Chainsaw Man

Fujimoto is such a troll. He purposely tweets everything in Japanese except the number 2 to make his international fans think it's news about CSM 2

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today conbini meatman 2 something

cmon i extrapolated that when 1 hour duolingo

do nips even use their own numbers normally?

the japs also use arabic numbers

user maybe he just didn't want to type two out so he just hit the 2 but on his keyboard.

If you have a twitter account you can just directly translate tweets from most languages to english
yeah it's GoogleTL but you will get the gist with fuji's tweets, because 90% of them are about him eating cake
let me guess, he ate 2 cakes today?

half of his tweets are him eating candy and the other half is him larping as his little sister

false, his little sister is also eating the candy

it constantly switches between the two

They're interchangeable so they end up using both at the same time

What does Graphic Designer do in Anime?

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Design graphics

do CSMshitters really...?

fat fuck

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Who cares, you celeb worshipping fag

>Graphic design. Bayonetta. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Fire Emblem. Devil May Cry. Chainsaw Man. Monster Hunter. Marvel vs. Capcom.
(Grapic Designer and Key Animator of CSM)

Oh, he's not that important then.

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Since when do nips have their own numbers?

I played a bunch of JRPGs in Japanese and they all used 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

It's much less on the nose than I expected. Figured he' act more like Denji but meh.

since 300 AD

Cause obviously people should be worsipping you instead, right?

I don't even understand why he's doing a part 2 for something I feel finished as it should have.
Like where can he go from here?

I just googled it and you're right. But then why do they use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 for everything like in video games for example or manga volume covers

Those are Chinese numerals

War, Hunger, Death and other Primordial Devils.

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Or... we see the consequences of chaos in comparison to order.

why does he have a jellyfish icon?

This thread sucks without Power

because it's easier to do maths with arabic numerals so thats what they get taught in school

Post-Meiji Restoration Japan switched to teaching western mathematics which used arabic numerals, they use both systems at the same time but the actual kanji numbers are more or less vestigial elements official stuff like bank notes have both kanji and arabic numbers but like the rest of the world the main numerals they use are arabic

He's moved on from drinking sóy.... That's progress, part 2 soon !!

no, they should be worshipping God.

You fail Japanese Level 1.

The same reason you're writing 2 instead of two

Do dirty gaijins really not know what a nikuman is? Maybe we should never reopen our border.

I do, they're delicious.

The extent of fujicuck dick sucking knows no bounds

God doesn't need worshipers

tofu, miso soup, edamame, natto etc ...

He looks soft and hugable

Okay, I'm lacking critical information... You put sóy beans in your miso soup ? That's weird man.

Wouldn't it be more like 2 instead of Ⅱ

Miso is made from sóybean.

Huh... I thought it was dashi ???

use google ...

>Give kobeni some sort of arc or explanation or something
>do something with denjis desire for sex
>wrap things up with the human weapons
I feel there's room for a part 2 even if it's not strictly needed

My bad , yeah.

Cocky brat, needs rape correction!!!

Chainsawmang is about Denji working up his hierarchy of needs. He's secured food and shelter. Next comes education and parenthood. Then existential awareness and the future of humanity. It'll end when he becomes an enlightened being.

I have instant miso soup in the pantry.

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I seriously thought the real fujimoto is going to be some sort of chain smoker with a bad attitude, that was completely average.
>It'll end when he becomes an enlightened being.
He'd respectfully decline while eating, making a face and getting ready to deliver some sort of meta comment.

When Japanese people see a 2, do they hear it in their head as に or つー?

It's kuso. Both as a reaction and in a general sense.

all Japanese people type using arabic numbers

What a fucking hack

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Nothing wrong with taking inspiration

If you've got better you're more than welcome to show it.

You will -never-be japanese

What could possibly be stronger than him?
In the terms of actual fear that isn't some dumb pseudo crap, I can't think of much higher than darkness.

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find the Jap version

>2 characters posed not even slightly similarly