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Raws in 24 hours

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Why are you so mad

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>filler chapter

yawn, give me more toonpiece kino

He's mad because it's not a Yamato chapter I can understand

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>makes kino look like trash

Here's that autograph for your brother I wrote it on his starter Cap

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Seriously or a prank?

Source for spoilers ?

all of them except Sanji's

Yep we really needed another thread for this.

Chapter 1046 Raizo
Raizo remembers that he trapped Kaido's Boro Breath in his scrolls during his fight against him. He did the same when Zunesha bathed Zou and shot water at it with its trunk. He floods the entire castle with that water which Jinbe controls to create a strong current which would do both extinguish the fire and help people escape.
More: Raizo saved the water from Zunesha/Zou, because he was paranoid about being in the same situation as he was when Oden's castle was burned to the ground again someday. Chapter begins with Luffy VS Kaido (5p), then the Raizo&Jinbe stuff (9p), then a page about Yamato, Momo and the flame clouds. Last page is Luffy attacking Kaido with a lightning saber. He looks even more like a god. Kaido welcomes his attack smiling. Sanji has one panel and oen line of dialogue. Zoro has one panel unconscious being carried by Franky.

>Luffy gets the power of a literal god
>cartoon logic makes him invincible and capable of damaging Kaido effortlessly
>the fight is still going
I hate Oda

The entirety of Onigashima has been filler

Kaido is THAT strong.

I miss FUNNY Luffy

Imagine THIS with Gear 5.

Ironically, I feel like Luffy's cartoony powers affecting its surroundings is actually hindering him, since it's making Kaido more impervious to his attacks.

Isn't that obvious to everyone?

Kaidou's still selling like Luffy's moves are devastating though, so I'm not sure.

Friendly reminder

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Small summary:
Chapter 1046: “Raizo”

- We already saw that Raizou used his scroll to "save" Kaidou's attacks (Bolo Breath) and return them to him.
- Something similar he did when he was in Zou, he kept in his scrolls the water that Zunesha used to bathe.
- Raizou had this idea in mind ever since the Oden castle burned down 20 years ago, so that if he were ever in a similar situation again, he would be prepared.
- The water in his scroll has flooded the interior of the castle, and Jinbe is the one who controls that water as his was a sea current to put out the fire.
- The 1st page is the cover (no details about it yet).
- The first 5 pages of the chapter are from Luffy Vs. Kaidou.
- The next 9 pages are inside the castle (everything about Raizou, Jinbe, Sanji, Zoro...).
- Sanji and Zoro appear in 1 panel each. Sanji appears talking and Zoro is carried away by Franky (he doesn't say anything or is still unconscious).
- There is 1 page about Yamato and Momonosuke (and something about the clouds of flames).
-And the final page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder) and goes to attack Kaidou (and Kaidou seems to laugh and say "Go ahead" or something).
- Luffy's final attack has no name yet


Laughy is too powerful.

Yeah but the main benefit of being rubber is absorbing blunt damage and Luffy is turning Kaido into rubber so some damage must be lost, otherwise Kaido wouldn't stretch when punched. Unless it's another property of Gomu Gomu awakening that he can make someone stretch when punched but still take damage somehow.


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>-And the final page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder) and goes to attack
Enerubros... How are we holding up?

Gwyn is a Sun God as well. What the hell is going on?

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Luffy using Enel's power

Kino piece once again

Must be a japanese thing where sun/light/lightning connects.

>It’s not just a Raizo chapter
Thank fuck. I like him, but I’m way too invested in this fight now.

>And the final page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder) and goes to attack Kaidou (and Kaidou seems to laugh and say "Go ahead" or something).

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Oda is using kaidou to drag out the manga. Guy should have died 85 chapters ago.

They’ve been fighting for so long now.

Just give it to me straight, anons.
Is there ANY chance at all of this ship happening?

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user, its a manga for kids in Japan.
The devoted woman will get the guy that don't want to be close to her and be the best wife ever.

I don't think so. Not among their Gods anyway. Unless it's Sun Wukong powers again but combined with rubber.

I'm done with this shitty manga

Gotcha fruit Moria

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It's how light manifests as power in DS.

Did nips had the idea that light and lightning are the same thing? Cause they have separate dieties for the two.

Does anyone actually give a fuck about this jobber?

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goodbye. don't come back.

>Luffy can catch thunder for no reason now
When will the asspulls end?

Explain his accomplishments in the Wano arc

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Got covered in tits

But none of them belonged to Kaya...

>And the final page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder) and goes to attack Kaidou

My Fellow Sun God

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Advanced the medical science of Wano by a thousand years with his patented Toad Oil
Chopper in shambles

>gear 5 is just rubber, guise


Anyone who says they don't like Jinbe because he "doesn't suit the crew", "he is boring", "he will never be a real strawhat", etc, etc are all speed readers and head canon fags who claimed he won't join and now eternally butthurt.

Him being rubber is why he can crab lightning
dilate you autistic bitch lmao

Friendly reminder Luffy was always an underdog and never destined and worked 10 years 12 hours a day for his strength

>still no Kaido awakening
just get to it already, I wanna see Luffy fighting godzilla

>It doesn't work that way
it really doesn't, otherwise he would just grab Enel's attacks but he can't do that

>break after nothing happens
I am honestly close to giving up on weekly One Piece at this point. I did the same are dressora.

>5 more pages of Luffy being ineffective

Time for Law to wrap this shit up.

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>it really doesn't
He does it this chapter so clearly it does
enel controlled that electricity and luffy wasn’t even awakened so time to take your autism meds sis

The best thing about this attack is that Law expanded his sword so far because he would have completely destroyed onigashima

he was a special boy since chapter 1. read nigger read

that's just coincidence and it made shanks take a liking to him

Having both Kaido and Big Meme defeated in the span of ~20 chapters after a decade worth of hype will be the biggest asspull shounen will ever likely pull out. Can't wait till the OPfags start defending this trash tier writing 2 months from now.

he changes the air around the electrical arc into rubber so he can control where it goes

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Retard, Kaido will defeat Big Mom. Didnt you watch Mr Morj?

what killed the hype?

how does that conclusively prove anything

>20 chapters
Speed reader