Great Work, Iroha Tamaki!

ITT: As the previous Magia Record thread expired, we continue laughing at Gacha"bros" in this thread, for being eternally BTFO.

On that note: What could I possibly add?
Good job iroha tamaki!
Good job yachiyo!
You did it, YAY!
You returned nature to its proper course, good fucking job.

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Will Rebellion 2 also have a "fuck you for wanting this" ending, or will the Magia Record anime remain a bizarrely edgy anomaly in this franchise that always postures as being darker than it actually is?

Considering that Urobutcher doesn't really have the drive to work on Madoka anymore, I assume fourth movie will be an ending. If the Japanese are vocal about their hate for the Reco-ending, I assume the Madoka movie won't go for the same thing. Probably the saddest thing the movie could possibly have is Homucifer dying without Madoka saving her too.

Are you implying that the hackjob animu somehow surpassed its source material
because with so many awful divergences I am obligated to laugh at that implication

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I hope it's a crossover with Thunderbolt Fantasy.

More seriously, the end of Rebellion set up that it would be Madoka rediscovering that she's God and breaking out of Homura's cage for a separation ending like the original series. Which means it probably wont be that.

It didn't "surpass" the original Madoka Magica anime BUT it did absolutely destroy any hope of adapting the gacha's timeline straightly. Instead of Madokami bailing out everyone and happy end for all the Magical Girls, Madokami was nowhere to be seen and everything went to shit. Basically, anyone who plays the gacha did it to escape from what truly happened in the anime. Anime was probably in fact a timeline before Madokami came into existance.

Urobutcher does have drive to write Madoka, I thought he didn't until it was revealed he already wrote the sequel to Rebellion 8 years ago and it was Shaft sitting on the script the whole time.

The story of Reco is probably based on whatever Butcher's script was, not the other way around

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MagiReco is supremely cynical in its message and it's really interesting that they chose to do that. Every message of hope it gives is then refuted. Mifuyu and Momoko save the girls from their despair, except Kuroe. The doppel system is supposed to save the girls from their despair, but it turns out it doesn't work. Ui begs Iroha to give Kuroe some hope, but it only kills Kuroe because Iroha never knew Kuroe at all. It's like every time it tries to parrot the message of the original series, it ends up contradicting itself. It knows that hope is important to the franchise, it knows that despair is important to the franchise, but it muddles the order of these events in such a way that despair wins at the end of the day. It gives us hope and then rips it away. It's like it broke Madoka Magica down to its essentials -- cool visuals, suffering, hope, magical girls -- and threw them back together in a way that made no sense. It's easy to say it was because of incompetent writing. For example, why are there witch visuals in Takarazaki? But MagiReco is trying to examine what made Madoka Magica work, and break it. The message is that there is no hope. Madoka herself was hope and Madoka doesn't really have a role in this story. Any story in this universe without Madoka must necessarily be bleak because Madoka was the person who made things bright again. It's the opposite of a healing anime, it's trying to hurt the viewer and make them cherish the original series. It's so strange.

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Kyubey gets the last word so many times. He monologues to himself and says things uncontested. The original series had Madoka and Homura there to say "it's not wrong to have hope" or "love can change the world." MagiReco instead has Kyubey tease the girls about how good they are as batteries and then they lose. It's an incredibly cruel show. It says hollow things about hope and friendship but none of it matters in the end because everyone dies and the timeline is reset, and it does this with a shit-eating grin. The show agrees with Kyubey, it doesn't want things to change and it relishes the suffering. I can't get over how strange that is. I almost love it. It's insane how mean it is. I wonder if the production had any effect on this message because I know Inu Curry was increasingly stressed and frustrated as things drew out longer and longer.

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Considering, Homu ran from this timeline, hope is still there. It's just not Iroha or any of the MagiReco girl's hope, it's Madoka's.

This was SHAFT's middle finger to everyone who said that Magia Record didn't have consequences or despair and that it was a generic magical girl story wearing Madoka's clothes. It's like someone saw the game's first arc ending at pic related and said, "Fuck this noise."

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I agree for sure. The hope does exist, but this show wasn't interested in giving it to you. The hope exists only in the original series and in Homura's continued quest to fix things. And overall I think that was the message, that the hope is to be found in Madoka Magica and not in Magia Record. Inu Curry himself it's a story of failure and I think that's how it needs to be seen, as a story about trying to get to the same hopeful ending achieved in Madoka Magica, but utterly failing.

My prediction for the new movie ending is that it'll have Madoka and Homura asserting they agreeing that they care for each other and want what's best for each other, but that their views of what is best cannot be reconciled, nor can either of them be persuaded. Their struggle will be eternal. Sometimes the goddess will have the upper hand, sometimes the demon, but no matter what, the other will always be there, waiting for her turn to seize control.

I'm certainly intrigued by it but I can't confidently say it was even a good decision. If game Reco is generic magical girl wearing Madoka Magica's clothes, then anime Reco almost feels like the deliberate opposite -- suffering and despair wearing Madoka Magica's clothes. Madoka Magica wanted to subvert despair with hope but MagiReco wants to subvert hope with despair. Madoka Magica was never really *about* the suffering or despair in the way MagiReco is.

