Minako is cute and precious

Minako is cute and precious

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Calling dibs

Minako takes 80 episodes to get a personality and it ends up being diet Usagi with more cockthirst

>more cockthirst

Her hair is lighter than Usagi's and this thing weirds me out

she is cuter and better

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she's a slut

Its a shame they are jpegs

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png format would have been nice

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Minako and ami are very cute here

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i want the Bishoujo Senshi to drown me in the onsen

Id rather Minako make me eat her feet

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In all seriousness I'm starting to think Usagi is the only one of the main 5 girls I genuinely like as a person or character because everyone else just shits on her constantly

Like it's probably just a culture clash where it's like "well in Japan that's a bit more accepted/typical, them shitting on her constantly really means they're all great friends who are just trying to get her to improve" but from my perspective as a viewer it just eventually starts to feel like watching a flawed but likable girl surrounded by a mob of nagging harpies with one-dimensional personalities. Especially when that routine often ends with Usagi literally bursting into tears.

Like I look at pictures of them as a group and be like, "oh, Sailor Moon, I like this show :)" but then when I actually try to think of what I like about any of them but Usagi individually, besides their designs, I just draw an absolute blank on all of them except maybe Minako, and that mostly because of goodwill from Sailor V

Not sure if I just haven't watched recently enough to remember their good moments (only seen the first season/arc in full) or if I just like Usagi TOO MUCH. The other girls not really getting focus episodes feels like it hurts them too.

weird side note: people say the DiC dub makes the characters "too mean" but if anything from the clips I've seen of that I feel like I'd have a more positive outlook on the non-Usagi girls if that'd been the only SM thing I'd ever watched, because there it feels more like she gives as good as she gets since EVERYONE's more snarky, in a "it's a '90s animated show in English so everyone has an attitude and uses weird slang" way. Japanese subbed is the only way I've actually watched Sailor Moon, but I probably will watch that dub too because I find English anime dubs in the decades before the practice got really standardized pretty fascinating, in how dubbers etc. so often end up doing their own weird thing instead of trying to be a 1-to-1 translation.

Probably I'd even find their non-characters in the manga more likable because their limited screentime (panel time?) means they have less time to be mean bitches.


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Okay last post: I'd even go as far as saying Naru after the Nephrite episodes ends up feeling like a more likable person than them, and she practically disappears after that. Maybe they should've done more arcs with the other girls.

Heard they do something like that in the live-action and maybe I'd like them more there.

alright I'm done

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Cool story 7/10, Minako is better. But in all seriousness, interpreted dubs from that era and earlier are quite neat, like these really old gundamn ones were they just made up the story themself instead of translating at all.

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No she isn't. Sluts get laid.

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Usagi treats her friends and family terribly as well. They are all about as awful as you'd expect teenage girls to be.

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For me it feels like since you see Usagi so much, for every one moment where she comes off badly (and I like her but yeah there are a few), there's like 10 where she's really likable that cancel it out.

For everyone else, it's like that ratio is reversed. Some episodes they just pop up to nag and job in the mandatory fight, and then actually do something really nice or self-sacrificing like 10 episodes later.

Sailor V Minako is fun but I'm still at the part in the anime where they apparently weren't sure what to do with her, so it feels like I like her more out of "has actually been pretty nice to Usagi so far I guess" than stuff she's actually done. Not sure about SM manga Mina.

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Don't forget made for casual sex.

Minako is a nerdy slut

>takes 80 episodes to get a personality
Oh, look, it's that Amifag who uses "filler lists" to skip over all the character focus episodes.

It's hard to watch the whole thing as an adult w/o a persistent chatroom and a broken leg.

>the anime where they apparently weren't sure what to do with her
They literally gave her a massive focus episode right after her introduction, that laid out her whole personality in a more serious manner than ANY other character's in the series.
I hate how you speedwatchers wilfully igore that. Minako also gets the most memorable and elaborate character focus episodes during the R season, and I'm sick of you troll coming to every single Sailor Moon thread disputing that fact.

No, it really is not. I've rewatched it three times since turning 18, and that's despite already knowing it (almost) by heart from watching rerun after rerun as a young teenager on a daily basis.
And the slice-of-life light-on-plot-progression episodes are the best.

You're just obsessed with it. You get that a lot for dbz and the like.

>doesn’t like the filler
You and me will never see eye to eye. Never. You people are inherently different.

I mean, Minako's probably the one who comes the closest to me genuinely liking her in the anime. And the only reason I'm not quite saying I like her is because she came in late enough that I'm hoping to see more character moments from her later. I like what I've read of Sailor V and she's more fun in there.

>massive focus episode
It was a weird episode. Not really because of Minako though. Stuff like "uh oh Usagi, this monster that's no different from the 40 others you've already fought is just TOO MUCH, better take a boat and run away because we need to make a SAILOR Moon joke at least once" the sailor suit was cute, not gonna lie

I feel like the Sailor V stuff makes less sense than in the manga, and I'm not some huge SM manga fan and have read less of it than the anime. Like in the manga she's playing a Princess Serenity decoy and has a more Sailor Moon-ish uniform up until the princess is revealed and she takes her true Venus form. Makes sense I guess. In the anime I got the impression at first, since they weren't doing the decoy thing, that she just ALWAYS looked as she does, and her looking different in in-universe manga/games just represents how she's more of an urban legend or something that no one's seen too closely. That makes its own kind of sense too.

But actually in the anime, she was apparently just in Sailor V form and then at some unspecified time offscreen she just turned into Regular Venus (while keeping the goggles apparently) and then Artemis was like "guess that's your cue to join the others, I better tell Luna" and that's it. Like I'm not actually complaining or anything, but it feels better done in the manga.

