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Are you ready for season 3 next week?

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Lolimino a CUTE!

Jesus fuck yes, how can one autistic loli be so based?

>t. Caught up with current English LN release

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Fumino a shit

It's probably just going to cover up to the point where Myne dies.
I'd love to see the whole thing covered. There's a lot of good material.
The bride-stealing Ditter
Clarissa invading Erenfest
Rosemyne one-shot stealing the foundation of Arensbach
Rosemyne going full MERCHANT MODE on the Royal Family
Rosemyne becoming a Goddess
The battle with the cyborg
and a bunch of other things.

The second half of part 2 is still my favorite, but man Part 3 is going to rock in animated form. She can't keep getting away with it. P3V2 in particular was some peak characterization, what with seeing the darker side of everyone. I hope we get there, but it might be another season before that's adapted.

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>part 3
Bitch, shit gets fucking AWESOME in part 5
Get on my level.

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I absolutely love Myne. Reasons not to kill yourself 2022.

I've considered picking up moonrunes just so I can read ahead of what's officially out in english. Fuck MTL though.

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I love Myne

I hope this little bitch dies the most agonizing possible death after watching her whole family get hanged slowly until they stop twitching. Fuck this godawful cunt and fuck the idiot fucking 50-IQ braindead fujoshit hag author that wrote her.

Look at this shit right here. Fucking look at it. These are the fashion styles of the Frisian people, a Germanic group from the 4th and 5th century. LONG before civilization had progressed to a point contemporary to what this garbage series deigns to portray. What do we fucking see here? Oh, is that.. is that.. FUCKING HAIR STICKS?????
It's not high fucking technology. FUCK this drooling inbred cunt and her pathetic self-aggrandizing historical revisionism. Fuck isekai and fuck the absolute garbage fucking bottom feed human trash that reads it and then burbles in infantile delight at how "clever" it would be to revolutionize society with a fucking HAIR STICK.

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Have you tried salting your fries instead of blogging on 4chins user?

I still haven't seen read this.

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>replying to copypasta
you newfags have a lot to learn.

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Time to reread P4V5 before official V6 translation comes out.

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Fuck ya.

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i gotta rewatch again.

Is she really not gonna be a loli anymore after this season? Haven't read the LN btw

Seeing as I said "I still haven't read this" should tell you that you're a moron.

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Looking forward to it.

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Oh yeah, baby.

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>Is she really not gonna be a loli anymore after this season?
she's stuck in a perma-loli state until late-game part 5.
The art of her as a teen suffers as a result of this, I think.
This is just a personal opinion, but I think the artist got so used to drawing her as a child that she had no way of being able to visualize her as a teenager.

I'm excited. Does Bennis ever get his dick wet or does he keep to the grindset?



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I fucked up, I meant Benno.

Ah, okay.
Do you mind spoilers, or would you prefer to wait and find out?

Spoil me.

Benno's fiance died because of the Devouring. He vowed never to remarry.
Klassenburg? Another high-ranking duchy sent a merchant to marry into Benno's family in order to advance trade, but Benno shot her down. She sticks around in downtown for a little bit and then heads home when he doesn't cave.
There's a side story where Tuli has a crush on Benno, but he shoots her down, too.
Technically he doesn't have to marry because his sister will take care of Gilberta, and Lutz will take over Printemps, but it is kinda sad that he won't marry.

I'm not even a lolicon but Myne is so good, I love her a lot

>I'm not even a lolicon but Myne is so good, I love her a lot
probably better than most of the isekai out there, though the constant harping on printing and printing technology is kind of boring. I tend to skim over those parts.
I like how they keep the "fish out of water" mentality with her though.
First she's a japanese person trying to live like a middle-age peasant, and then she's out of the water again when she moves to the temple, and then she's out of the water again when she becomes an aristocrat. The disjunction between varying groups "common sense" is well portrayed.

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she's so cute

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Can't wait until she dies. Selfish bitch.

Spoiler: Myne will die.

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So how many WN spoilers will be posted on these threads once the anime starts? We already have some in this thread.

I feel ashamed to admit that I just don't see how Myne is attractive.
There are no curves there at all. I can understand looking forward to the beautiful woman she'll be in a few years but that's as far as it goes.

I'm not sexually attracted to her at all but I still think she's super cute and a great character

Well then you and I are both out of place here. Have you even seen the seasonal threads? It's no secret how everyone else views Myne.

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Should I read the light novels? I really enjoyed the anime.

I wish I was Ferdinand

Yes they are great.

Definitely. Especially the dream dive, the anime butchered that hard.

Myne has very cute tiny little feet.

I wish I was a blue robe.

Thanks, I’ll buy a few volumes today. I wish light novels weren’t so expensive, I can read them in one sitting so I go through them fast.

Big bread

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Why? His life is even more suffering than Myne's is

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Is she gonna...?

Dip it in a salty soup?

So I could touch Myne all day in the secret room.

She's the one who will touch your heart