Did Rena die?

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>this gets a spic dub but the OS doesn't

Which is funny because Madoka actually has a lot in common with more traditional magical girl stories. A lot of people mistake the way it's willing to dip into darkness and seriously interrogate the questions that go unasked in your more typical MS stories for little girls for it being a "deconstruction" (in the TVtropes sense, not the academic one) of those stories. But it's not. They fundamentally misunderstand the story. It ultimately comes to the same conclusions as traditional MS shows: people are fundamentally good, hopefulness and altruism are virtues and should be encouraged, there is beauty in the world that should be protected. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the way it's willing to explore the dark side of its world and then say "but even then, all this is true" makes it all the more powerful.
So basically what this user said:

Soon™ i hope

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Why do spics love dubs so much?

Another difference between Madoka and Magia that people aren't mentioning is the amount of people each group encountered. Madoka only met a few magical girls and most if not all of them were not shitty people. Hope was able to win their because Madoka had good friends and family. This is why hope over despair won for her. Iroha, on the other hand, met alot of magical girls; most of whom were shitty people. This is why despair won.

I've actually been thinking about this, and you may be right, but I'm not sure. I was wondering "why can Madoka and Homura win, why can they bring hope, but the MagiReco girls can't?" It may be friends and family, but Homura never really had either and she still got a resolution to her quest. My working idea was that it was because Madoka and Homura were wholly selfless the entire time (despite what some people will have you believe about Homura). But I never got the impression that there was some hidden selfishness in Touka or Nemu or Iroha. Iroha was afraid and Touka was wrathful, but they weren't selfish at all. It feels like there's supposed to be some hidden character flaw here that makes it so that Madoka and Homura were righteous but these girls weren't, and I just can't find it.

It's a shame that this is likely the end of the anime. I think it would be really fun seeing some of Arc 2 still happen. Promised Blood would probably have to be rewritten from the ground up since all of the Magius being dead means no auto-purification system to fight over and no smug lolis to blame for their witch starvation.

> It feels like there's supposed to be some hidden character flaw here that makes it so that Madoka and Homura were righteous but these girls weren't, and I just can't find it.
*cough cough* Yachiyo *cough cough* She's the flaw *cough cough* College girls shouldn't be Magical Girls *cough cough*


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a smart

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They seemed to hint at various points in this season that Iroha might've joined the Magius. I was hoping that, when Ui talked to Iroha, she would encourage Iroha to support the Magius and that would definitely be the push Iroha needed.
I feel like that would've been an interesting way to end it all, where Iroha works with Nemu and Touka to try to protect the Eve on its way to Walpurgisnacht and it culminates in Iroha having a showdown with Yachiyo

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So how did it end?

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For one thing, Madoka and Homura didn't have someone as unrepentantly malevolent as Alina in their circle. Even in the game, the protagonists had to run her out of town before they could properly deal with Walpurgis, though they managed to do without Touka and Nemu suicide-bombing her.

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Why is there so much crossover art between Madoka and Warhammer 40k?

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Here is the difference:
Madoka Magica is inherently a Nietzschean work, and for all their faults all the characters in OG Madoka were higher men, their issues were all inherently philosophical.
In Magia Record most magical girls were literally ridden by psychological issues. The more they had the worse of a character they were.
Magius was the Voice of reason, the tried having a reasonable conversation about what was going on. But the other characters were either too stupid to understand like Iroha, or to ignorant to listen.
None of these traits ever apply in OG Madoka. Every character always understands what is going on when confronted with the truth.
Mami decides to kill herself and all of them the moment she realized the truth. This requires a profound insight into the nature of the world. It requires the understanding of how bad things really are, and to ACT it out without hesitation.
Thats actually incredibly sophisticated.
Contrary to that Yashiyo is so preoccupied with her psychological desire to be loved that she disregards any and all reason and acts purely emotional.
This right here is the difference.
Madoka Magica is high Level sophisticated people acting out a difference of opinion.
Magia Record is the rabble acting on emotion.
Touka and Nemu were literally overwhelmed by low quality trash, it’s literally a bad ending because the people are shit

>Magia Record final season
Wait, what? When did this happen?

Last Sunday

Good point, for sure, and if that was the intended idea then man I really wish Alina got more screen time. Even when Homura went all "the ends justify the means" she never went so low as to live on the same level of cruelty that Alina did, I doubt she'd ever ally with Alina at all even if it provided some benefit to her.

Why? Was it fucking Netflix?

Honestly, how can Madoka Magica call itself a "deconstruction" of magical girl anime when it doesn't have the one crucial ingredient: a villain with an evil motive?
>b-b-but QB
Is not a villain.

And so I guess the solution then would be not to rely on anybody but yourself, which I suppose I could buy for Rebellion and Magia Record, but I don't feel like Madoka's actions could be slotted into that message the same way. After all, she quite literally did rely on Homura's countless loops to give her the power to change things. She took things into her own hands, sure, but it was only through how much Homura cared for her that she could do that at all.

