ITT:Winning Girls

Post girls that won MCbowl. Losers need not apply.

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Called for me?

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Nino really won


A best and a bride
A drugger and a loser

I remember the Tsundere tears, beautiful.

Mmmmm nunnies

Dorkiest succubus sensei

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I still think it's neat how the show is actually a soul eater prequel set thousands of years before it.

I love how a cat singlehandedly broke a woman's heart.

I wish I was here in Yea Forums when this show was airing.

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I don't care about Fire Force and think Ohkubo fucking sucks, but those gloves are still sex.
I think those images of KanColle girls with their gloves spread out in front of them gave me a brain problems


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All of them
But especially Mahuyu

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Accept the facts

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I wish Kishimoto would have had a twin sister instead of a brother.

Then, not only would Sasuke have been a girl (and thus maybe cute?) Kishimoto would have also probably been more comfortable in accepting his own fixation with his twin, making him more ready to actually pull the trigger in pairing up Naldo and Sasky instead of them having this weird overly close relationship.
This way, the series would have been far less homoerotic, too.

And maybe Seishi could have had a better life, just being someone's bored housewife, instead of going crazy due to failure after failure with his manga and going off the deep end with his serializations

But of course

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fujos get the rope

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It's disappointing how few twinswap works have spawned from 5toubun

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You guys know the type of guy that won a spelling bee contest back when he was in the 1st grade and never shuts up about it?
That. That's Yotsubafags.

You sound like a little bitch.

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Nuns can't have romantic relationships though

Would rather Sekijou than Mizuki

Sensei best girl

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They can if it is pure love between nuns.

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Cope n*notard. You'll be hearing about Yotsubest's stunning victory for the next 10 years at the very least.

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worst girl

She at least gets to be a main wife.

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According to those that actually read the novels, there's no main wife. Retard.

Here are some.

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Fuck your canon.
I'm making my own! Where best girl wins!

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too good to be a thing

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sex the big tiddy drills

Here's hoping for a Master anime end, Akifag.

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Keep dreaming.

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Constantly in the mind of 8man can be considered a win.

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She doesn't deserve based Dragon-Slayer Arthur

Funny enough she doesn't win either
Nobody does in that series

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Which is why I said I'm making my own canon!

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Do second main characters count?

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