>episode 1 of the new season is airing in a few hours
>no thread

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everyone read the manga and know it's trash

Because we read the manga and there's not much to look forward to.

Will the anime reach the terrible love triangle bullshit?

What's there to talk about? I'm not even joking. The show/manga is pretty dull. You can straight up replace Komi with a cardboard cut out and the story won't be any much different.

LOL they never learn they don’t have any imagination or passion

still havent finished s1

>in a few hours
What? Didn't the first season JUST air like a couple months back?

the obnoxious yandere dyke killed the series

I dropped the manga once they started dating. What's happening at the moment?

I wonder if we are going to have another season of threads solely focused on Najimi.

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I don't know why I'm still going to watch S2 despite how mediocre season 1 was.

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Komi and Tadano went to scout an university and then had to spend a couple hours in a manga cafe because they got wet by rain (mostly Komi as she had to take a shower). Komi was "basically" flirting like a normal female being with Tadano in the last couple of minutes we are shown of their conversation

Will it get Netflix jailed again?

She horny

>reddit shit

Was there fanservice?

Nope but Tadano's moe resistance is lowering each moment they spent together, soon he will be like all the other characters who go "Uooooh" when Komi is in the same room

It was fine

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When will they fuck?

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As mentioned in the last thread: the manga is shit, but if you isolate just the chapters with Komi x Takano, it's okay. It's a cute, sickeningly sweet romcom of two very shy people falling in love with each other. After it's all over, someone should make a list of "chapters that matter" and you can just read that instead of every single chapter with stupid side character shenanigans.

we got a shitty battle royale arc, some good chapters with komi family, and the last one is a really sweet romantic moment

Najimi carries

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The only thing Najimi is carrying is used condoms around xer panties

Because it's shitflix exlusive

Filled with chadano cum? Sure

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Is this the horse fellatio thread?


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Komi's new boyfriend.

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Back when you could see Katai's face between his muscles

never ever

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It's garbage.

fuck is it gonna be another hour for the sub?

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Update me in 4 years when something happens.

Forced artsy ed.

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I would be surprised if they can work up the nerve before graduation. If they do, it would have to be Komi who initiates, because Tadano would never want to impose.

Well, it's the same as the first cour without quality drops so anyone still giving a fuck should be happy.

Is this still Netflix? Last season's subs were delayed like 2 weeks. Have to see if fansubs will pick up the slack.

Komi's bug eyed form is cuter than her normal form

I like the "girl being driven mad with lust" bit as much as the next guy, but really at this point I just want either of them to push the other down and scoop out their saliva with their tongues.

Cut your losses, user. It's shit. Don't make my same mistakes.

Is it?

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Ruined by mexicans.


Will she make that face during the sex chapter

They're both pathetic betas. They are never going to fuck.

She will stare at naked Tadano like a fixated cat. He'll feel pretty awkward.

>motion blur
>shallow focus camera
>lens flares
>jump cuts
>on-screen text
>film grain
>chromatic aberration
>chalk particles
>public domain classical music
>art style shifts
This has to be the most offensive example of dishonest animation I've ever seen.

The main girl's shtick got old real fast.
She's not even that pretty, kind of looks like an alien.

And just like a cat she'll pounce on him as soon as he averts his eyes

The weird thing with this show is that it was super popular on upvote site and elon musk site yet people here seem to just not give a fuck.

because the story is so dull

It's delayed 3 weeks on Netflix this time for some reason