Re:Zero WN

A new chapter will probably come tomorrow. Tappei has deleted the latest chapter and is rewriting it.

Al POV would be kino at the moment.

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Medium's design has really grown on me. She's very cute.

rembros they're making fun of us again...

Maybe tomorrow.

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I legitimately thought al had a square brown paper bag with two eye holes

Does anyone have links to all the translated emilia side stories this arc?


I wonder why no one's translated them...

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I think they’re translated at least 3 of the 4 are

Where do you think the "moment she had to use her brain" line was from?

Three have been translated, the fourth has been commissioned.

Where can I find them?

Rem SS translation that was posted in the previous thread:

Is part 3 somewhere?

Also have this for those who've yet to read.

Very obvious


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Why is Petra such a bitch to Otto?

She wants him to know his place in the hierarchy.

petra's a bitch to every men that aren't subaru
Wish garfiel would clob her

She sees him as competition.

She's a bitch to most women too, except Freddie.

Playing Mario Party with Rem!

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Can she survive it better than playing Twister?

I bet she plays as Rosalina.

What is?

Petra was actually hired by the Piqtat mafia

Petra tried to kill Emilia in arc 3, Ram protected Emilia by shooting out Petra's eyes, but Petra tackled Ram to death. Emilia is innocent!

tappei needs to change the SS to priscilla camp SS. this shit has nothing to do with Rem. I don't care about heinkel and schultshit

Petra's also a bitch to Subaru too though, she usually calls him an idiot

The latest SS had nothing to do with Rem but the previous three had. Maybe Tappei came short of ideas to make an interesting Rem SS but he couldn't discontinue the Rem SS when Emilia and Vollachia SS were still ongoing, each SS needing to get as much parts.

Rem had never met them before and all the scenes had her, it's all from her PoV.

It still did, she's learning things about herself via Priscilla's weird philosophies. The last one even ended with the vague statement that she now knows what she wants.

As of that SS she had, it takes place after a few days and she knows who they are, it's not their first meeting.
Subaru is an idiot

Why would Rem need to learn about "beauty"? Why would she want to be "beautiful" in the way Priscilla describes it? Seems like bullcrap

It's more about having pride in what you excel at, and having something that can prop you up.

Emilia’s stupidity is so damn grating. I swear if Tappei doesn’t have her mature soon and keeps her a child just for the sake of his weird sexual fetishes I’m prolly dropping Re:Zero.

Your tears are delicious.

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You should drop now. This is Emilia and she's main girl

>not liking Emilia makes me a Remcuck
Hell no. I dislike Emilia but I hate Rem. Liking Emilia more than Rem does not mean I can’t criticise her too.

I told you, you have to kiss Petra first

I’m well aware she’s main girl. Tappei’s mentally ill obsession with her makes it clear (I’m pretty sure she’s his stand in for the relationship with a real woman which he’ll never have).

What I want is for her character to actually develop instead of remaining an incompetent child relying entirely on Subaru, Otto, and Roswaal to get anything done.

To speak frankly, I hate the direction Tappei's taking with Rem. He better change it fast or I might be out

Tagged the wrong comment this reply was meant for

To be fair, he's rich enough to find himself a girl without too much trouble and he's far from ugly but he's probably too socially dysfunctional to get in another relationship, he might even be satisfied with Emilia as waifu

There is no such thing as a satisfied waifufag. Only gigacopers would say their “relationships” with nonexistent women satisfy them.

He might be insane enough. Or at least, enough of a waifufag that he doesn't want a 3Dpig. He ONLY wants his Emilia but of course that's impossible to have a real relationship with her, so it's a deadlock.

He might be able to keep his faux relationship with Emilia for a few more years but I reckon once he turns 40 he’s not gonna be able to keep up his insanity any longer. Either he kills himself or becomes a more normal person.

I hope he doesn't kil himself or we will never get Re:zero to be finished. Need to get him a waifu who cosplays all day as Emilia, LARPs as her and can bear with him. Won't be easy.

Best case scenario he gets over his obsession with Emilia and begins to write her better as a consequence.

Is she the worst heroine of the "Isekai Quartet" series?

No way

All I said was that your tears are delicious.

Sure, but we didn't even know that they were in Guaral and Rem had interacted with them until the SS.

Because it isn't about conventional "beauty."

Hell no she’s by far the best
>said while posting standard Emilia V Rem waifuwar shit

He's clearly trying to murder her popularity.

>Hell no she’s by far the best
Kazuma has Aqua, Megumin and Darkness.
That means Emilia isn't top 3.
She's better than horny vampire/virgin succubus though and fangirl squirrel/chicken

Emilia barely did anything in IQ. Tanya and the Konosuba girls got all the screen time.

Only character trait is leh horny masochist
Only character trait is that she likes explosions
Aqua is equal to Emilia as a heroine

t. Aqua
Ristarte is Aqua's only equal.

t. Never read Konosuba

I couldn’t get through the first volume it was too boring. My opinion is mainly based off of the anime and movie.

Emilia is a much dumber less entertaining Aqua.

Bro no
>Less entertaining
Less funny. Hell of a lot more interesting. Hell of a lot more depth. It depends what you’re looking for in a heroine, if you’re in it for the humour then Aqua w/out question but if you want a compelling plot then Emilia.

>Because it isn't about conventional "beauty."
why does she need to learn it?

You have to kiss Petra

Only after dinner is served.

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>Hell of a lot more interesting. Hell of a lot more depth. It depends what you’re looking for in a heroine, if you’re in it for the humour then Aqua w/out question but if you want a compelling plot then Emilia.
What's interesting and compelling about Emilia? All she is and has been since arc 4 is a love interest. She's got nothing else. The extremely infrequent trickle of exposition about her past isn't enough to excuse the gimmick of her retarded "I'm sorry but I don't know what the means?" Shtick.

Tanya is not a real girl

she's got two X chromosomes and that's enough for me.

I think you would still consider her a heroine though.


Rimuru and Tanya are both biologically girls even if their souls are men.

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Ah, my bad, Tanya still identifies as a man right? I gotta respect his pronouns.

She has a functioning vagina womb and ovaries she's a girl. It doesn't matter if the mind piloting her is male.

His soul is male.
He was born with XY chromosomes.
He is currently stuffed in a woman's body by a demonic genie.

ur gay