Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

New raw chapter out, dumping it now.

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Bros Clara is just too cute it's not fair

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>Big bro charges the scene
>First thing he hears is his imouto confessing her love for the hottest guy in her class
Should've predicted this but this is amazing

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Why I didn't see this coming?

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Two minutes left to Sullivan's release.

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Momo looks way too cool for a Kallego simp.


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>that mug
absolute fucking bullies. Iruma has permission to shoot to kill its high time he used it.

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Seems like the exam will end without much participation from Iruma's team and Kalego.

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Tell me Golden Lion, do you have enough weapons?

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One minute left.

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we got 32 minutes as of the start of this chapter remaining. Halfway through the event now at least.


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>mfw i realize my cute imouto is a whore
Too bad he's young, he really needs a pipe

Oh no! OH NO!
End of chapter. We will get a collaborative cover next time.

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Volume 26 is out, dumping the extra stuff.

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thanks for the dump user

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Sabnock needs his own battle shonen manga.
Damn he looks cool

So this chapter or the next will be the end of the SOS part. But I'm betting this arc finishes before season 3 airs.

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Oh no, the Oni brother trying to recruit him into the Iruma simp club

And that's all.

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RUUNNNNNN robbin sensei is snipping

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What are these?

>this setup
who will cuck him? Iruma intercept? Allocer ambush? Stone wall? random fluff ball juggling eggs?

Oh, didn't Nishi basically say she made Purson go poof between sketching and inking during the serialization?
Here's from the volume.

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These are clear bookmarks.

>thigh-high boots sheep

ahh, now I see

So Alice is a girl rightq

We don't have absolute proof of it yet.

Limited Blade Works is a pretty cool power.

Alice is whatever Iruma-sama wants it to be.

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Couldn't be fucking bothered so he just fucking melted through the spires, amazing.

Considering he's in a tree, that other group in the tree might be in position to mess him up.

Sabnock kinda did the same thing; he just broke through them instead. These kids truly are abnormals 2.0.

>Everyone getting rightfully hyped by Sabro ENTERing

Hell yeah

I'm 100 chapters behind how HOW are they going to cover 6 years of the school and any future arcs with Iruma actually becoming the Demon King within the author's lifespan? :blush:


Like if we assume this is a longform series, for a full six years that's like 24 years or so of Iruma. But we probably won't get that long of iruma though.

I'm expecting a timeskip or an arc that will interrupt the schooling or expedite it.
I don't think Nishi had this planned out to be as long as One Piece

My instinct tells me Iruma will make a play to stop Robin. His considerations several chapters ago led him to the conclusion that other teams are better suited for the frontal charge of the device, so he opted to play backrow support for his class, allowing him to get the jump on Robin with Chima's help. Sullivan successfully stopped, arc over (please).