best video because of his CC, which eva desperately needs. Pic rel is an unedited frame from the USBD.

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I don't know, I downloaded the most popular from nyaa and it had good subs.

That's why I circled it, oftentimes the first choices in that spreadsheet are wrong

Shinji, I....


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>posting this in an eva torrent thread
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Color correction.

But Asuka would.

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Watch the dub

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Is this an Asuka thread?

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Rei. Asuka gives off heavy bottom vibes

but it's listed as secondary
and not art all for EoE

what am I supposed to be seeing that's wrong here

Everything is way too dark, the shot is supposed to take place in broad daylight. Seph's attempt to correct it was pretty good, but I feel like Shinji is still too pale in his.

is there a reference for what the shot is supposed to actually look like?

Evangelion as a series has strived for a hopeful message and is generally life-affirming even in it's darkest iterations.

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Closest thing is this cel that appears a few shots before, not all cel scans are accurate but I think it's relatively easy to tell when they are and aren't.

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you don't know about its famous knockoff? Along with the video game knockoff.

What about for EoE specifically?

EoE's alot better, but could still be improved.

Listen to the EoE dub once for the cartoon splat sound effect.

I meant what do you think is the best version out there for that
I don't know how much correcting that needed or what Seph did for it compared to the show

I listened to the dub for the third impact in EoE out of curiosity and they severely toned down and removed all the moaning in the background during the scene
dubs are shit, always

I don't think Seph did any CC for EoE, so Balls is probably the best video. It does need some level of correction though imgsli.com/OTkzNDk

do you mean Baws?
what about subtitles?

>do you mean Baws?
>what about subtitles?
This was answered in literally the first reply

Baws himself claimed Seph's subs had problems
But then he also commented on his own torrent saying the subs he made for it actually sucked too
So now I don't know what to believe

Seph's are the best currently. Please stop asking this question.