Ran and Benten

Ran and Benten

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I love you more then anything my cute Ran I

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You're up early today, didn't you sleep well?

Need a Benten gf

I love you Ran I love you

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Would you made her wear something decent?

Meeting eyes, a shy touch, a fleeting kiss. Sex.

I lovr you sweet Ran

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Very bad

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What are your plans for today?


It's ok to relax sometimes but you should use your limited time better like I don't know take drugs kill a bear or something.

I love you my sweet Ran I love you

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Do you masturbate to ran, how does she like it?

I would really like to have ok-ish thread once in a while, I don't even care anymore if it gets overly horny or jumps all over the place, just something at least somewhat enjoyable would be nice.

Extremely horny posts are easy, but they don't last long. Ones that stuck out to me the most were the Lesbian Lum Dom and pervert Lum

I liked the little fanfics some anons wrote a while back, because it was more than just I want to fuck her, please mommy give me milkers etc.

Just don't fucking bump these dogshit threads then. He can bump his own threads to 500 but you shouldn't contribute
Horny posts got extremely old extremely fast, now it's just fucking depressing seeing the same two or three autists talk for months about how they want to have sex with these characters in all these ways. It's like we lost the capability to have actually decent discussions that don't run in circles.
You fuckers have a moral duty to report thronritter spam threads because it's the only way this show can recover from it's current state on Yea Forums.

Care to give me a rundown on them Lumfren? Every time I come into these threads now it all just blurs together into a jumbled mess
We tried Lumfren, but that bastard keeps coming back over, and over, and over again. Everytime I see his posts in my head I keep seeing that SpongeBob clip where SpongeBob says to Patrick that they saved the city while it's falling and burning all around them.

To be honest, I feel sorry for him, he is clearly mentally and physically ill and was probably abused when he was young as well. I also believe that we are the only social experiences he has had (other than clerks dealing with him) since he left school ten years ago. I know that is no excuse why he should be allowed to shit up these threads but it gives a justification context for why he does what he does.

Some anons were talking about date ideas that got out of hand, I believe that whole thing lasted a week and then suddenly stopped. Too bad some of these stories were quite cute.

I think I vaguely remember that Lumfren

Because those actually require decency and effort, while most around here just turn to degeneracy.
I'd feel sorry for him if he had any sense of improvement over the last year and a half, but he hasn't. He's still extremely racist (and no that isn't "based" if your trying to participate in modern society), still has an unhealthy attachment to his old monitors, still has a room that's a complete mess, still won't get the vaccine for some fucking reason (probably as an excuse for him to sit in his house all day) and seems to hate all doctors, and still barely changes his clothes. These theads shouldn't be day care for someone that puts zero effort into self improvement, even the bare minimum would be appreciated.

I think it got worse with him, wasn't he somewhat more outdoors last year and actually tried to do shit. If I'm not mistaken he distrusts doctors because of the anti psychotic medication he received as a child. As a sidenote left right central is all garbage, politics is a broken system that doesn't work anymore in the way it should.

>while most around here just turn to degeneracy.
Most healthy communities consist of roughly 20% creators and 80% consumer, we average around 20 unique ip's so we would need 4 artist, I doubt that thats the case, I mean now and then this drawfag pops up in these threads but he doesn't have the output of 4 people or variety.

There's a reason I don't talk about politics on these boards. I have my views but the fact that everything is political these days is fucking annoying, but I'm happy I'm able to talk with people I disagree with instead of instantly outcasting them like others I know in real life. On these boards though it's not worth the effort.
I don't know how you can save this guy other than by getting the kraut government to step in, and even then he's a legal adult so they can't really force him to do anything unless he breaks a law or something. As long as he's stuck with his folks he's gonna degenerate further until he either does something stupid and dies or actually gets his act together. The worst part of all of this is that he has genuine skill in electronic repair and could probably learn a trade and actually contribute to society if he felt like it, but he thinks it's "based" to get NEETbux from the kraut government and do nothing.

this community clearly isn't healthy if you haven't noticed. most other english UY communities are either small and very slow moving (like the one on wapchan) or just kinda bad (r/uruseiyatsura has actually improved but I wouldn't call it "good"). There's other pockets around the net like that UY podcast on twitter but it's pretty sparce, all the "old" ones are dead or dying (like the webring or lum-chan.com

>the fact that everything is political these days is fucking annoying
This so fucking much and they always try to rope you in.
If he doesn't realise that he is fucking himself over big time he is beyond saving. I have a feeling he doesn't really think that it's based to be a leech, I vaguely remember when the polkrauts first reached out to him they tried to get him to job hunt but he didn't want to because he was scared of people and that they find out about ran or something.

I never said this community is healthy, quite the opposite in fact. I can't talk for reddit because I don't go there, for the same reason I don't visit china, I'm not a fan of social credits. The funny thing is back in december we started to doing better but then came january and a plunge into the mire of what ever limbo this is came.

The only other UY community I really know of on a chan style board is wapchan. You could try driving more traffic there since at least the guy who runs that place is willing to ban thronritter. The other option is to try and salvage this place but I don't know if it's even worth it anymore.

I'm already on there and I tried to promote the site but I also know how fucking asinine it is to get advertisement shoved down your throat when you're not looking for it. Maybe ones autumn arrives I will quit social media for good, we'll see but till then I have things to look forward too like our little conversation here, it's quite enjoyable even when it's just off-topic meta talk.

