Nagi no Abyss

>They're already in Tokyo
>Nagi already got her prequel chapter
>Nagi is still nowhere to be seen this arc
Where the fuck is she?

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NaGOD a best

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Nagi will be Reiji's wife

Let's all love Nagi

i feel like this manga is wrapping up and nagi has gotten like 0 characterization. As she is now we can only really see her as an object of pining for Reiji.

t. P-san


You really think the manga is almost over?

Nagi must live

Nagi is our goddess

Nagi gives me life

Nagi is my sunshine

Nagi should appear in every chapter.

I don't understand why people are saying the manga is close to ending. They just got to Tokyo, sounds like a new arc if you ask me.

Sensei in tears.
Yuko hugged Sensei and touched her belly.
"You don't have Reiji's baby? What a shame!"
Yuko was still tired and lay down. She asked how Reiji felt about her.
Sensei said he may trust her.
Yuko always saw Reiji as a very gentle person. That's why it's a tragedy that he left town.
"Let them have a family" / "Let them start a family" (not sure about this one)

Reiji wants to leave, but Esemori asks him to stay a little longer, because this might be the last time.
Reiji asks why he came back.
"I met you by chance."
"Your name was given by me and Yuko. It was for our future child."
"You came to Tokyo as a guide, to listen to my regrets, my sins."

Sensei BTFO

Nagi gave me testicular cancer by blueballing me for so long

>Reiji, you have truly become... Shonen no Abyss

>Ryo's publishing a prequel about Yuko and Esemori called Shoujo no Abyss while the original goes on hiatus
Would you rike it?

What would it even be about?

Yuko keking Esemori

Did they at least fuck?

A pity fuck the day he leaves the town for Tokyo

Sensei a shit

This but a cute shit. Chako however is just shit.

Chako got cuter when she became thin

Sure but her soul is shit.

Doing adult videos

But she's harless down there, most JAV actresses have hair.

We didn't have any pussy shots from Ryo yet

What about in her other manga?

no pussy but here's a high school girl

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himegoto had a bunch of sex scenes in it but i don't think you can draw a vagina if you can't even film one unblurred in japan

I've seen doujins where vaginas were partially censored but you could still see them.

I need context

What happened to Nagi anyway?

You just need to offer the perfect balance to win.

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>yuri's delusions have been called out
>yuko admited defeat
>esemori's about to kick the bucket
>reiji's in Tokyo
>chako revealed her real shitty dream
>gen's been revealed to project his feelings for yuko onto reiji
We're only waiting for Nagi to wrap all this shit up.

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Why is she so angry?

>"You don't have Reiji's baby? What a shame!"
SenseiGODs told me she was pregnant? Why is there no baby?

>Why is there no baby?
Reiji knew better and never came inside her.

I guess he didn't want to be a dad

>yuko admited defeat
user are you retarded? She said that to manipulate sensei's emotions

Because she's a wagie slave who let a neet homo live rent free for months, all for some ultimate keikaku that she somehow didn't see backfiring.


When does the chapter drop?

in 1 hour and 28 minutes

I guess this twitter user was right.
While the townspeople become more miserable and suicide driven, Nagi shines the most. It's like their suffering feeds her.
She turned Reiji into an Abyss.

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She is like a shinigami, this makes sense

Nagi more like Nagone

She is NaGOD

It's almost time

Sensei a shit

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Reminder that Shiba isn't here this week so we need a backup TLanon to step up


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A trip who usually appears after the raws are dumped to post (good) translations.

what it is wrote here?

I miss Chunko.

Yuko is gonna rape Sensei

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apparently yuko-sensei gaslighting session continues

We will have more flashbacks next week

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t-the rest of the chapter user?

I don't have the full chapter raws, I just pick these on the futaba

mind broken sensei is the best

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we're here

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like a poor lad having her soul sucked by some dangerous apparition

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Yuko destroyed Sensei's mind

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>Ah, Reiji is exactly like his mom
Poor Sensei, she doesn't even realize the shit she got into.

"The story up until now was all just Reiji's dream~
From next week the main arc finally begins~!"

>Reiji: "Oh geez..."
[Chunko] Childhood friend
[Nagi] Mysterious beautiful transfer student
[Gen] Best friend
[Sensei] An understanding teacher (a little clumsy)
[Yuko] Kindly mom (airhead)
[Esemori[ Kindly random old man (gives money)

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Yuko is dead inside

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Iirc, it was something like "everything up to this point was a dream, the real deal begins the next week. Let's check their roles"
>Reiji: MC
>Nagi: Mysterious transfer beauty
>Chunko: childhood friend
>Gen: MC's best friend
>Sensei: gentle sensei
>Yuko: gentle mama
>Esemori: gentle ojisan.

Sensei claims she isn't pregnant with Reiji's kid. Do you believe her?

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Yes. She looks completely mindbroken here.

so much sensei's desperate reactions in this chapter

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>this is the face of an evil person

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Reminds me of laughing Makima

Holy shit, it's fucking over for sensei