Assassin Eroha > healer Eroha

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Though now that I've thought this point further to its conclusion, I guess you could say it's because Madoka and Homura were letting their love and hope power them, while the Magius relied on a group of people who could only offer anxiety and fear. So maybe the point could be said to be about having intentions in the right place? Apologies if I'm talking past you lol I'm still working this out in my head too

Need a cough drop?

Yes, but ultimately Madoka’s sacrifice was Homura’s greatest failure.
This is exactly it:
Magia Record only works if the Rebellionfag interpretation of Rebellion is correct: that Homura did absolutely everything right and Madoka’s wish still left the world in a state that was not worth saving.
„This world is not worth saving“ - Homura Akemi

This is actually the most based thing about it.
Touka and Nemu are very much like Madoka in a lot of ways if you think about it holistically. And then it makes perfect sense

>Magia Record actually honors the original anime by showing saving many people over yourself just gets you fucked
Huh. Reminds me of that Death Note's oneshot for some reason where the Zoomer thought he could avoid getting fucked like Light did.

Honestly, I'm so glad it ended this way

Not only does this make Magia Record much more memorable than other gacha, it's almost karma coming back for the shitposting. Nothing worse than a gacha fanbase pretending they're the 'true canon' or whatever

Yeah. For a regular anime, Magia Record is kinda on the same tier as Akame Ga Kill with all the depression. But, if you compare it to a gacha anime like Granblue or Azur Lane had, I'd say Magia Record is way better. I'm definitely gonna remember it.

Yes, it’s basically that.
Touka and Nemu are very sophisticated people, they do not quite reach the cosmic level of Madoka and Homura but they are not that far off, and they did not have the same time to mature.
Had they been stuck in a loop the same way the might rival even Homura herself.

Ironically the only person who is of the same age as Homura: namely Yashiyo is the FURTHEST person from her - driven completely by emotion, and bringing ruin to everyone.
And Touka and Nemu are the youngest ones. Its quite the contrast indeed.

Basically just rely on the best people and do not bother with the rabble! That’s a pretty based message.
There are multiple times where it is pointed out just how useless and bad the average person and average magical girl is


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>call itself
Always been just a bunch of silly fans.

Even though he was made into a baby at the beginning, this little fucker still managed to win.

>how can Madoka Magica call itself a "deconstruction"
It's not you fucking idiot. That's just what people say to sound smart

The house always wins. This is what happens when you don't have infinite retries.

The thing is also that ironically this reality makes Alina right in destroying everything and turn all humans into magical girls.
The average person is such trash, and they have literally proven that just now by destroying Magius who were going to save them from themselves.
Because if that is the state of the world:
Magical girls are literally cattle and you are surrounded by imbeciles and the only decent people you knew where just publicly humiliated, their life’s work destroyed and their legacy mocked by those who they were trying to say.
Honestly at that point Alina is completely right to do what she did, she is literally the only sane person in the asylum

>cut the best character and thus the most important and unique plot point of Magireco that sets it apart from every other mahou shoujo
>it's shit
Wow, it's almost like SHAFT are retards.

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Absolutely this. Madoka Magica subverts genre tropes but it ultimately reinforces the core messages. Magia Record keeps the tropes of Madoka Magica, examines how they play off of each other and what they mean, and ultimately comes to a completely different message in rearranging them despite using all the same ideas. It's really fascinating and it's what makes me think Magia Record is a deconstruction in the true meaning of the word

No it’s a affirmation of that which actually makes Madoka great. It’s not a deconstruction.

I think it can be both. A deconstruction is just an analysis of the internal workings of a system, and Magia Record is analyzing all the moving parts behind the story of Madoka Magica. It then presents us its own conclusion and the conclusion is that the original series had something valuable to say

Madoka is still arguably a deconstruction because of its meta introspection of the genre. That's what makes its message of affirming the idea of magical girls stronger.

Okay then I agree with everything you say

Because a bunch of drawfags & artfags heavily into 40k wrote an alcohol fuelled fanfic.

A decade later I realize the only thing I truly liked were the character designs. Fuck this franchise. I wish it had died alongside Anime no Chikara, maybe then Hidamari Sketch wouldn't have gone into hiatus.

Madoka Magica is actually also a Deconstruction of the meta of the application of deconstruction as such, in that is deconstructs the fact that deconstructions always grind everything to dust so that nothing may remain. Instead it reassembled the parts into something greater and more brilliant then it ever was before.
So it is a deconstruction, but it is also a deconstruction of deconstruction basically deconstruction^2

They deserved a happy ending together.

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That sounds too tryhard to the point that I don't know if you're mocking my post or not. Just call it a reconstruction in that case. To me Madoka is a deconstruction but uses that meta insight to reinforce magical girls as an idea.

They did, it's just stuck in the gacha timeline where Madokami actually did intervene and also Iroha actually did do the sidequests.