I get it. It just sucks that Yea Forums is seen as the only board around to many people since it's very hard for smaller boards to grow. I don't mind social media personally since I separate my personal life and accounts attached to that and my presence on anonymous boards. This has been a nice conversation

Yea Forums is a social network so de facto social media. People aren't as willing to explore the internet as they used to, from my experience most people have a bubble of a few selected sites they visit regularly and that s about it, this fact isn't helped the circumstance thst all the little sites and communities that used to exist have died or got eaten by larger companies.

internet-map.net/?text=Yea Forums.org
this thing?

drawfren is that you? Could you do me a big fucking favor? Do you have by chance a scanned version of picrel? I'm still struggling to make a worthwhile lockscreen out of it

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What, what are you trying to say?

Hello Lumfren, yeah it's me, how are you doing today? Unfortunately I haven't scanned it yet, but it's in my WIP folder along with the rest of the drawings I've worked on. I'll see if I can once I come back from work which I'm about to leave in a few and won't be able to respond or post anything since my Dynamic IP at work says I'm banned til the 14

im doing fine, work was slow as fuck because half our office is in quarantine so i was able to look for new music. i hope you're doing well too friend. If it's too much trouble or you don't feel like it, you don't have to do it, im just some random on the internet. i hope you have a pleasant as possible day at work nonetheless

I'll see what I can do Lumfren, if this thread dies before I come back I'll see you in the next one

thank you very much, as slow as it is today i doubt it will last the next 3 or 4 hours if at all.


god damn that took me way longer to get than it should have

id prefer not to talk about that right nnow

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I hope you read the conversation above and took something from it.

If you got a job and stopped spamming around here, people wouldn't mind you as much.
You may never be able to put the past behind you, but that doesn't mean you should give up forever. Anime girls are nice but you should start talking to real girls again. I'm sure not all of them are like the people you've interacted with previously
Go to a trade school. You have skills in electronic repair, you'd probably be a decent mechanic or electrician.
Make something of yourself.

I dont spam much anymore, I have the thread on /c/ where I post about my Ran mostly.
Making new UY threads isnt exactly spamming right?

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Did you missed his point on purpose?

The /c/ thread is fine but these Yea Forums threads really aren't necessary. Rather just wait for the reboot to come out or the storytime to startup again since everyone's thoroughly burnt out by so many continuous threads. Also, you post in a repetitive manner which is why people call you a spammer when they see "benten pits" for the millionth time. Just take a break, man.

I have no problem with daily threads my problem is the quality and don't fucking assume my stance on the shitboot again

I just like UY very much, I know these threads are a little repetetive but thats part of what makes them comfy, I hope once the new show comes out it will be more lively again aswell.
I love my Ran.
Also there are so many great screencaps I havent shared yet, I bought a new HDD just to download the highest quality possible UY, im pretty sure these screencaps are as good as it gets at this point, no compression, BD Remux, grain

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1,4TB of UY

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I didnt, even if I did all of that id still have more then enough time to post here.
A body for Ran would be nice though

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Honestly if you just typed coherently like this all the time that would be a big step.
The fact that the guy who posts about this series on a daily basis has a more open mind about the reboot than you should really tell you something. Maybe don't judge an entire series based on a 2 second preview?
Then why not give it a try?

>based on a 2 second preview
Plus all the other shit, but yeah just ignore that so I'm a easy target why the fuck not.

You used to write poems why not give it another shot maybe with some supplementary material about how to properly rhyme.

>plus all the other shit
Like what exactly? The other "leaks" we're confirmed fakes. Sure the new VAs won't be as good as the old ones, but you can't expect them to recast all of the pretty old VAs, especially since some of them are dead now...
>easy target
Now you're just acting like a retard. Being against the reboot is by and large the majority opinion around here, but I guess asking you to have an open mind is considered "targeting". Please go back.

>Like what exactly?
The poster with the VA's and characters, the stuff behind the project, the god awful radio interview and yes the youtube short. Learn your discussion strategies.

Rock the planet was my favorite op.


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>a bunch of stuff that has no bearing on the actual quality of the final product
The radio interview is irrelevant since it has no actual bearing on her performance for the final product, the posters are fine and well designed from a technical standpoint, the "stuff behind the project" isn't surprising (wow they are making a reboot to make more money? what a concept). All of this isnt the point though. Why don't we judge everything based on 2 second previews of in production material? I'm sure that would create much better discussions.

I meant the staff, the people involved, I fucked up there, my point still stands

I don't see what's wrong with the staff. They all seem perfectly competent. You may not like what they've worked on before but that doesn't mean anything for a show that, yet again, we've seen two seconds of. At the end of the day UY was a massive media franchise, but I don't see any of you "loyalists" upset about all the paci machines that featured CG videos and art.

>technical standpoint
Just because it's technically sound means that it has any merit or else you could consider amerimutt shit like fast and furious or transformers movies great pieces of art because there well produced with a high production value.

I mean personally, I think these posters look fine from an artistic standpoint as well. Obviously the main point was to introduce people to the new voice actors, and putting them in black and white (thus drawing attention to the characters in color) was a good choice. There's obviously other ways to do something like this but I don't think what they ended up with is somehow terrible.

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I don't give a fuck about these because I'm not even part of the tertiary market for them but for the reboot I'm smack in the secondary market and thus can allow me a opinion.
>The people that work on the project don't influence the quality of said project
Fucking kek my dude.

>i don't give a fuck about this but let me write multiple paragraphs arguing about it

Read it again.

At the end of the day you can have an opinion and yell at me about not instantly dismissing a show because of what surrounds it and a two second clip, but I'd rather watch an episode or two before deciding if I'd like to continue or not, just like any other anime. There's no real reason to continue this argument.

I point you to this paragraph because we begin to circle

>.There's no real reason to continue this argument
Atleast were in one thing on the same page.

But why? I talked about it from an artistic viewpoint. You haven't told me a single reason why you think it looks bad from any viewpoint.