This week:

End of retrieval arc in the manga.
Begining of the rap arc in the anime.

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Break week for the manga, btw.

Eso es el fin, hermano.

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>End of retrieval arc in the manga.
I hope this means romantic comedy will be back on the menu.

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Now manga is shit, so whatever.

They will tackle the patriarchy present in the government next.

they are going to stage a military coup to get japan out of its comfortable spot in geopolitics and bring it into the 21st century

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.



Nino a shit.

>I'm drawing for the first time in 500 million years
RGB is back, IshiMikobros.

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Oh that's sweet, can't wait

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I guess it's time to punish her again.

>rap arc
>japanese "rap"
Starting off with max cringe I see.
RIP kino christmas/iceguya arc.

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>tfw my favorite girls have 'ino' in their names

I don't think the first episode will be the rap.

I wish. Aka ain't done with the drama and edge. Kaguya hasn't been saved just yet and there's still the outcome of Kaguya's family to determine, like all that political and business fluff.

First ep is going to be a recap of Ishigami's middle school life just like how Aka wants it

For those curious, the first episode will adapt the following manga chapters:
>Ch. 95 - Miko Iino Wants to Be Soothed
>Ch. 102 - Kaguya-sama Doesn't Realize
>Ch. 117 - Chika Fujiwara Wants to Fight

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>diving right into IshiMiko
Can't wait.

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Why does this faggot take so many breaks?

Playing Apex and Elden Ring.

RGB's artwork has improved.

author losing interestest

2 days left!

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All a shit and worst girls.

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This has been the worst arc in the series by far
Shirogane stopped being an actual character, everyone's IQ dropped by 50 points, highschoolers somehow nade a fortune with pocket change in a few weeks, nonsensical family melodrama that goes nowhere, it's just all so tiresome

He knows his retarded fanbase will justify literally anything he does. Hell, look at other forums. Any argument against Kaguya ends up with replies on the likes of "You're wrong because in my opinion the manga is better than ever XD."
Aka is the Togashi of romcoms. Diehard fanbase that won't listen a word against him regardless of how bad things are.

Just in time for Aka to disappoint her some more

I'm starting to think Shirogane got food poisoning from the crap he put in his Peyoung and has spent the past 5 chapters puking and shitting his guts out in the toilet.

She is gonna get mad.

Can't wait for Japano-Russian marine war arc.

Cute. Cute! CUUTE! I want to kiss her tummy!

Don't consider the purpose of this arc to be good. Consider Aka's tastes, the guy who chose Miyuki to be the male lead over Mikado and regularly craps on "pure love" and "ultraromantic".

Nip thread:

lol elevens

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I just hope Twitter doesnt catch on fire or drive into pedestrians like Musk's other ventures. Though causing vehicular manslaughter might be better than what its used for now.



>First ep is going to be a recap of Ishigami's middle school life just like how Aka wants it

Picrel is mfw
The whole Ishigami drama was a pain in the ass.

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That is to say, consider that we wasted a ton of chapters on Oko being a cartoon misogynist so that Kaguya could announce she wants to be a photographer and offer him the will anyway, and have it be suitably shocking.

Honestly, I think Aka is going to surprise these people.

He's working on two manga.

Maybe Ishigami's had a special substance that gave him superpowers and that's why he teleported to Kyoto. Or the timing is weird.

Got to see what they do about Unyo now, he wants his share of the pie.

Redpill me on the manga developments since S2 ending.

I saw that they fucked since everyone freaked out about it. Yet is seems like the manga isn't ending.

He'll get all the pie, just as planned.

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>Yet is seems like the manga isn't ending.
The manga is leading to the end, but Aka seems like he wants to do a few weird twists first.
>Got to see what they do about Unyo now, he wants his share of the pie.
It turns out that Unyo raised Kaguya to be stubborn explicitly so she'd rebel against Oko, so he could take the will into his own hands when the time came, and that's why he put Prez and Hayasaka together while telling them what was going on. Unfortunately, they all almost ruined it. Kaguya, by giving up, and Prez by doing nothing.

KaguPrez fucked.

Ishigami and Miko finally started being nice to each other and speedran from being cordial to humping each other in about 5 chapters. As expected of true love.

The rest has been shitty kaguya family drama that nobody likes. Aka can't do extended drama well.

So IshiMiko is a shit as well? Got it.

>The rest has been shitty kaguya family drama that nobody likes. Aka can't do extended drama well.

No one can do that, desu.

IshiMiko is as cute and canon as it always was.

I'd say the speedrun to humping makes sense in context, since it all seems to be leading up to Ishigami having repressed feelings for Miko.

Unyo didn't know about the will though, nor how to open the safe. And if Prez wouldn't have gotten the others nothing would've had happened.

It's almost like Ishigami only gives flowers to girls he's madly in love with.

Nah, Unyo just pretended he had nothing to do with anything. Everything was his master plan all along.

Just like PrezGuya, to be fair.

Pretty much, yeah. There's a reason why Aka brought back "Thus Yuu Ishigami Closed his Eyes" as a chapter title.

What's most frequent post about the manga that feels completely dishonest or just tries to beat a dead horse?
>"something something Prez became a bad character"
>"I haven't read since iceguya/confession/sex, what happened so far?"
>"what happened with thing/character?"

This read like another "Mikado's big plan" kind of thing. Unyo was always slimy but I don't think he was planning anything beyond, let's get Oko out of the way.