>during the R season
haven't watched yet
>you troll coming to every single Sailor Moon thread disputing that fact
not me

I have made a few posts here recently "complaining" about weird Sailor Moon stuff, but mostly because I'm just getting into the series and think about it a lot.

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Is that the same book w/ the official nudes?

>this monster that's no different from the 40 others you've already fought
It isn't though. That whole thing was part of the "youma possessing normal people" part of the first season, which made them significantly harder to deal with.

>has a more Sailor Moon-ish uniform
She has pretty much the same uniform in both the anime and the manga. And in both cases, the reveal that Usagi is actually the princess comes pretty soon after. Besides, no one ever said that the princess needs to look anything like Usagi or Sailor Moon. Quite the opposite, since no one thought that Usagi would be the princess before Minako came along.

>haven't watched yet
Well, in that case you shouldn't make claims about a character that you haven't seen much of. And while her portrayal between manga and anime differs a bit, she's definitely the most consistent character between the two media, outside of Usagi and Chibi-Usa.

Probably at least one of the artbooks does, but the one that image came from doesn't really seem to.

>It isn't though
Yeah, I get they were going for that but in practice it didn't feel any different. It also felt weird that it was LUNA telling her to run instead of her doing it herself.

>She has pretty much the same uniform in both the anime and the manga
Didn't mean the Sailor V uniform was different between mediums; just that I feel the use of it in one makes more sense than the other.
>no one ever said that the princess needs to look anything like Usagi or Sailor Moon
Yeah, I phrased it weirdly but meant that I see more logic for the uniform changing in the manga.

>shouldn't make claims about a character that you haven't seen much of
That's why I said I'm just judging her on what I've actually seen her do though, which isn't too much yet. I think it's fair to consider each season/arc in terms of its own story.

It's why I'm also holding out hope that the other girls either get better episodes or I get Stockholmed into liking them more as I keep watching, whichever comes first.

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Consider the following: Hotaru.

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>in practice it didn't feel any different
Well, I thought that it did, but I cannot tell you how to feel about something.
>I see more logic for the uniform changing in the manga
The logic is the same: In one case, she's fighting on her own, and in the other, she's part of a colour-coded team and returns to the more traditional look.

>I think it's fair to consider each season/arc in terms of its own story.
Without spoiling why, I'd argue that seeing all of the seasons or arcs as one continuity is a more sensible approach.

>that the other girls either get better episodes
They definitely do. The first season kept character-focus episodes at a minimum (especially if you don't count the introduction episodes as focus) but R and S in particular have multiple episodes per girl. R generally does one each in its earlier and its latter halves, and S has three genuine Minako focus episodes alone (100, 109, 114). SuperS goes back to only having one dedicated focus episode per girl, but it does some focus on duos or the whole groups to make up for it. And let's not talk about Stars.

>In one case, she's fighting on her own, and in the other, she's part of a colour-coded team and returns to the more traditional look.
Okay, I can accept this. I still think it might've been cool if it took cues from the manga so that she's in Sailor V form for most of her debut episode but then actually changes into the Venus form onscreen, but mostly more for stronger continuity or something with the previous V cameos.

>Without spoiling why
I think I've had most of the series spoiled for me in terms of characters/larger plot details since I've meant to actually watch the series for years, but I'm cool with that because I guess the actual execution of those things is most important anyway.

>seeing all of the seasons or arcs as one continuity is a more sensible approach.
Normally I'd do that, but since the show's long enough I figured it's best to take a break between each season rather than binging it all straight through. Gives me more time to think of certain plot details and maybe get a better perspective on it all. Also I still want to catch up on the equivalent manga arc but haven't finished that yet.

>And let's not talk about Stars.
IS this meant negatively or positively? I saw like half of a random episode recently just out of curiosity and it seemed pretty dire, even down to the animation quality.

By comparison what I saw of the Stars manga actually looked pretty good.

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>IS this meant negatively or positively?
In terms of character focus, negatively. Stars was very short and very different from the other seasons, sometimes for better, but often for worse. There is a wide-spread sentiment among fans that it is the only arc where the anime is not a clear upgrade from the manga, and there is an argument to be made that it did many things worse than the manga did them.

Yeah, thought so. I guess one plus in the anime version is some of the Galaxia minions not just instadying, maybe.

>some of the Galaxia minions
SOME, yes. OTHERS however ...

Minako is literally just "the fifth girl" for all of the first season and R except for one episode towards the end. Deal with the fact that your girl is the flattest and worstest, Venustrash.

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This is the most stupid bait in this thread by far.
Again, Minako gets more focus episodes throughout the whole series than anyone else. And the same number of focus episodes in the first two seasons (1 in the first, 2 in the second) as everyone else.

My fav

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Minako in Cyberpunk 2077


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I've considered. Sometimes I consider her in the shower or when I look at certain pics.

Minako nails

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Im dumb worthless trash so Minako should punish me with her feet

>but then actually changes into the Venus form onscreen
She's at first wearing her V mask and then takes it off, if I remember right.

The first anime is way too harsh on Usagi for the most trivial things. The constant bullying isn't exactly "comfy."

bump for sweet Mina

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>The first anime
You mean THE anime. There only is one.

How can Sailor V alow someone like me to go unpunished?
Hurt me Mina kill me Mina

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Loli Mina Sailor V anime when

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I refer to it at out of habit. I actually read the manga first so I see both through the lens of "they're adaptions"

>someone like me
Are you an evil idol?

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I want her to femdom me

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Sailor Whores!

That would be them!

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Rei is fantastic

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>Kanashimiga ima Sailor Smile!
>Kisekiwo okosuno Sailor Wing!
>Daredatte kagayaku hoshi wo motsu.
>Makenai! Ashita e Sailor Yell!
>Zettai! Tsukamaeru! Sailor Whores!
>Kono chikai todoke ginga made.