RPG Fudousan (RPG Real Estate)

Are you excited for Dogakobo and Kirara's new masterpiece? It starts today.

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Is it yuri?


I thought people would be excited for this

It is het? Not watching otherwise because yuri is SHIT.

Please watch RPG Fudousan

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The manga gets lewd?


Given it's Dogakobo and Kirara I thought Yea Forums would be more excited for this.

>makes a thread a half a day before it airs
>wonders why no one cares
Ultimate form of retardation

Good for you.

This is going to get censored so hard.

Kirara allows stuff that lewd?

Is it the same fucking retard that keeps doing this? I'm sick of this.

I wonder how yuri things will get

Is this like Kirara Fantasia?

I sure hope not

From the little of what I've scene, it's uohhhh material.

Is real estate a big topic in nippon? Wasn't there that dragon looking at houses some time ago too?

Is this even really about real estate?

>The story begins 15 years after the demon king was defeated and the world has become peaceful. Kotone, who graduated from school and became a magician, inquired about the kingdom-affiliated RPG Real Estate in order to find a new home. In reality, RPG Real Estate was Kotone's place of employment, and together with Fa, a demi-human, the priest Rufuria, and the soldier Rakira, they help support the searches of new homes for the customers with various circumstances.

RPG does not mean Role Playing Game
no, it does not mean Rocket Propelled Grenade either

this is a 14 year old kirara character

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This is the one where they changed the character designs to be less lewd right?

yuri is not important for an anime

True, but knowing the people behind this...

This is also artwork from a non-canon mobage crossover


1 episode rule only. I don't know if I want to watch real estate salesmanship even if it's fantasy.


What is the art in the actual manga like?

This could've been a second Hinako Note but nooooo...

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Gonna stick with the manga

Automatically best girl

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enjoy the lack of translations

And of course it's a female mangaka.

Only idiots need translations.

>last update 9 hours ago

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Doga Kobo does so much CGDCT that they don't understand the appeal of CGDLT.

It looks fun. Haven't read the manga but I do always like Doga kobo stuff.

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Why is it called RPG "Real Estate" in the first place?

>they don't understand the appeal of CGDLT.
Considering they animated New Game, I would disagree with that assessment.

Because they deal in real estate.
Customers come looking for a house fitting their specific needs.

I've already watched the superior real estate anime

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Lewd, not lesbian.

Did you forget about all the underwear scenes with Kou?

That wasn't much. NG isn't considered an ecchi for a reason.

And how was the manga for this any lewder than NG?

By the mere chara designs.

>censored bullshit
I really didn't expect any better but damn.
Into the trash, another title dead on arrival because faggots in today's casual pandering industry.

>doesn't want booty shorts

Apparently not very u.

China won again...

>wants censorship

Except that means we won't get nice booty shorts shots either, since they are censoring lewd, do you understand how that works?

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Since this is already a fantasy series, do the characters look any different in Kirara Fantasia?


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>Literally nothing when manga constantly has her chestmeat exposed
Fuck off censorship apologist.

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Die censored garbage.

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Die and flop censored garbage.

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What does the manga look like in comparison?

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It has fan-service.

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>Show literally nothing
Die censored garbage.

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This is pretty dull. Probably dropping it after this episode.

MC x loli
Rize x blonde

If they're keeping all this fanservice in, why did they change the designs at all?

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Truly the gochiusa of our generation.

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Shouldn't even have picked up.
When a series is that frantically removing lewd, you can just know how visually boring it will be, and there's not a lot to get from a series that depends on eye candy.
Sadly a shit staff will make it unenjoyable trash that's dead on arrival.

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It's not Cute Girls Playing RPGs? What a disappointment.

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It's between 2 shows I wanted to watch anyway so I figured I'd give it a chance.

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That ain't fan-service you retard, that's why.

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