Post your favorite reaction pic

Post your favorite reaction pic.

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Discord tranny thread.


It's a rec. thread in disguise.

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you still got fooled and posted a rec pic.

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this one is pretty good

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Ive been bamboozled?

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I hate this anime a lot but the girls design is nice

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I always use this one when I criticize self-inserters.

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Tranny thread

based ao slut poster

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obvious samefag

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Every enel face reaction

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>not posting the far superior original one and only
on page 5

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yeah yeah yeah

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Moro Emilia

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You're a mentally ill obsessed troon. Get a life.

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I don't get to use it often though

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are you sure that you're not the obsessed one?

anyone got that one with the confused/angry girl being hugged with speedlines?


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never saw this one desu

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Screenshotted from Katawa Shoujo.

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>Windows XP
take me back

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I too miss the times where you could literally hijack someone's computer with just an IP address.

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I'm not an underage retard so I don't keep reaction pictures.

Wish I had more opportunity to post it.

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