Idolmaster U149

What are your expectations for the U149 anime?

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TLDR? Never heard of this [email protected] before.

It's the UOOOOH series

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It's Cinderella Girls but just the smol ones. Even the producer is a manlet.

Manlets and cunny

A lot of fanart
Probably the best animation the franchise has ever seen

Western twittards going apeshit and saying [email protected] fans are sickos and they're sticking to LL/Proseka

[email protected] is dead in those kind of spaces. Only idol enthusiasts are watching this

I see. Heard that Anzu doesn't shows up though but I'm willing to give it a try.
Naruhodo. I will now check out your manga.

Anzu is unfortunately too old

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I have seen quite the opposite like they are happy for U149 anime since more [email protected] anime and more Arisu(since is popluar with these types more being "precious daughter") and U149 is a wholesome SoL manga so it's kosher for them.

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Nobody cares about what westerners say, why do you? And besides, filtering normalfags is a good thing.

Kissu Haru

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She's a little girl.

Because westerners already ruined Riamu and Mio and I don't want them ruining anymore


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Is the manga actually cute and funny or just bait?

It's wholesome cute and funny

As long as Japan doesn't care about two people on Twitter nothing is ruined you schizo

So they're probably just gonna give one episode to each of the character arcs, right?

>ManletP is a cake enjoyer
Based, bet he will treat the lolis like a dork uncle

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Sanae appreciators can't be bad

He starts as a cake enjoyer but he will learn that elementary students are the best.

Pretty sure that guy who originally made that Mio video quit altogether because the west memed on him too much

Cute and funny can't be wholesume.

Actually never mind he just bloody jumped ship to Uma
Of fucking course

Damn brats, need work correction

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What's with Japan and Alice in Wonderland?

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When the FUCK is Sakuya getting an anime?

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I can tell this producer will be based. The age of the manlets has finally come.

The only anime she needs is one where her and Mika do enjou kosai to pay back Production's debt.
Also isn't "prince like behavior" something usually reserved for yuri and not self insert stuff like [email protected]?

It's getting an anime? That's cool, it's legitimately the best exploration of newbie idol stuff of all the imas manga. To bad the threads are going to be garbage because of image dumpers and years of always feeding the trolls.

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Original [email protected] had Makoto.

>Alice is cute and funny
>dream isekai before isekai is a thing
>iconic blue dress

Looking forward to the shotajiji/loli content

>author was a Victorian cunnyseur

>An adult who is short but have a very developed body
Holy based

Pity bump

it's going to be really wholesome

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I'm going to be sad that Miria and Rika don't already know eachother in this series

Anzu also can't show up because she would bring her giant girlfriend along with her, and they can't have us knowing that [email protected] has a girl that big. After all, we're only supposed to know that this franchise is filled with lolis/cunny, and that's the appeal too.

They do jobs with JK idols several times and hang out with hags at the office.

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Can't wait to see more of my sugar wife animated.

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damn hags need to freeze their eggs

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Arisu has a one-sided rivalry with her

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Reminds me of this.

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>Arisu and Momoka just came back from the urinal

Which U149 is your favorite?

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Haru and Momo.

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Which is the daddy incest one?


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egoistic laoy

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The cute one

They're all cute!

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God bless Tomu.

my daughter

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oh wrong pic, but momoka is nice too

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I'm not interested, call me when the make "[email protected] Under 14 years old"

The scene where Arisu warns you about dropping your guard around bl*cks

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They should stop playing with tasers.

I expect a lot of uoooh threads. Which isn't a bad thing, uoh posters are based.