Oricon's Top 10 Weekly Chart by Series (03/28-04/03)

Note: One Piece volume 102 had like 3 days of presales during this time period even though the volume official came out on the 4th

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Guess how long until JJK and Tokyo Revengers are off the chart. This year you think?

One piece chads always win baby

>One piece chads always win baby

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500 million sales. Best selling comic of all time, baby. Feel free to seethe for me.

stop posting that shit, nobody cares

>500 million sales.
Wrong. Why do you pisstards not get the difference between sales and circulation? Wanpiss prints 3M+ per volume and doesn't even sell 2M.

I accept your concession lmao

500 million in overinflated circulation due to the overprideful retards at Shueisha giving nonstop 3 million first prints despite the last ~10 volumes not selling 2 million copies yet.

You can look up the sales numbers for the last volume right now, user. Then look up what it added to the total circulation number.
For as long as we've had third party sales tracking, One Piece has sold no more than around two thirds of its print. That's just how it is. Your 500M are probably more like 300M when it comes to actual sales.

If TR finishes this year.


Even if your headcanon might be true, does it change that One Piece is the best selling comic of all time? Lol no.

>might be true
Nice backpedalling. It is true. Cold hard facts that you just need to look up.
>does it change that One Piece is the best selling comic of all time?
Yes. Well, it doesn't "change" things to begin with, since even if it had sold 500M units, it wouldn't be "the best selling comic of all time". Batman sold over 600M worldwide.
Of course, you'd argue that Batman has many more volumes, and you'd be right: What really matters is sales per volume, not total sales, which is rather arbitrary and biased towards things that opt to go on and on rather than concluding at some point. But obviously, One Piece does look pretty average in terms of per-volume-sales as well, with at the very most 5M per volume (3.5M at most if we go by actual sales). KnY has it easily beat, and that's with its actual sales against One Piece's inflated circulation number. And Devilman is arguably the strongest, at least of the manga we have numbers for, with 10M per volume.

Warm Piss is NEVER going to sell like it used to and it's all downhill from here baby

300 million is less than Batman, Superman, Asterix or many others. Sorry but your shitpiss is a flop

One Piece always number 1 baby, love to see it

Not reading all that cope. Still the best selling comic of all time made by one author lmao. Stop samefagging, btw.

>Opens oricon thread
>checks to see if One Piece is on the list

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wan piss bros, this pathetic attempt at hiding how everyone hates the asspull is making us the joke...

We used to sell 2 million copies... we're down to 1/10th of that...

Dragonball also is at 7 mil per volume and its estimated 100 million illegal copies float around in just china alone

>Not reading
Figures. You are a pisstard afterall.

>estimated 100 million illegal copies float around in just china alone
To be fair, there's barely anything that doesn't have millions of illegal copies in China. Hell, there are probably illegal copies of you and me in China.

>more cope and headcanon
Best. Selling. Comic. Of. All. Time. By. A. Single. Author.
Cry more.

>Best. Selling. Comic. Of. All. Time.
>By. A. Single. Author.

Don't bother, Opiss bady will keep adding clause so that their precious series will always be the best. it's like kids making up imaginative superhero. Like this

But that's what the Guinness record was from 2014, wasn't it?

blackjack as well

Samefagging won't hide your seethe lmao

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Imagine thinking that everyone who doesn't agree with your lies and delusions is the same person.

About that Opiss baby

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After getting beaten not only by KnY, but also JJK, TR and MHA in the yearly sales really must have done a number on these pissfags

Can't wait for next week's chart when the top 4 each potentially outsell this week's entire chart.

Nice job using inspect element. Talk about obsessed...

This. They'll NEVER reach the number 1 spot again. It will be forever denied them by superior, shorter series. I foresee this as the new format of WSJ going forward, smaller and more contained series with higher quality in artwork and storytelling, each making several times more money in a year than OP has in the last 5

Well their series keep getting worse over year and the sale is the only thing that they have left to deflect criticism
>It doesn't matter that Oda drawing is worse, it still the best selling manga ever
>It doesn't matter that the plot is repetitive and keep drag on, it still the best selling manga
>It doesn't matter that Wano is shit, it still the best selling manga ever.

I just take a screenshot

>the Guinness record
Did you know that you can buy your very own custom-tailored world-record for just 1000 Dollars? You just have to be creative enough to cme up with a title that no one else has claimed yet.
See here:

>This is a paid-for service which costs £500 (in the UK) and $800 (in the US) for applications for existing record titles, and £650 (in the UK) and $1,000 (in the US) for applications for new record titles.

You can even pay with Paypal!

Okay, I did not know that, that's cool.

Top 15 Initial Print Number of Manga from the 3 Major Publishers(Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha)

Period: April 2021 - March 2022

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So how much author get for each volume printed?

>I just [ESL cope]
It's "I just took a screenshot", monkey.


Why is the Print number for World Trigger this low? Doesn't it sell more than 300k during the first month already?

Besides merch (10%) and digital (10-12%), Oda makes U$1,251,500 (10%) for every OP vol.

The first month is when it sells the most I think so you plan for that and a bit extra. Seems consistent with MHA (sells over 500k) and Kingdom (sells over 700k). If anything I thought Kaguya would be more popular

I see pissfags are still coping in this thread.
Let me tell you something, every rational person knows you are retards and laughs at you behind your backs.


repost my post on wsj thread

AOT really declined over the years. remember it was close to 3M initial print back in the days
quick search shows 13th volume was at 2.75M print. so it lost nearly a million and a half since

every sane guy dropped that shit shortly or after the marley stuff

only reason the finals volumes got over 1 mil is cause ametalk mentioned the series back in like august 2020 and backlogs exploded

so you mean initial print actually declined to nearly under 1m? what was it like in 2019?

no im saying it would have, 30 was like 1.25 mil and volumes kept falling one after another, if not for that talk show it would have slipped to 1 mil or below, not even the anime would have changed that

Yeah 30 and 31 were 1.25M. is there an archive for that kind of info?
also it seems to peak at 2.75M. only series to break the 3M barrier were OP and KNY

Nice to see that Slime is still the #1 manga among adaptations.

>Frieren: Remnants of the Departed
Kek, they keep inventing new English titles


You're mentally ill and are in every oricon thread seething. Nobody takes you seriously.

Nowadays that's true, it can't sell 2mil in one year but the old volumes sold a lot more. The farther they go the less they sold.

Yes, you do.

Kimetsu is at 6 millions per volume.

>but the old volumes sold a lot more.
We only have actual sales numbers for less than half of its volumes, I think. And while One Piece sold more than today back when Oricon started to be a thing, they still overprinted. It's almost guaranteed that the 500M figure you see cited everywhere is inflated by more tan 20% and should be below 350M.